Chapter 51:

song from the past

love sick delinquent

Even though the sun has already set, there is hot and humid air around.

Sweat was squirting from my body running up the stairs of the hospital

"it was a faint sound of a violin"

I quickly knew what that meant.

that violin

''Now, i feel near you

no matter how far we are apart...

youre like the starts in the night like the.moon in your heart

cause i love you.....''and before i new it i was started singing

Then I found his with hollow eyes standing on the roof of the hospital outside the fence.

This is actually the secon time I've seen him jumping and trying to commit suicide.

That should be it, it was music that lead me to him....we met each other,for the second time i saw him,i fell in love with the violi

he has round eyes, plump lips, and a beautiful face like a porcelain doll, but with a fragile expression, he instantly captivated me.

he was like an angel who had descended from heaven.

I had one question.

why does nicol.always play the violin whene erhe tries to commit suicide

Perhaps he thought somewhere in her heart that he wanted me to stop suicide and help me, just like when

You will reach the roof of the hospit

I found himr back standing behind the fence.


Jump over the fence and take his hand.

Hosr hands were cold against the sultry air.

"let me go"

he tried to shake my hand, so I squeezed it.

''i found you nicol

''you found me kathyrn''As soon as I saw his smile, I suddenly felt that the black things in my heart disappeared.

A cool breeze blows through.

Before I knew it, I didn't feel the heat and humidity.

my voice it reached him

i pulled him.qith all my mighr ans hug him as much as i could could

youre.nicol rihht?!

i disnt vwt yku how

nicol i missed you so much

i sisnt want to ses you at allh'he responded

the boy who would play violin and write songs for me

is right her now

qhy did you suddenly stop xinibg over

it has nothing to do with you

sont talk to me again

wait nicol you wont disapepar again right?

dont talk to me anynore catherine