Chapter 18:


Heaven's Codex

I have many questions in my head right now. What is that tree? What happened after the tragedy three months ago? Why do Gab even sent us in a nearly impossible mission? 

After my arrival earlier, Nehl and others did a little celebration in our little dorm. I sat on the couch while drinking the sode Nehl bought, Heva sat next to me—

"You seem kind of sad? Anything bothering you?"

"This is nothing...its just..."

"The tragedy three months ago, I know its bothering you."

"Ihm, I have many questions till now unanswered."

We heard the door opened, Gab arrived with plastic bags in his arms.

"Can I join yah?"

Gab hand over the plastic bags filled with snacks and instant ramen, he celebrated with us until the night bites. He lift his soda inviting a toast with all of us.

"For the healthy future!"


After the toast, everyone sat on the sofa, Gab put down his soda on the table readying what he's about to say.

"Now for our Team Assembly, let's have a meeting. Minoru, ask what you wanna ask I'll answer what I know so far."


"What the the 7th Sector?"

"Hmm, that tree...its a giant magic conductor that conducts huge mass of Dimensional Magic capable of transporting large numbers of subjects from point A to point B, with our Investigation, we suspect that its the same portal method used from the Demon Incident fourty-two years ago."

"I-I see..."

"For the 7th Sector? It's been three month since the incident happened, they're slowly recovering from the tragedy, don't worry its going well."

"Why do the other Seraphs didn't help us?"

"The Emperor ordered the other Seraphs to be on guard in every sector they holding. Last time we let our guard down, the 7th Sector was attacked by Leviathan, since the 4th Sector is one of the Inner Belts and the Closest in the 7th Sector, Sally was ordered to help."

"Ah, so that can't be helped then..."

"You all did well carrying your duties, but Minoru, the way you cutted the used the Devine Order of your can only be possible if you already got the true names of the Angel's Arsenal."


"Ihm, that's the devine weapon your Angels are capable of pulling out, the Devine Order is the Arsenal's Judgements only can be carried if you already mastered the Arsenal itself. Say Minoru, do you know the name of your Arsenal?"

"The name...of my Arsenal..."

"Think about it..."

"I...I can't remember a thing."

"Hmm, I can't blame you, how about you three?"

"I can use the Scythe, but thats it, I don't know the true name." Heva said.

"I know the name of mine, but it is still not on its true form, Spear of Longinus." Ashley spoked

"Same for the Orion of mine, I still can't pull out its true form, it seems like...sealed." Nehl answered 

"Sealed you say? I see...then that's your mission, pull out the true form of your Arsenal, I'm sure you can, I trust all of you."

Gab groped our heads and stand up from the couch.

"Before I forgot, two days from now you three will be facing our Emperor."

"HAAAAAAHH!?!?!" We simultaneously screamed

"That's the main reason I'm hear anyways...

...then let's meet again two days from now, bye bye!"

I stand up and shouted a one last question to Gab.

"We're just a newbie Exorcists on our own! Why did you send us in that bloody battlefields like we're professionals three months ago!!!"

"Minoru, I wanted all of you to see the horror of the battlefield you'll be entering repeatedly in the future, that same bloody and deadly battlefield. Now that you experience all that...

...All of you still want to fight?"

All of us fell silent for the time being, Ashley answered on a strong voice.

"I will still do it! No need to ask me!"

"Hmm(smile), I will ofcourse." Heva said

"The battlefield is ofcourse scary, but if we don't fight, who would?" Nehl said.

"How about you, Minoru? I know you just want to be a normal citize—"

"I will do it! Nehl's right, we have the power to fight it, so we'll do it."

"Good, answer then. I'll be leaving now, take care the four of you."

Upon saying that, Gab waved to us goodbye and dissapeared in our sights. Today, part of my questions are answered, but there's still more remaining ones...I guess someday...someday.

Information Board:


Upon the Empire's Birth, Babel was divided into 7 Sectors following the names of Bible's Holy Lands. With the help of Devine Magecraft, the Walls of Bhuloca was established protecting the Holy Land from the Invaders—The Demons. Till this day of the Empire, the Walls are still standing strong with the Devine Magic handed down by the Angels from the Empire's early days.

With the Walls of Bhuloca deviding the Lands, the Sectors are Devided from Three Variants—The Outer Rim, The Inner Rim, and The Capital Rim. Here are the lists of the Sectors:

The Outer Rims:

7th Sector: Zion, 6th Sector: Judea, 5th Sector Samaria

The Inner Rims:

4th Sector: Syria, 3rd Sector: Golan, 2nd Sector: Sinai

Capital Rim:

Main Sector: Babel


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