Chapter 17:

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Utopia Book 1: The First Journey and the Awakening (Volume 1: Green)

The words that came from her mouth had me puzzled. I watched as Elphina frantically examined the very cores of Mayu's soul, only to look more confused.

"Elphina, what is Soul decomposition, what does it mean?", I asked.

Not once have I heard this term. Not even the professors at school had mentioned something like this before, when I really think about it, they never really taught us anything beyond the fundamentals of our level. Perhaps it was a topic forbidden even amongst the teachers.

Elphina turned towards me and sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose, the pacing of my heart suddenly picked up as I waited for the answer she had come up with, but for some reason, a feeling told me that it wouldn't be so good,

"It means... that something is eating away at her soul.", She stated.

"and if we waste any more time her life will be in danger, she could eventually di-", Elphina hesitated.

"well let's not think about that, I'll work on trying to find a solution,", she continued.
Elphina turned back around towards Mayu's soul with a fixated look on her face... she was determined. I walked forward and looked down at Mayu's sleeping face and cursed at myself when I realised that I couldn't do anything for her.

All I could do was stand here and wait for her to wake up... in the end that might be the best thing that I could do. I rethought about everything that happened between Mayu and I. How could I not see what was going on around her? Is it possible that there was more happening around this girl than I thought... I hope I'm wrong.

"Wait!", my gruesome thoughts were interrupted by Elphina's sudden call, she turned towards me, and her face lit up barely, as I could tell that she was on to something,

"Layo, you mentioned before that Mayu had collapsed on the Alto Phantom, right?", she asked.

"Yeah,", I murmured, not knowing exactly where she was going with this.

"In the middle of my encounter with Alto's crew she began to have some attack, her body was shaking in my arms and her breathing was all out of rhythm, then suddenly she just collapsed.", I confessed.

She looked towards the ground, confining within herself as if to consider a certain question,
"Layo just how long was Mayu asleep?", she asked.

"about an hour, why?", I questioned.

For a moment she glared at me in shock,

"What... what is it?" , I questioned.

A feeling of dread began to fill my chest, it was as if Elphina's grim face told it all,
"Layo... this girl... should be dead."

I placed my hand over my face as I let out a sad chuckle.
A wave of sudden anger filled me, as I slammed my fist unto the table were Mayu lay.

"What do you mean? That's impossible?! ... I mean look she's right he-"

"Layo, just shut up and listen! It's isn't possible for souls to reside in a body once it's already gone. Soul Decomposition completely destroys one's soul in an entire hour, side effects are bodily pains, wheezing, strokes, seizures, and lastly... sleep.

So if this same thing happened before... how is she still alive? There was no chance of her waking up from her sleep... so why?", she stated.

"So what does this mean El? Are you saying that she's going to die?!", I scoffed.

I was beginning to get a little tense, I could barely stand watching this go down,

"Then all of this would have been for nothing, why did I Go to the Alto Phantom?! Why did I save her?! If this was going to happen I should have never got her out of that shi-",

A small echo moved throughout the room. I felt a sudden pain on my left cheek. It began to burn from the inside, telling me that it was probably swelling.

I looked to the right to see Elphina's hand clenched into a fist... she slapped me.
"Layo! Do you not understand!", she spat.

She turned around to face the web-like structure. I watched as she once again placed her hands on the web and swiftly moved her fingers into a zooming motion. The web started to change shape and soon showed us multiple lines lying side by side, like a piece of soft wool fabric. It wasn't soon before I realised that this... was the inner workings of Mayu's soul.

Elphina zoomed in deeper to show me that inside these lines were circular cells holding what seemed to be glowing orbs. I quickly noticed that some of these cells were missing their own orbs, these must have been the ones that were dying from the Soul Decay...

"Do you see what's happening here Layo?", she jested. Pointing at an empty space on the web.

I squinted as I tried to see what Elphina was pointing at, was she trying to show me that the inner frames of Mayu's soul was crystal clear like the blue sky, or that those grey parts meant that she was dying... and then I noticed it, something strange was happening within the dying parts of Mayu's soul,

"I see that you've finally picked it up,", she sneered.

Elphina zoomed in once more onto an empty cell, as I paid more attention I could see something crazy happening before my eyes. The empty cells that were dying from the soul decay were somehow creating a new life.

"Don't you get it now Layo?... somehow this village girl, is reconstructing her own soul."

What does this mean?

Did Mayu gain some sort of power?

A.A. James
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