Chapter 32:

Till i reached you

love sick delinquent

yesterday....yahiro rejected me

''lets start our meeting''sir glenn said as he sat down on the chair

i looked around the room

yahiro however...was absent''it appears that not everyone is here yet''i said with a concerned look on my face

''yahieos missing''ceceilion asked

''yahirp decided to withdraw as a participant for the competition''he said sternly''he's not coming''

''haven't you heard katarina?''euphimia asked

''guy can't even tell his girlfriend huh''reiji said sarcastically

''were not!''i responded in embarrassment.he just rejected me yesterday

''but why would he dip out.on out meeting like that''what's going on.yahiro.....

''in that case let's decide what to do with people we have right now''

''we haven't managed to captured rindou and you probably wondering why i summon you all here despite you have nothing to do with the student council''sir glenn stared''day in the concours jewelry got stolen from the headmistress office

'then well have to tighten security around the academy''cecillon recommend

'' will take care of that''nicol responded

the day class on security?now that doesn't exactly inspire confidence''reiji said in nocking tone

''and who.was it that let rindou escape once?''nicol fired at reiji with his usual palm face

hey!''reiji pulled bicol towards her by his collar''if you're worried then join us''nicol calmly responded but reiji just gritted her teeth

you lose on this one reiji''gabriel saif as he glanced at reiji

''im.thinking of going after yahirp''

''sound like a good idea but before that''

there's something i need to tell you''euphimia said as she sat down beside me''yahiro used his authority to go out into town this morning''

He did?

i.ran into.him when he was leaving the office

i.asked what he was up to but he brushed me off saying he was just going to go back home

''yet he seems little different from usual''

i.figured i should let you know that

thanks but why me


if yahirp has some kind of problem weighing him down hat not something i can deal with

sometimes the darkest expression just comes ocer his face

i.think the darkness he got in him is probably a lot bigger than we expected

but there's someone who shines on it.its you katarina

well,take care of yahiro for ne


is worried about yahiro

feeling jhy heart warms up,i left the perfect office

now then all right

so i used my perfect authority to come out of the town

wheee is he

come to think of it,they .....were talking about home

did he went home?”i whispered as i wander aimlessly in town


i heard a familiar voice from behind

nicol''i turned around to.see nicol standing there

how was a little rough around edges and don't talk much but he was very so happy to see him

''so what's bring you here?''he asked as he stared at me

i could asked you the same

it's not that i went after you or anything.i got work here he said before looking away from me

“and i am looking for someone”i cheerful

I see”he shirtly responded when i suddenly noticed a flier stick on a wall

“What is the matter?”

“I've heard that she can predict the future”i said pointing at the paper says fortune telling“Should we go and consult her?”i asked nicol

'Katarina,I don't believe In Such things”nicol said seriously”Well, it's not like I have anything to say even if I wanted to, but we're talking serious here”

'We've to look for yahiro on our own.let's go''he said as he started walking ahead of me

''but nicol, I am just suggesting of a way to reach him fast''i said as i grabbed his wrist''Wouldn't it be better for us to do it as soon as possible?''i said with a smile

''You come with me''i said as i grabbed my hands pulling him with me and went to the address in the flier

As i looked around the area..i feel like yahiros place being describe as slum s not that really bad

Ifact i feel like i'm in a foregin country market.after he long silent walk we finally reached to the said address

''We came here to ask you the directions''i said timidly as we enter the room full of weird magic stuff and odd witch props

The girl whos seems to be in her late 30s paused for a bit while staring at us in confused look then suddenly she laugh hysterically''People who have lost their way ask for directions''she said she breathe in heavily

“We don't have time to talk unnecessary things''nicol snap her in a serious tone“Just give us the answer for our questions”

I will tell you eight away but when will you both tell each other?”she said looking at us

What?!''i asked in surprise

“Whatever is there in your hearts”she breath in “That you are nor able to tell each other”and breath out

“People keep secrets in their heart”she added as she took a deck of tarot cards”But you two…You two have hidden something more important”

Actually...we are looking for a house “ i said timidly

Oh my...two innocent youngsters are looking for a house”

''Are you married or do I get you married?”

Is this seriously this kind of people yahiro used to grow up with?deceitful people

You must have got engaged”she added with a grin in on her face

i felt blood rush in my cheeks as i glanced at nicol with his usual blank expression''Actually….Give us the answer for only the questions we ask you.that's it|”

I will indeed give you the answer

But you need to pay me for it


But we are just asking you for the directions

You will have to pay for that as well

nicol leaned sideway close to my ears''She is a very greedy woman''he whispered

''What did you say''

Do this

''There you go keep it with you''i said as i took off my gold bracelet and handed it over to her''Just give the answer to our question''

''if she can help us to find yahiro then the bracelet would be a small price to pay''i thought to myself

''Tell me what do you want to know?''

''Where is this house?paxley residents''saying that,nicol and i glanced and each other and nodded

''You better tell us where this house is''nicol said frimly

''Before I drag you by the hair''i added''And humiliate you in front of everyone''

''We are government employees''

We will get you arrested

On the charges of cheating people


''Please forgive me...I will tell you''the lady said in panicked

'This house is on the other side of the street''

katarina this way

nicol took my hand and dashed towards an open window


Reiji is following us


Why would she follow us?

''Why does.she disguised herself?''i whispered ti nicol trying not to giggle

thehehe she look really cute

''Do they really think that we will not be able to identity them in that attire?''

''We don't have anytime to waste''

''We got rid of our obstacles''

''Let's go''nicol grabbed my hands and we run away from the greedy woman before she can chase us and went to a safely place

“That was fun”i said as i walked ahead of nicol but suddenly he grabbed my left hand as he He looked into my eyes as he slid the bracelet onto my wrist

The bracelet i had given to the fortune teller as a payment

Thank you”i said as i stared at the bracelet on my hand but i noticed nicol staring at my hands and did not even let go of it

What are you staring at?”i asked in panic as i felt my something hot on my face

“I am looking at you bare hands without jewelry”

“What if I get you something better than this?”


“We need to look for yahiro.let's go”


Come one Nicol

My heart tends to beats faster when he holds my hand

But why is this all happening?


Reiji!!my body trembles as i felt reiji wrapped her arm sound on me and nicol