Chapter 20:

The Capital『Part 2』

Heaven's Codex

We've met at the bus station passed noon by now, we're all exhausted but still got a lot of fun today roaming the crowded Capital District of Babel. Nehl bought some goods with him same goes for Heva and Ashley.

"Hey, Minoru. Wear these." Nehl said

"Huh? Are these...glasses?"

"Yep, I made them with my Materializing Magecraft, its reinforced with some of my mana so it can hold your sight for a bit I guess." 

"I-I'll try it"

I wore the glasses Nehl made and hoped it works, fortunately it did, its not as impressive as my past glasses but it works pretty well. I can't see the red lines anymore, atleast for now. Nehl said its just a temporary remedy, it'll only expectedly last for two days so I need to get a new one from Gab himself. As soon as I opened my eyes, tall buildings shattered around the streets sprang out in my sight, it left me an amazed expression in my face. 

I gave Nehl my regards and thanked him. He said its nothing, just a friends job. I asked the three of them of what will they do next, they all answered—

"Ahh yeah, we'll be going to our residences separately."

I stand up from the bench and spoke.

"Then I'll look for a cheap hotel now to spend the night there."

"A Hotel? What do you mean, you'll come with me!" Nehl said.

"H-Ha? But-but-but I don't belong to the royal families like you guys!"

"I see no problem there." Heva and Ashley said.

"Then its settled! You'll come with me now, Minoru." Nehl said.

"(sigh) Fine."

After a while, two busses arrived infront of the station, Ashley and Heva rode the first bus, while Nehl and I entered the Last one.

"Minoru! Nehl! See you tomorrow in the Castle!" Heva said while waving us goodbye.

I still can't hide the amazed expression in my face while looking at the bus' window, I guess I'm really is a Country Bumpkin. The bus escalates on the bridge ahead, the tall building covering the sight were gone and a huge river showed up, aside from that, I finally got a glance on tha very huge Royal Castle at the distance.

Even tho it's almost on the horizon, I can see its towers touching the clouds above, there're really no limits for what humans can do. To think the last humans alive managed to establish such a huge city inside these walls is just impressive.

"We're here, Minoru."

We get off the bus infront of a Gold Painted Gate. Nehl approached the gate and called the guard inside with a huge smile.

"O-Oi Nehl! Don't even—"

"Y-Young Master Nehl, The Laurentius Household is happy to see you."


With Nehl's authority, the guards let me in with a vow in their heads, ofcourse I did the same, trading respect with them. We walked on a very neat street inside the gates, we're basically in the Center of a Cedar forest making the wind kind of cold. After a while of walking, i spotted a giant mansion in the Mountain's face.

"Ohhh, you have good eyes, that's the Laurentius Mansion." He said while barely pointing his fingers upwards.

"Damn, that's high up...and huge"

A black car showed up from a distance, Nehl waved his hand wide to its direction—Its the Mansion's car. 

"Young Master Nehl, Welcome back. O-Ohh you have someone with you?" A butler spoke

"Old Man Riz! Yeah he's Minoru, my friend, please treat him well."

"Please come aboard Young Master Nehl, you too Minoru-dono."

"A-Ah thanks" i said.

The butler drove us to the mountains where the the Mansion is located. After a minute of driving—we've arrived, we left the car and waved Mr.Riz a goodbye. I glanced forward to the Mansion's Main door and I realized how big it was.

"Minoru, let's go in, I'll introduce you!"

"Y-yeahhhh I-I-I'll be there."

We entered the huge mansion and headed to the Baron's Office. Nehl casually opened the door and yelled hello to the baron and baroness—his parents.

"Son! You're back!"

"How are you, sweetie."

"Mom don't call me that, its embarrassing! By the way Mom, Dad thisnis Minoru, my friend!"

I'm expecting a unpleasant greeting for me, ofcourse their son befriended a country bumpkin like me, plus as a upper family of the throne they know my secrets—that I'm just a filthy vessel made to be a room for Ramiel. This will never go well, I swear!

Nehl's mom suddenly pulled my hands and hugged me, I received a face plant on her large chest like it was a soft pillow.

"Poor Kid (hugs even harder)"


"To think you experienced all hose horrible things in the past in such an early age is just so pitiful! Poor kid poor kid!"

"Hey, Mom! Don't embarrass me! (Face slaps)" upset Nehl said.

"So you're Minoru, The Vessel of Ramiel?" The Baron said.

I vowed my head and said yes.

"It should have been hard for you, hmm(smile) you can stay here as long as you want, besides you're the first friend Nehl brought here." The Baron said.

I looked at Nehl's face with a smile, he's blushing while lookin away from me.

"What's wrong, Minoru?" The Baroness said.

"Sorry, I just don't understand, why are you so nice to me?"

The Baroness and Baron looked at each other and answered.

"Why not? The fact that you're our sons friend is enough to proof that you're a good person." The Baroness said.

"Yep, so don't be shy asking for what you need while you're in here."The Baron said.

After I heard all of those, it left a smile in my face. The Baron ordered the maids to lead me where my room is so I can take a rest. 

"See yah, Minoru!"

"Yeah, see yah."

We waved at each other as we separated in the corridor.

Information Board:

—The Eight Clans of the Throne—

They are Eight Royal Clans who largely contributed in the Empire's Early Days, earning the Emperor's Trust and Respect they were awarded with title "Royal Clans of the Throne" nowadays.

The Throne Clans were devided in two Sections, The Upper and the Lower:

The Lower Clans: Available for Public Information 

Fournirr — Priceton — Westtin — Servio

The Upper Clans: Hidden from Public's Eyes

Heinrich — Zolner — Laurentius — ???

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