Chapter 19:

The Capital『Part 1』

Heaven's Codex

As soon the sun rises, Nehl came to my room and wake me up. He pulled my blanket away and yelled me a goodmorning.

"Wake up! MINORU!!!"

"Mmmm, what do you want."

I turned to the otherside but Nehl pulled my legs off the bed. 

"Wake up you sleepy head!"

"Five more minutes!"

"That's not convincing to hear from someone who's been asleep for the whole three months ya know?"

"What do you want from me then...?"

"We'll be going to the Capital HAHAHA"

"Heh—?, I thought the date we'll be meeting the Emperor is still tomorrow?"

"Just come with us!!"

"Yow! Wait!"

After that Nehl forced me to pack my baggage, he helped me doing it since my eyes are still covered.

"Now take a shower, lets meet at the main door afterwards, see yah!"

I taken off my clothes and groped my way to the Bathroom's door, damn I look so pathetic. I turned on the shower and washed my body, I can't help but think why did this bandage's still intact in my head—I don't feel sick anymore. Due to curiosity, I tried to untie the bandage, as soon as I opened my eyes, I see red lines shattered everywhere, after a split seconds, I was strucked by a very painful headache.


Soon as I closed my eyes, the headache slowly fade away. I remembered my glasses that Gab given me to wore off my Vision of Azrael, I guess it's now broken into pieces with how intense that war we've been through. Now that I taken off the bandage I have no choice but to close my eyes for the whole time, I let out a very heavy sigh.

I left my room and meet up with dorm mates outside.

"Minoru! Wait you taken off the bandage?" Heva said in a worried voice.

"Y-yeah, It kinda...ya know iritates me hehe."

"Acting tough aren't we?" Ashley said in a teasing sound.

"The car's about to arrive soon, prepare your things, grab what you guys need to grab." Nehl spoked.

We nodded silently, soon after, I heard a sound of a car's engine arrived infront. Nehl talked to the driver and let us in inside the car, it's just a one hour road trip to the Capital, it shouldn't take too long.

We talked inside the car about what's happening while I'm asleep for almost three months, they answered my questions openly without hesitation,

"So you three, what're you guys doing in the past three months?"

"As soon as we recovered we came back to the Academy, nothing much, we learned boring lessons everyday like the old times." Ashley said.

"Our identities we're still hidden so we can move along in the Academy smoothly, they only knows we're interns in the war." Nehl said.

"Soon you'll be joining us too Minoru." Heva said.

"We received a report from the investigations, a culprit is likely in the Academy." Nehl frankly said.

"Culprit? Wh-What? I can't follow a thing."

"Didn't Leviathan knew too much about the Empire? The Seraphs, The Sectors —he knew all that isn't it suspicious?" Ashley said.

"Yeah, he's pretty much an outsider and yeah—A Demon himself." 

"The investigation suspects that there's a culprit lurking in the Academy." Heva said.

"Hmm, the Academy provides the most basic and pretty much hidden informations to the students itself, it's also the most basic place where you can get the informations from the Academy, I see now."

"Yeah you got it, Minoru." 

We talked for another thirty minutes inside the car before we arrived in our destination—The Capital.

"WOOOOAAAH! It's been a while since we got on the Capital!" Heva yelled in the busy street.

"Thank you sir, safe trip!" Nehl said to the driver.

"The air here in Capital seems different..." I said on a blunt voice.

"What 'different'?" Ashley said.

"It seems polluted. Ahuuummmm!! (gulp)."

"Is it your first time here? Country boy~?" Ashley teasingly spoked.

We walked on a busy street, even tho my eyes are closed,I can still see the sparkling billboard lights, its very crowded. We walked through some several shops, malls, and alleys, these three...seems like very lively. I heard Heva's voice besides me asking me something—

"Minoru, can't you still open your eyes? It's kind of sad, you can see this bizzare market view." 

[Crowd Noises]

"It's okay, besides I'm already having fun even tho I can't see for now."

[Crowd Noises]

"If you say so."

"Wait, I thought you're Nehl clinging in my arms!!"


"Then where's Nehl...and Ashley then?"

"W-W-We lost them!!"

I slapped my forehead due to frustration. Heva seems not used on a crowded place like this, I grabbed her shoulders and spoke.

"It's okay Heva! Lets just enjoy our time in here! I'm sure we'll be meeting in the bus station afterwards."

"Uhh, Minoru, thats not my shoulder..."

An old lady's voice spoke infront of me "Oi! Get off your hands off me, teenagers nowadays are scary." 

"Ehhh? S-sorry madame!"

I heard Heva's chuckles besides me, that left me a smile on my face. She clinged in my left arm and pulled me through the crowd.

"Lets go, Minoru!! I won't let go, Lets enjoy our selves."

"Hah!? Hm (smile) right! Lets go!"

Heva bringed me into different places in the Capital, from stores, malls, we even go inside a nice restaurant and eat alone together. After a long day, we sat on the bys station and waited for Nehl and Ashley.

Ashley and Nehl arruved afterwards as we expected. Nehl's seems like holding a Cotton candy and Ashley seems like chewing something...a Potato chip perhaps.

"Hayooo!!!" Ashley greeted us

"You guys have fun? HAHAHAHA" Nehl said.

"Yeah, how does your DATE go? Pretty well?" Me and Heva teasingly said.

"D-Date???" The two simultaneously spoked.

"Ohh, you two are even synchronized!" I said.

"Ahhh never mind, Lets go?" Nehl said.