Chapter 47:

perhaps an illusion?

love sick delinquent

''i had never cared about what anyone thought about me...until i met you..its because i understand that a sincere and genuine heart isthe most precious treasure of allbut perhaps this is all a dream?an illusion?the hours tick by minute by minute I'm running out of timeperhaps this the reason why i felt there lots of things i want to tell you but right now just give me a little more time

if you ever failed to show up...

we shall never see each other again

with ever lasting love,

reiji li

just please give me a little more time...''i whispered as i remebered those words nicol said when i thought hes trying to.jump off from the roftop

''could it be....''nicols hurtful face came flashing to my mind

reiji hates waitinv

i immediately took my blazer and run as fast as icould until i reached the bridge wiyh a calm river underneath

Tell me that I'm seeing him standing far away from me in the middle side of this bridge. ... Please someone tell me that it's him. ...

''what are yiu doing reiji get down''i said as i reached out his hand and pull him down

i.innocently let me pull him and statef at me confusedly while here i am qorriedly looking at him because his pranks which is not funny at all

''I'm standing here at the bridge, staring at the water below. ... People might think that I'm out of my mind. ... It's my first time to wait for someone.''

"You're worth the wait katarina''

whay are you doing?!''i frustratedly yelled at him ''i thiught yiull going to jump like what nicol try to do''i saif as hug him as tight as i could

''i will not jump because i know you will show up and you never failed me''he a very sweet voice and slowly walked towards me and wrapped his.arms around ms

reijimin always smelled nice. Whether it was his perfume or the lotions he wore. It was always very sweet, sometimes fruity

'' i can still clearly remeber the first time.i saw you

i saw a girl recklessly block a bat for someone elses sake

i thought it was pretty stupid but i think it was cool

being kind doent mean your stipid

thats how you are i guess

putting someone elses fort before herself

you somehow remibds me of my sister katarina

how bout i tell you a story in a nutshell

''A tragic childhood accident snatched a boys younger sister.away from him and, never recovering from the trauma and loss, he assumed her identity. They were extremely close, both in looks and behavior, and her memory becomes became his memory and started to live his sisters life to escape from reality''

''reiji..i called out his name

''and that boy is me''he playfuly smiled''i was thinking how bout i quit chasing after cecolion and start chase girls instead?''reiji touched my clean and lean close to me as if he was trying to kiss me but he suddenly burst out laughing

''you look priceless katarina!''he said mocking at ne and cobtube laughing as he took something from his pocket and revelaed s sharp pointed blade''youre actually buying it!''

i galced at the silver object and realized what it is''a pocket knife''i said worriedly''i told yah its time to quite.doing the gay act''with that he touched his lobg braided hair and cut it with the knife

''but!your.beautiful hair''

''why do i keep making thibgs hard for my self?hahaha wow there really is something wrong with myself? but you know what,i don't care anymore ''he said as he stared at me with a kibd look on gis face and his hair swayed gebtly by the wind as the.moon once again iluminated his beaitiful face

he snapped his.fingers bear my back my conciousness wherever it.went.then he shook his head and his starinv at me

''how beautiful''i thiught to myself as i lost in staring at his face i saw his few strand if hair gebtly carried by the wind''

i suddenly felt an eye. staring at me''someones here!''i said as i looked ariund to see if theres anyone around but reiji sense.something and glared and the corber of his eyes

''i dont care if someones listening,please just know i love you so much i.want you all by self and i will be be pnly yours.doesnt that sound perfect?say katarina?do you want to be my lover?will you accept my confession?''

''i love you thats all i can say''a force smile was plastered on his face


i gasped in horror seeing reiji fall down on ground

for a moment or two,i sat frozen with my eyes widned in shock aw my mouth opened surprise

reijis mouth was moving a little ,trying to say somethinh but his voice wont cone out

what should.i do?what am i do?i know dont anymore''somebody please help us''i whsiepred as if in prayers

no.matter how hard i.qill scream no one will able to help us

my body was under a great shock to.move an inch and then i felt reijis shaking left hand touch my cheek

he tried to speak in his croaky boice and i could only make out some words that escape from his lips''mei...meilin ...i...lo''his hand fell on my lap as his eyelids closed compelety

i wish he was only jokibg.i wish he was only praying a orabk on me

ibwhis he would just open his eyes and shout at ne

but he did not

i can fell tears roling down my cheeks fall into reijis face