Chapter 41:

pulls the string

love sick delinquent

''just as what i expect from you...Katarina'' with phones placed on our ears,we both locked in a staring contest

''euphimia? shes not euphimia at all''i was speechless,as she put down the phone and walked close to the table

every steps she made heart beats fast

i gulped as she made an eye contact with me

shes very....pretty

''do you mind''she asked taking the seat across me without waiting for my permission.she reclined on her chair and cross his legs as if shes a queen settling on her throne

''please take a seat,i don't like talking while looking up to you literally''i said seriously hiding my

i was shock too.much ''its nice to officially meet you...kayarina campbell.the first time we met it was so dark and scary ''she smirked impishly ''but now we are in a relaxed environment

we can talk for minutes or hours on gonna stop us''she added with a smile

shes the girl who lend me here shoes back then when students turn against me

how did yiu know i'm here?

is that really a question?i have eyes and ears won't be difficult for me to track down''

''i know you got a gig with delinquents,outside school

she sounded as if she has a vast network of spies in the school

before i forget katarina...sorry about ashtons attempt to melt you into liquid and congratulations to yahiro and gabriel for being the knight in shining armous that saves the day bravo''

shes twisted.... shes sick... shes insane

i could already tell as much

don't worry i wont asked you to stop me

''in fact if like to thank you for a challenge now that i found you .but i must admit i'm disappointed that you never suspected me''

you know ashton?


well,lets see....remember the time reiji asked you to play cards with him?i made him put you into into dept but i got failed tho''

''so i decided to make pumpkin,spread rumors about you...without your notice i made it look like you're desperate for guys that's why someone confess to you because i want to humiliate you but cecilion went into frame''

then,remember pumkin?i asked her to be your accompanist but i poisoned her mind to make the show more interesting knowing you like paxley...i let that delinquent rindou to enter school security and that became a hit of my newspaper''

is she talking about shanon?.....

is there anything else''she asked to herself''let's see..oh remember that weirdo who got humiliated by my sister?i did not expect he would go as far as hurting sis physically but you stick your nose so i told him to drag you with him thats why gabriel was lead no choice but to punish you...well,the truth is he asked the head to withdraw the punishment for you so my plan failed''

i also manipulate yahiro to withdraw but you went out look for him so i did research and found out ashton abducted you...well,he had connection with gabriel so it wasn't hard for me to figure it out but i hot worried so i send gabriel and yahiro by telling your location''

''are you the one whos spreading the humors about reiji''

''no...but i told someone i know about what i know''


''shes someone you know but.i dint think its important anymore''

'i got the news claudia clementine withdrew as the participant of the concourse ''her eyes stared at the ceiling for a moment''it was a wasted opportunity,oh well theres no point crying over spilled milk.

i stood up from my seats and away from her

why claudia......''i said as i run away to the cafeteria and went looking for claudia until i reached her standing in front of the school gate happily looking at the fountain as if she's waiting for someone

as soon as she saw me.she waved at me''katarina''she cheerfully called out

i made few steps towards her and clench my fist

''how could you claudia?''i asked as tears started to roll down my eyes

they might think im over dramatic but knowing how claudia give up everything for me is just unacceptable

''katarina...''she whispered as she loomed at me with a concerned look.on her face

''what is are plotting to do?''i asked as i bit my lips''youre the one who gpt chosen as a participant arent you?why did you do this to me'hi yelled

did you know what ive been through because of this?''

''all this time i thought it was just luck and that the universe had set me up for this but i was wrong tho''

the life i had as a was beautiful,i cried,i smiled and learned stuff...which is the life thats supposed to be for you''saying those words feel like a thorn stick in my throat

i could hardly breath right now

i glanced at claudia and to my surprise she began to haugh hysterically''HAHAHAHAHA''

''you're just figuring that out?''she asked like a maniac''if this is your way to say thanks then youre welcome''she added

''i never asked for this claudia!''i yelled and all the other students eyes are on us

''i never wish for this''i mumbled and claudia slowly tien her back and glanced at me''because i want you to be happy''she whispered and starting to walk away

what does she mean?i want to go after her but something stuck in my foot like nails pinning me on the ground preventing it.from happening

claudia lied to me.....someone is setting me up like i was a puppet for their show....pulling strings to everyone close to me