Chapter 45:

second selection

love sick delinquent

ive been waiting for this to be able to play again on stage.....

the leaves gebtly fall down from trees..the.mroning breeze feels really.good and i can hear the sound of students passing by

but in this ocesn on people.walking pass through eyes has always beeb searching for her

''cladia''i gaze at her as her hair gebtly sawyed by the wind as if the time stoos as if it was obly.the two.of us

i walk close to her firmly''this is now or never''i said to my self

'katarinas poibt of view

''i have decided to play canon''


''i dedicate this to you claudia''

''so please be ny acconabist''u said as i bow down to her


''because of you u was able to

saint palantine academy intramural musical concourse

Now then,I'll announced the order of the performances

The first one is__next__,____,then____

Well,wish you good luck

Performer 5 from the regular department katarina Campbell

Performing canon

the her acompanist is dofferent todat

and wearing a geberal deparrment unifoe

the silebce elobgs to ne

no,this silence belongs to us

every single peroson here is waiting for us

i dedicate this piece to the girl sitting infont of the black piano

''this is for you claudia....''i looled down and the.violin in posion as i glabced at claufa and she nodded

lets do this'%i breated in and relaxed my muscles,making the violin as light as a feather