Chapter 42:

objects that reminds the past

love sick delinquent

i fall asleep?''i glanced at the clock on my table beside my bed''6:45 pm?''

The second selection is coming close and i still hasn't decided what music i will play

everything is just stressing me out

i just stared at the cieling blankly''man..i dont feel doing anything today''

katarina''i heqrd my mom called out to me''you have a visitor''she added

''huh?and who could it be?''i asked to myself as i fixed my hear with my hands when the door slammed open

''too late ''the voice said''and you look miserable katarina''

''that voice''i whispered as i looked ip to see who it was

''euphimia''i called her bame and she forced a smile at me

but she seems happy today..i wonder why

''i was asked by sir glenn to hand you this handout for the upcomi second selection''she said as she waved the paper on her hands''and youre lucky since you'll be the first one to perform''

''i'm sorry for bothering you euphimai''i smiled awkwardly at her

''your room is the size of my bathroom''


woah euphimia must be rich?'he thought to myself

''you think so'she asked

''oh no..did she heard what ive just said''

'ganyhow..i want to apologize on behalf of my sister for causing you trouble katarina''

my eyes widened ''sister?''

shes not really see shes been struggling all by herself because she wanted to be someone like bad

yoy see,secondra always admire our dad reading all mystery novel written by him however i reached her dreams being a novel without knowing thats why she trying her best to a detective

now if you think of it....they have the same facial structure

euphimia added as she walked to me and sat down in my bed

''what's wrong?''euphima asked as she slightly tilted her head

''i dont think i deserve to be in as a participant anymore''i whispered as i felt warm liqyid rolling down my cheeks'heh?why am i crying''i made a fake laugh and wipe my teats with my sleeves

i head euphimia sigh as she put her hands in my head''katarina ''she called me out so i looked up

she was staring at me with a concerned look on her face as she leaned her face close to me and bump her forehead on mine''i dont you whats gotten you and secondra but please don't say those such thing''she said

''music is something people should enjoy...i want you to enjoy this everyone is fortunate to be one of the participants and if you doubt yourself if you deserve to be a're the only one who can figure that out''

why does euphimia seems nicer to me today....''did something happened euphimia''she gently giggled as if i said something funny

''i dont know...seeing your hair all messy after a long sleep somehow reminds me of my sister''saying that she stood up and qalk to the door''how about have a nice night walk just don't pressure yourself too much okay'she waved at me and silebtly walked away

''thank you for having me auntie''i heard euphimia downstairs ''thank you for looking after katarina''my mom responded

''night walk....''i whispered and flash a gentle smile''i guess i have to figure it out myself''

i stood up from my bead

i decided that i would go outside just wearing my pajama and pair of slippers but its already 7pm so i grabbed my jacket when i heard a loud bang in the floor

i gasped in horror as i sa claudia's music box given to me crashed on floor

i immediately schoop it up and sigh in relief that it wasnt been damage

i opened it up to see the broach claudia has gicen to me when i suddebly heard a soft tiny melody coming out from the music box

i closed my was a 24 coulord palte as nostalgia wrapped aprund me

my heart suddenly skip a beat as my memory flashes before my eyes

it was when cecilion retirve the music box for me at the library

the day...i fell inlive with music


''i know it could be a meaning of nostalgia behind it. I look at it as a beautiful piece that could have a music theme that is represented of something that the person loves or the person giving the music box thinks the song has meaning behind it. Being able to hold your beautiful pieces of jewelry that every time they open the jewelry box and the music plays you will always remember the person who gave you this gift. I think it is a beautiful gift to give someone.

A music box represents so much in so many levels. Consider the music played. Consider the decoration of the box itself. It represents nostalgia, memories and it can only come from a person who only has the purest and most sincere of hearts.It represents the giver's heart, with no expectation of what you put into it."he said as if trying to lighten up the mood

It will continue playing it's music when you wind it up and stop whenever you want it to, while always being there, just for you and it last generations.The music box is symoblic to something you can lean on when the giver is not around."

"The Canon is really a beautiful piece and very well crafted piece of music"

that music is called canon?

''yes it is "

youre from music department right?you must love music so much"

"yeah in playing music you You don't need anything else to speak upon the already beautiful notes that the instruments play.Some people think their emotion needs to be expressed by speaking what's on their mind, but it Doesn't"

"Just pour your heart into what your playing and the emotion will come off beautifully."

"Canon is such a masterpiece. Elegant, tranquil, and just perfect."

I think giving away something that was given to u from a friend was the wrong should trade it for anything in this world''