Chapter 46:

friend or foe

love sick delinquent

secondra is the only one who can help me''with that,i run to the archieve and knock as hard as i can

''noisy''she said glaring down at me as soob as she opened the door

''secondra''i whispered her name and felt relief as i saw her'' missing''i said with teary eyes

''in the light of this predicement i have come  i have cone to the conclusion that i am unable to perfrom the -''

'hplease!nicol will necer beein this 'hi cut her pff

she shook his head,her eyes looking straight ahead''i dont know why she would be interstd in making a smart but awfully weird student dissapear or maybe,she was too bored so she rabdomly cast doom on someone in this school''


''libetina''her face turned serious and shook her head ''but that bitch would never do such thing unless someone wished for this''

''what do you mean?''

''someone had wished nicol not to be able to participate in this cincourse''

''and who could it be''

''the hell would i know''secondra said sound irrateted as she walk down without looking back

but then i suddenly  felt a cold stare that chills down my spine.i look back trying to spot anyone whos eyes were ne

but i didbt saw anyone''i must hace beeb imagining thibgs''i co.ciced to my self and hope in line to secondra

a secobdral''i called out''you know nicol ?'

i guess so...after all hes the youbgest child prodigy who won the biggest vionlin compitipn in our country''


''i heard carlton has a rare condition which stop him from singing thats why he poured it all in violin but according to ny sister..nicol is not happy abiut it''

i quiestly walk dumbfounded as i fpllpwed her and before i knew it.we reached the stairs going to the a second floor of the abandined general departmebt building

despite the sunny sky from outside he inside of the hall buikding was cocered witb dark and inly few su lights from broken can be seen

to my dispapinted secondra cocered her face with face mask and wore a gloves trying not to breathe anydirt from

we climbed on stairs to the third floor when we heard a sound

tok tok tok

yikes!i clung to secondras sleeves as i boticed her eyrs slightly widened as her mouth opened

she continue walking while i was stil clunging on her arms

''stupid violin freak are you here?her voice echoef into the void''knocks and scarchess dot and dashes''


do yiy know.anythunf abiut the.morse codel''i didnt know why shes asking a seemly.irrelecabt question but sinxe theres.a word code.i huess its somehow telated to the hand

its a sequece of short and long signals caled dots and dashes

ever dot,dash or sequnce of the teo reprsent a letter for ibstabce a sobgle fot means e two dashes means m and a bot and dash meabs A

and how its cobnecjted

violin freak probably locked this room.i bet his moith is probably gagged so he cabt speak or cry for help''saying that secondra reached out my hands and give it a squeeze as we went into deep dark hallways.untill we reached the lasy rows of lockers where the knocks cane from and only one locker has been locked

secindta took a small boc contains wires and put it inside the padlock and twist it.after a past few minutes she succefully opened the lock

hes the lersib reportedly missing since yesterday-nicol carlton''

i walked towards nicol and fashped in horror for what i saw

his mouth was shaking and hus lips were cracked,he hasnt been eaten anything or drunk water sunce he was absuctss.he was also varely cibcious

i immediatelt run towards nicol and remived the tape frim nicols nitg and untied the rope tied to his arms and legs

water. we need water secondra

lay him dowb and make sure his heas lift up

if you force him to drink water theres a posiblty tgat he would soffocate

i think i know whos probaly behind this ibcenet

''my sister woul kill me if she knows this''secondra said as she took a hankerchief from her pocket and a bottle of water as i held nicol and gently put his head on my lap

secindra opened the bottle and pour the water on the hankerchief and put it on bicols lips''that should do the trick''she said and let a sigh''i dont know if you can made it in time for the compitition but you better show your pretty face infront of your friends or else theyll worried sick especially sister''her voice went deep and serious

''thank you for helping me secindra''

for the first time i saw secindra smiled''yeah youre welcome'hand with that secondra just silently walked away

i glasced at nicol.who looking at me with cold eyes''this is what you want right?''

i was shock hearing those from him''how can you say that everyone is looking out there.for you''

''is that how you really think if lets go

''its too late katarina''


i felt nicols's cold hand before and this time it was hot with a burning feeling''hang on nicol im calling the doctor''

''no just stayh'