Chapter 29:

almost a love confession

love sick delinquent

The princess had a friend,probably a mere commoner and on the other side there was a noble Prince whom the princess vow to marry"

"Realizing her feelings for her friend, The princess decide to cut off the engagement but her father refuse And tried to force the princess to marry the prince"

The princess didn't want to and tried to elope with her lover But the letter with the arrangement written on it was switched by the prince

And the two of them didn't meet up The princess realized the mistake, and hurriedly search for her lover but before her very eyes the commoner had killed his rival in love the prince

"But later on The two were able to clear up the misunderstanding but it was too late"

"Aware that they were unable to escape,the two of them threw themselves into the sea

" That's the story "Chapter 9 page 34 "

i immediately shift and flip the book of the page nicol said and started reading

i shut the book

''When someone you love must commit suicide?''reiji boredly asked as she continue reading the book shes holding''how ridiculous "she added

Only when you really love someone,been looking at her for such a long time you will never get tired of her"nicole said and looked at me

''Tearjerker! "

what's this book

''beyond the boundary

woah this is the book i'm looking at for my book report"

"If you know the world was going to end tomorrow ,you probably would feel like doing much of anything right

What if the world will turn its back at you what would you do?''

''Oh you mean like that in the book? ''

nicol nodded

''i dont know....maybe i'll do things like going out on date maybe

then why not with me?

what do you mean?”I say, slightly confused

are yoy stupid?”He raises his eyebrows at me

who are yiu calling stupid”

you stupid face

what are you grade one?

stupid face ftupid flat chest

watch your mouth you foulmouthed nicol''hearing he stared at me with his usual expressionless face as blank as a brick

if we date i would wait with you when you had overtime studying and walk you home everyday to make sute you got home safe''

i would never dash your hopes or make you cry and i'd never tell you youre wrong i will always be by your side whenever youre bored or sad

i will eat any food you cook for me and i will play violin for you for as long as you wish

at if the world finally endI'd tell you I love you.the I'd turn to space dust.the end"

"Was that a joke?"

bicol shook his head "No it isn't"

" eh"I asked. There was a long pause, silence in the room. The only thing that could be heard is my heart beating nervously

"Yeah,just forget about it you look dumb you dummy”he said and left the room


I had a long day yesterday.but atleast im done with my book report.I'm so glad claudia was there to help me.

I also learn from gabriel that yahiro used to clean the only general.department building that's why i decided to clean it yahiro don't have to way to say thank you for

i took my handkerchief and starting to wipe the dirt off the keys when i.suddenly.feel a presence behind my back so i turned around to.see who it was

oh it was reiji''i said in disappointment and ignored her

i still don't like how he dragged me away.i wonder why reiji reacted that way

i never saw her like that before

''what is it?''reiji pouted and looked annoyed

she walked in front of me and stared at me with a smile

''go-good morming reiji''i shyly greeted her

''let me help you"reiji said with as smile as she leaned her face close to mine

i looked at her confusedly but she just giggled and took the handkerchief from my hand and she started cleaning the piano key

I feel I'm self conscious towards Reiji right now....maybe it's because of her new look ?

i felt awkward so i gently jump backwards and pretended i'm trying to arranged the chair near the window.which is not far from the piano

I glanced at Reiji, who was busy wiping the piano.

she was sweating and still catching her breath.the music department is far away.not to mention we are currently in the fourth floor.she.must have run all the way here

why do i feel like this towards her.was it because im being self conscious when she's around

i imagined how she pulled me away from cecilion during the concours.her hair was tied up and even shes a girl...she looked really handsome ...especially how she play .her very warm and gentle

''she seems really jealous about something.or am i imagining things?''

i felt sorry for reiji and i want to make it up for her

i walked towards her direction and handed her a towel''ah reiji use this''i said shyly and turned away my gaze''i mean,if you're barehanded,your skin will get all roughi always carry a spare pair anyway and they're cheap''

katarina''she said as she reached out the towel i gave to her

''im happy to have you helping me out''i said when the door knob started to twist

in shocked i grabbed reijis hand and pulled her to hind behind the bookshelf away from the piano

my heart is beating so fast in nevous as i saw yahiro walked close to the piano and run his it to see if theres dust

"why do you like yahiro so much?"reiji asked in a gentle low voice

"huh?? the time i realized..before i knew it already started feeling this way"i said as i looked down

"im the same..."reiji responded with a gentle look on her face as she stared into my eyes

i noticed reiji's long eyelashes and beautiful eyes and at that moment i lost with her beautiful hair gently swayed by the wind synchronizing with the window curtains''its beautiful''i said without even thinking

"katarian....your feelings...i'll help them come true''reiji wink as i let her outta my grip and walked towards yahiro

''hey yahiro!"

"katarina already cleaned that pianos key"eiji said in an annoyed tone

"thank you..katarina campbell"yahiro said as he keep scrubing the piano keys "but i cant be relax unless i do it myself "he added

but right then i loud echoed throughout of the hallway

what was that?

it came from behind the building

let's give it a look

when we rushed on the we heard the explosion

gabriel and a black hair guy beside him

gabriel luke what's going on?''reiji.yelled in panicked as we saw gabriel fighting some unfamiliar guys

''what are you?stay away from me you moron don't come any closer''


it wasted no time in rushing towards me and yahiro wasted no time and jump.and kicked.the guy who was about to attack me

''how come delinquents like them can intrude the academys boundary?'gabriel's face seen to take on a dark shadow ''and how dare he tried to attack princess''he whispered

whats going on?y

his expression was just like it had back then when i fist saw him

ab expressionless doll

you gotta be kidding me

reiji pulled me and covered my with her back''why are they show up here?i panicked asked

that is when yahuro tuee and turned behind him''ah that's what this all about''said in an ice cold tone

''yo yahiro''


''the king of illegal deals himself''yahiro.responded

''you're watching us aren't you?show yourself''with yahiros call, a boy with light skinned boy with an average height with his black long wolf haircut that reaches to his shoulders show up of the bushes

how did you know?''

rindou!''i called him out

he glanced to me and let out a gentle smile

''so this is rindou?''gabriel said as he glared at rindou

''save us the trouble of finding him''reiji said

we heard everything from paxley.could you just come quietly without putting a fight?”reiji said

''you betrayed me yahiro?''rindou asked as his eyes widened