Chapter 2:


Third Time's A Charm

Hello are you there?

I know that you are leaving soon.

I'm gonna miss you, but I just want you to know that I love you.


When you're with me

It felt like a dream

That I'm lucky

To be with you

But you needed distance

Away from me

That's fine

Just want you to be happy

Moving away

From all the troubles in the past

Can't seem to get far enough

To lose them

I can't seem to escape

From these memories

In the past

Drinking to forget

But I just can't yet

Things went too far

Without a direction

Didn't know where to go

Driving off into the unknown

Adventured off into the distance

Without you

By myself alone

In a place I didn't know

The sun set

Wish I was with you

Sitting together

Like how we met

My mind is a mess

Our connections were tight

Like ink and paper, bow and arrow

Quickly changed to water and oil

For me to carry on

Separating our bond

The only thing I can do

To move on

Pain swiftly going, being removed

I'll be drifting away for the time being

Thank you

For your stay, but goodbye.

'I wish you the best'

To: someone special

Third Time's A Charm Cover

Third Time's A Charm