Chapter 1:

First Sight

Third Time's A Charm

Staring at you

From the other side of the playground

Noticed you sitting in the corner of the class

Just waiting for the time to go past 

You, Looked funny, Looked ridiculous, Looked hilarious

I'm sorry

I Made fun out of you

In my mind

Even though I didn't mean to

Got a crush on you

In my mind

Even though I didn't mean to

Your scent was a breeze

My eyes filled with love

Of how much you stood out

From the others

You were cute on the inside

Different on the outside

My heart started beating

Faster and faster

As you came up to me

Didn't know how to answer

Struggling to make up the words

To confess

but I did it

It was a stress

Great that it ended up in a mess

Held hands

Hugged each other

Kissed once

And you left, the city

I left the country

Ended up forgetting your name

It's a pain that I still remember the days

Yeah I already know

That you have definitely forgotten

It's been more than a decade

One day I hope that we can meet

Even though

I know it will never happen

As I forgot your name, your looks, but the memories stayed.