Chapter 11:

Just a hunch - 14 years ago


Teph watched the battle atop his chariol, Korn was smart to change his formation mid-run. It was the best choice to switch to as well. He was able to get a huge number of his men through the frontlines and deep into the enemy’s body. It wasn’t going to last long, because, as long Mon was overwhelmed them with numbers, it was, going to be difficult for the army as a whole to fight against their odds.

He kept being bumped up and down by the sheer amount of speed the charion had. The beast was almost two and a half meters tall. It had practically the same body as a normal horse, but its head was longer and more pointy; so its skull's anatomy was different; changing its physical look on the outside.

They were almost close to their interception hill, just a few more minutes before they are ready and in position; waiting for Trent to give the flanking signal. They purposefully chose the longer route around the hill, Trent didn’t want to expose their hidden forces by blatantly marching them on the open side of the hill. After a few heartbeats, they arrived.

He watched the men buzzing like a swarm of bees under him. It was loud; men screaming, some in battle cries, others in agony. He looked towards HQ and knew that Trent was sitting they're cooking up something. He turned his head to look at where Jackson was sitting, waiting for Mon’s reserves to make a move. He looked back at the hill in front of him and saw that Beth just arrived. He looked back down, hesitant.

“Pass me the communicator,” he shouted to one of his assistants. Moments later he got the device and began typing to Beth.

Should we attack? He messaged her, he waited for a moment and words appeared on the screen.

No, the simple word said, wait for Trent’s signal.

What do you think of the battle so far, He asked struggling to place the question mark ?.

Smart move from Korn, but he won’t last long. She replied

I agree, he sent the message, let's try and deliver a blow that will even out our numbers, he added.

Yeah, I concur. May fortune be with you.

With us all, their conversation was ended as was indicated by the messaging software

He got off his charion and sat on the cliffside watching men kill each other. Now, all that’s left is to wait.


Trent sat down on a rock, that battle unfolding right under his eyes. He used it, he thought munching to himself.

Not this one.
Not going to work.

He tried to go through as many tactics as he can, but nothing worked so far. Sometimes the best tactic was to let your generals figure things out as they go; this was proven by Korn earlier. He thought of using a wedged formation, but it wouldn’t have worked if he decided to use it from the beginning. That is because the enemy would have been able to counter it beforehand, but changing formations mid-run was genius.

He waited an hour before signaling his approval for the flanking squads to attack. Shortly after, he noticed sand brewing up from the two cliffs that surrounded the battle, Beth and Teph leading the charge, hopefully, it would buy time, before Mon sent for his reserves.

Teph charged down enthusiastically, as were his own soldiers; your personality reflected on your own men and it sure did with Teph. Trent smirked, he never saw Teph happy except if he was on the battlefield, chopping off heads of men double his age. What a world we live in. A year ago and you would have found Trent in the frontlines with Teph charging carelessly without a single thought in his mind. Ironic how men could change in the span of months. Now he sits on this hill holding the lives of the men under him.


Jackson stood with his men, something is off. They were an hour’s march away from Mon’s camp, but his enhanced binoculars hinted that there weren't as many as intended back at camp. It was foggy out here and so he couldn’t confirm his hunch.

“Send 10 scouts on our freshest and strongest charions and tell them to report quickly. I want to know what’s happening there,” he pointed towards Mon’s camp, which was situated between two great cliffs.

He put his hand around his face, rubbing the streaks of hairs that dangled from his chin. He wore an all-black battle attire, his golden hair reflecting off the hot sun rays, but the rest of his body absorbed the heat. His bulky build made him look older than everyone thought. The ex-member of Teph’s personal squad was the tallest and biggest member of Morshina’s army. He sat at a towering seven-foot-two; which intimidated others but was the laughing stock of his group of friends.

Jack had an eye for battle tactics. There were two types of generals, the one who joined the battle to aid his soldiers and increase morale and the one who stayed back at HQ to observe and give his input on battle tactics. Jack was the type who liked combining both general personalities. He was a fierce man on the battlefield, who was feared by all of his opponents, you did not challenge the Great Jack into and duel and came out alive. But, at the same time, when put into situations like these, his hunch had the better of him and it got him into trouble as well. Today, the cost of battle falls back to him, better not fuck this up. And so, he waited.