Chapter 39:

behind deceptive smile

love sick delinquent

it was a typical the entire class hour all i could think off is reiji and gabriel

they probably blame me for what had happened and everyone accused me for the spreading of rumors

it.was already late soon as the class was ocer i immediately set off to look for them at the music department

i run down on stairs when i heard another footsteps approaching.i stop and peek to see who it was

''what the hell are you doing here sir glen?''gabriel asked rubbing his eyes

''why dont you go home and study or something''

''i'm on my way to the library to do just that ''

oh youre more serious than you look

'' you know,it was your fault to begin with what if you havent show up back then at the rooftop''gabriel said as he pointed at sir glen

''what in the world are you taking about''

gabriel didnt react and display a pokerface

''i don't know what youre talking about but blaming things on others doesn't solve anything you're going to come across unfairness in the course of your life but you're just going to have to deal it with yourself even if im the reason for it deal it with yourself''

''oh yeah have you given the plan menu for the second selection no katarina?

''to princess kyashi?no ill threw it on fire''gabriel said and dash away.leaving sir glen confused

oh eveb i was looked confused.i wonder where gabriel is going

i decided to went to the other route and surpisengly i saw euphimia standing infront of an empty classroom outside the hallway

who is she taking too

''want me to cheer to up''i overheard her saying

''no i dont want to i'm not depressed at all''

that voice..

''i didnt say you're depressed tho''she said as she leabed her back on the wall and glanced into someone on her side''eversine we were kids youd always be leaning your back and the corner if the door whenever you got in trouble for doing something

baf shut up you ''reiji said calmly and flash a smile on his face''practicing or something''

'' its part of glebs training menu''

'' youre not feeling down because of those rumors about you being a delinquent arent you?or the juicy article about you being a crossdrrsser and gay?are you?

''those rumors doesn't bother me at all i don't even care if they already knew im a guy Im still beautiful thought so''reiji proudly said and flash a smile...a fake obe

'' im stupid so i dint get whats going on at all''reiji said as he frustratedly ruffled his hair''.is katatina really katafiba or she have an alterante persibality''

i never saw reii acting like this before...i leaned in the wall using my arms for support as i look down

'you really dont get it do you so in other words...when i asked who started the rumors they said it all came from katarina

''how would she spread the humors?by talking to herself?

''what do you mean?''

'' i mean she doesn't seem like she has peiple to talk to shes a nobody''

''youre right thats it !''reiji stood up ''youre right''his eyes lightebed up

''simpleitom''euphimia commented

''she was saying something about us not being her friends and to out a cherry on to,she doesn't seems to like us and i think shes avoiding us too

''geez why didnt you tell us you like us when i asked you i guess she doesn't like you then

''what is it?she hate us?shes using us''

'' who knows and there could be any reason too

'' other reason?what could it be?

why dont yoy asked her durectly if its bugging yiu so much

Is that so?

ive never seen you act like this before

''act what?''


''even so ,ill cheer you up if she says she doesn't care about you''

''i don't need you to cheer me up''reiji yelled and cross his arms


''could you come and take a seat''

i timidly nodded''sure''

''is it just me?or do they look sad?''

reiji suddenly grabbed my wrist and pin me on the wall and stared at me sternly''whats going on reiji?''i asked innocently

''this is really important to me so promise me you wont lie''he said seriously as he held my other arm and completely pinned both my arms in the wall''i like,i mean we like you katarina...''

how do you feel about it?

don't you feel the sane way?''he wondered,flashing.a curious yet innocent facade

''rather than saying i like you i-''

''i get it''reiji cut me off as if preparing fir a rebuttal but he stopped hwoway''its cool''the last thing he said before.he slowly let go of my hands and bitterly smile and silently go away

''huh''i whispered

gabriels sleepy eyes staref at me fir a moment as if hes trying to read my mind''sorry to trouble you princess''gabriel said as he walked to.that door and swing it open living me alone in the room

''dont worry about it''

gabriel and reiji like me?

i should be happy but i still think they look said and that makes me sad as well

i wonder if there's something i can do to cheer them up

''and now shes getting full of herself having reijamin and gabriel back her up''

back her up?

and shes totally using jicol and cecilion

this person seens pretty influential

sue yoy katarina

that katarina


all of a suddeb the subject of the rumor has completely changed?

abs by beb ne cieibf reiji

oh yeah do you remember the rumors about katarina?it said that she wasnt supposed to be the particiapnt in the concours as well

did she cheat

and oh the obe that she had gabriel and reiji

''its all a misunderstanding

reiji and gabriel arent backing me up or anythings

shut up already we get it the criminal delinquent and the hwore righ


please take back what you said earlier

what?what's this hand fir let go of me you've got it all wrong

what you said isn't true what?did yiu all hear that?

gabriel and reiji arebt like that at all you'll hurt their feelings if you say things like that about them

youre not the one to talk i'm surprised you have the guts to say that

arent yiu the ibe who started all the.rumors about gabriel beibg a delinquent abd reijian being a gay whore?


like i said youre the ine whos spreading all the bad rumors about those two katarina


why would i ever say something bad about them?its a misunderstanding

there's nothing bad about them.they've only been kind to me

yku see...we dont really care

we want to talk it out wifh you

well i'm pretty sure

ghose two started handing out with you just for fin

but i think they are bored with you now

the same goes fir you right?

you're using them to get alobg with yahiro

tyou git clise to them for pacley didn't yiu?

and thays why you dibt need them anymore huh?

youre sucb an eyesore why don't you be a good girl and stay away from everyone agaib?


if you do that,we promise to leave you alone

that's not it at all

i.dint care whether you leave me alone or bot

zo please take back what you said earileir

what is itl


everything you said is a liea all of you don't understand anything

all of you

don't know anything