Chapter 1:


The Isekai Superhero Jay

Being a superhero is not what one would expect.
As a superhero, in order to survive, I must work.
Catch the villain, serve the community--- the usual in movies, TV and anime series, and video games.
But I learned, without God telling me, that I wasn't the only superhero.
In this world, other heroes exist. Superheroes
And much like me, they're required to work.
Thousands of them scramble across the world and serve others.
I struggled to grapple this new circumstance at the begging. (That was before I met Loli-chan.)
I blame myself on associating "another world" with "isekai" because, of course, I died and got to meet God who, in turn, offered me an opportunity to relive in a parallel world.
But, alas, this is my story. Do not expect any ecchi stuff, harems, or any of the stuff you see in the isekai trend. (The exception would be cute girls. Cute girls exist no matter what universe.)
I'd say my story is rather boring. 
You'll be the judge of that, though.
So, I say again, this is my story...

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