Chapter 34:

charismatic villainess

love sick delinquent

''anyway just behave and you wont get hurt''

''youre the one who needs to behave''i said with a smug smile on my face as tried bite him one by one with my teeth

''stop it katarina were gonna end up dead''reiji said worriedly when suddenly the door opened and a guy around our age showed up with a huge smile on his face

he looks like a normal guy with an earring.on his left air

''where this little brat came from?''the cocky guy said as he disguistily looked at the earing guy

''i came because the boss what to see one of the prisoner''he calmly responded with a smile

i saw reiji's eyes widened as she tried to get rid of the rope''if you gonna take someone take me''she said as she gritted her teeth

''dont worry im not scared''i said

''i git an idea about this''i said in whispered as we closed up to got a private conversation''maybe their boss is rindou himself''i said in conclusion

''don't worry reiji just wait here and don't forget you're bleeding nicol''

''you're pretty fine''the cocky guy said as he wrapped his arms around nicol

nicol just got the what the f expression and didn't dare to move

''i would love to get a girlfriend like her''he said as he tried to kiss nicol on cheeks

luckily nicol is quick enough to dch

''hey what the hell?''he asked in annoyed tone

''lwe can become good friends if you're nice''

''no.offense.nicol bit this stuopid delinquents probably got fooled because were both beautiful than katarina herself''reiji said in whispered''we have to play along''she added with a wink

'but does that mean i have to play girl?''

''you can do it''

nicol didn't say a word

i just stood up their dumbfounded as the earing guy pulled me by my arms and starting to dragg me out of the room

bye bye


"hey who are you?" I curiously asked as i tried to take a close look on his face

''denis the name''he responded with a smile when he noticed my face is few inch away from him

I step away from him"where u taking me?''i stubbornly asked with a smug smile hoping it will annoy him

"do you.know yahiro?"he just shrugged

When we passed a group of delinquents sitting around and playing games

Is this a casino?"i thought to myself as i tried not to breath the smoke in the air

But its too small for a casino and seems like its inly exclusive for them

"ashtons a real idiot taking and leading the gang when ribdous not around"i heard someone said and i looked up to see who it was" what is he thinking"he added

"that skunk scums around too much just because he got a little power alright"his friend agreed

Denis glanced at me waiting for me"yeah doling over that teenager down here"i got shocked from what i've heard

Are they talking about me?

I worriedly looked at westley whose expression still the same and seems like doesn't care

i.wonder what lies.behind that door..will i be able to.see.rindou?or yahiro.perhaps?i thought to myself

Denis dragged me inside a big wooden door

''yo ashton its westley out here with one of the prisoners"

"woah denis ive been waiting for yah"said a guy as he reclined on.his chair.and crossed his legs as if he's a.king settling on his golden throne

"Hey who you?and wheres-"westley cut me off"will you snap it out you buckle"

The guy named ashton seems like he's ready to eat me

he looks pervert

"we will leave you here then"westeley cheerfully said and turned around to leave away

"you don't have to leave right away can stay here a little"i called him out trying to reached his hand but he was too fast and shut the door

"please don't leave me here alone with him"i hopelessly whispered

"okay i know that you're the boss here so i need some information"i said to the guy named ashton and he looked at me confusedly

"does any of your man has a beauty mark on his left eyes?with a long worlf haircut?or someone with mismatched eye color perhaps"

"if youre nice to me then ill tell you what i know" he said as he starting to walk close towards me

"reiji!nicol"i called out to them as i glanced at door

"or else"i stared at him getting closer to me and my legs trembling in fear"now sit" he ordered

I fell on my knees"im scared''i whispered as i looked down on the floor when he walk close towards me and reached his right foot out and rub it on my face

treating me like a dog

i looked up

he has a beautiful face


i am now the president of this brahman which on rindou supposed to lead''

''and now you must obey my every word"he said seriously"you have no freedom until you leave as well as your friends you got me?''

''among the delinquents're the only woman''

I vet gabriel wouldbt like if i touch you

"ahhh nicol help me reiji rescue mee!

ah i said no

you'll keep your mouth shut what i tell you so gabriels princess"

Reiji"i yelled when suddenly a strong forced from the other side of the door went bersel causing the door crack into pieces

"reij"i smiled when i saw her

She seems tired and her dress all crumbled but still as beautiful as ever

"katarina are you all right"

Nicol"i rushed to him and wrapped my arms around him"thank god you're sorry you had to go through this"he said in a soft boy which somehow calms me down

"i thought you couldn't move because of your injury"i said in worried"are u alright"

im fine really i will always come and rescue you like how you protected me"he answered in his normal voice

I smiled and hugged him tighter"thank you for worrying about me nicol"

He care so much about me

I let go of nicol and hug reiji"you saved me reiji"i said in between my cries

She looked shock for what i did bit she gently wrapped her arms around me and gently stroked my hair"katarina...when gabriel is away i shall protect you"she said in the sweetest manly voice ever"understand?"

My heart skip a beat


She let me go and walked close to ashton lifting his arm and break it

"this girl"ashton said gritting his teeth in pain

"we have to know where rindou first"i said trying to stop reiji

Reiji cinfusely losing her grip to ashton

tell me where we can find this guy

"rindou?!!"ashton said angrily as reiji

"katarina"nicol cried when someonegrabbed me and dragged me close to the window wrapping his arm aroind mu waist

"rindou?"ashton glared at him"so rindou youre back"he said with an evil smile

"long time no see ashton"

Reiji was shock of seeing rindou and she glared at him

"i was only gone away for a while and know youre leading and taking over the whole operation ha?you even got yourself a bride"rindou said disgusting looking and rindou fall down in the floor"thats too much for an idiot like you"

"thats not true"i denied"i dont even kniw him"

rindou flashed a smile as he looked at ashton"in that case ill take her"

"no you wont"nicol said but eindou already pull out a cylinder device and drop it on ground creating a smoke"catch you later"he added as he dragged me out of nowhere bit i cant able to see anything with the huge thick smoke

smoke screen?


"nicol reiji"i called out to them but they were nowhere to he seen

"ashton of you want to get this girl back you'll have to face me and fight for the boss seat"