Chapter 15:

❀ Final Update ❀

Ideasthesia ❀ Volume 1

For new readers that have found my story via Honeyfeed, I thank you warmly for reading the story so far. Have you enjoyed it? I hope you have.

Unfortunately, as you have seen, I am no longer active on this website due to a series of events that unfolded which made me very uncomfortable of sharing my own original work on a site that doesn't take much importance over original content at all. I will not dig deep enough on this issue nor going to talk about it in here. 

Right now, I am writing and updating Ideasthesia over at RoyalRoad. You can find me there under the same penname if you go to my profile.

This is my official "goodbye" letter to all of you, even if I already left some comments saying I left, after such a long time I am making it official by putting a notice here even if I wasn't even active here at all anymore and didn't mind if people found this story and found it on an eternal hiatus since Honeyfeed itself is pretty much dead at this point.

If you want to keep reading the story, please follow future updates at RoyalRoad.

Thank you for your continued support, 
Ana Fowl

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