Chapter 33:

In This Land Of Tennessee

Sarette's Reve De Mort: And Other Stories

Single nation,Bookmark here

Our damnation.Bookmark here

Land locked,Bookmark here

beyond the seasBookmark here

Of many thief.Bookmark here

LockedBookmark here

In a pillory,Bookmark here

Eating hickoryBookmark here

Bookmark here

As if it were sand,Bookmark here

In this burned land...Bookmark here

In this Earth.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Yet times are fewBookmark here

That we see the pew,Bookmark here

We see the land,Bookmark here

In its fragility,Bookmark here

In its anxiety.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

But this is our nation for the many,Bookmark here

In this charred, charred land of Tennessee.Bookmark here

For many see only sudden corruption.Bookmark here

But only in their land of weeds and soil.Bookmark here

In this charred, charred land of Tennessee,Bookmark here

We have those on the left and the right.Bookmark here

But so rare do we kiss one goodnight.Bookmark here

Instead the affection is a bygone memory.Bookmark here

In this charred, charred land of Tennessee.Bookmark here

Yet we can have better, if we choose.Bookmark here

Instead of watching things burn, under the pew.Bookmark here

Under the pew, we could see a better world.Bookmark here

Instead is only the Earth for the few.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

We can't wait for public loyalty.Bookmark here

We can't wait for public outcry.Bookmark here

We can't wait for politicians not to lie.Bookmark here

Instead we can only try,Bookmark here

Bookmark here

If not to better ourselves, for others.Bookmark here

Who afford not a pew or a goodnight.Bookmark here

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