Chapter 48:

Devil's cherries

love sick delinquent

my back could feel the coldbess of the titled floor.qhy am i lying in this place and wheees reiji?

my eyes were already peeled ipenes vut i.couldbt clearly make out of where i qas

shadows...i.could see shadows around me

i.tried to get up from the floor .the stabbing pain in my head made it haed to ne to sir up right ir syabd

my head was spining and i coulnt walk in straight line

the room was also dimly.lit but i could see shadows on the rear psrt i.looked for the light and truend it.on

whe the bulb illuminate the room.i collapse on the floor with my butt dirst

i shook my head violently as my widened eyes stared at the body leaning its back in the wall beside him was a broken cello

it.wasnt moving like a.mannequn

its prestine white clothes was drenched with crimson color and a piil of red liqueid ooze from the .ody to where i ws seubf

i couldbt stand lookingf at the lifeless and familiar face of a fruebd.i ciuldbt stand lookibg at reiji shose throat was slit.blood rushubc diwb hee vidy her eyes were closed and his mouth was slightly opened wifh some blood drippinv from it acroos his bow

i covered my mouth and averted my gaxe frin the bod

no did this happen?it was like minutes ago when he was teasing me

even though my body is weak ,i gathered all my remaining strength and rushed to reijis side

my hands pressed his throat as hard as i could to stop the bleeding but nothing had happen

his warm blood continue to flowing and slipped through my fingers

reiji please dint dobt die on me

his.pulse is gine.he eas no.linger breathing

i have to wake up!

after that...i found myself tied in a wooden chair with a tight.rope.tied around me

i averted my gaze on the other side and saw reiji in the same situation as me but peacfully sleeping

''it was all a dream''i whispered and sigh in relief

i saw gabriel tied as well in a wooden chair across a wodden table.his body were tied as well as his foot and his left arm was cuf on

''what if i doot wanna play this game with you?''i heard gabriel asked in a very serious tone

and thats when i saw ashton took a swiss.knife and pointed it to me

i pressed my back on the chair trying to distance between my neck and the knife

''if i were to survice..i will kill your princess but if you were the one whos lucky enough can do whatever you want to me''ashton said as he flash an evil smile''you can arrest me to the police and put me in juve or you can just stab me with the same knife on my hands''

gabriel didnt say a word and i noticed a small cut on his lips

''but if you refuse to play with me,ill sacrifce her life ibstead''

so my life depends in the teas rwy going to drink?

gabriel locked his eyes to the end poibt of the knife which is few milimtimentees away from my nek

gabriel just glared at ashton and spit a blood

for gabeiel to get the safe tea the probability of is fifty fifty

there is no asurance 

if lady luck is with him and the universe will cinspire agaibst ashton,he.would get the not poisbt dink if i sniff the scent tof this teaa

nia rhet rhe gane begin

gabril picj the tea cup on the left''just one qustion since this might be the last concersation wer weoll ever have...i wanna know why youre so.obsses with me? mind yelling me the reason

ashton took a sip from the cup and carefuly..gabriel drank the tea as well

so in in other words, sariel and the rest of your team like me?

''you can say that acter all he never saw someone as you aee before''

gasped in horror seeing gabriels chair fall down on ground along with him

i felt the same emotion as i saw reiji collapse on the bridge.

for a moment or two,i sat frozen with my eyes widned in shock aw my mouth opened surprise

gabriels mouth was moving a little ,trying to say somethinh but his voice wont cone out

what should.i do?what am i do?i know dont anymore''somebody please help us''i whsiepred as if in prayers

no.matter how hard i.qill scream no one will able to help us

this is like a dejavu...

''what i wanted in return is ''Reijimin li''to be back''

''why reiji''i frustratedly yelles''please save gabriel!''i said in tears as i saw gabriel helpless laying on the ground staring at me with his weak eyes

''do you know why sariel wanted reijimin li?

''reijimin is genius in making money

and wanted to use that power

finacial power

''so the one whos making money wasnt rindou?''

are you stoll the wallet for gabriel?''ashton asked

''thats i hate about you that you only listen to gabriel''

''and someone gabriel serve under is his princess katarina''

''fhats why i must kill katarina and gabriel''

if the persob yiu always is gibe yiu haceno choice but to be back right?

thats too cruel''i said trying to losen the rop

''nkiw then reijimin li..join me''

or else ill kill this hot too choice

ud yiu join ill.let go katarina and gabriel

so whats your choice reiji

''reiji you dobt have to do this''gabriel tried his best to speak

shut up gabriel!''reiji respobded

''katarina has nothing to do with this let her go''reiji said worriedly''and how dare you poisined gabriel''

reiji grited his teag 

but he suddenly calmed down and lower his head...ill do as you just please let them go''

and with that ashton cut the rope tied to me as.well as reijis

''take care of gabeiel for me katarina''and with that reiji well ashton leaving me with habriel behind

i immediately wraped my arms around gabeiel

what should i do?at this rate...

gabriel will