Chapter 6:

The Graduation Exams Part 01: The First Test

Do I Really Have to Solve Every Problem in This World?!

The bell soon rang signaling for everyone to convene in the assembly hall for the event.Bookmark here

The Graduation Exams used to merely be a ceremony celebrating the graduates moving into the Junior High School (A.K.A. Middle School in other areas) though the purpose of these exams were to simply "pluck" out the gifted students among the general body though with good intentions very few manage to pass the exams and has yet to show results. However, these exams change every year and this year is no different.Bookmark here

Yuuta and Lea entered into the assembly hall with Celeste already reverted back as an orb and rested in Yuuta's Shirt Pocket. Taking their seats, the ceremony soon began as the Headmaster approached the podium.Bookmark here

"Greetings Students, It is my pleasure to conduct this ceremony today. As you know this ceremony is conducted to evaluate your individual skills, leadership, and devotion to your country."Bookmark here

Stretching forth his hands, the Headmaster began to conjure a virtual field which illuminated the room as students were alarmed by the sudden generation of the virtual land appearing before them, the animals, beasts, buildings, and vast lands.Bookmark here

"Now, it is time to show us your mettle. Go forth and claim victory children!"Bookmark here

A portal appeared under every student as one by one they were whisked away.Bookmark here

"Lea! Take my hand!"Bookmark here

"Yuuta!"Bookmark here

The light shone and it became dark as their hands grasped each other tumbling into a cavern a soft hum was heard in the distance.Bookmark here

"Are you alright Lea?!"Bookmark here

"Y-Yeah..."Bookmark here

Yuuta was scrambling for what would allow for this to suddenly happen, he had already known about teleportation magic before, but they were never taught about this in class. Of course, this made him smile in response to a challenge for even him, The Little Genius.Bookmark here

"Lea, I don't know what we're supposed to be doing but for now let's fight together and get out of here to the fields."Bookmark here

"R-Right!"Bookmark here

"HELP!!!"Bookmark here

Suddenly, a young boy was running towards them as a beast followed soon after, brandishing its teeth as if starving.Bookmark here

'A Grumbleback? Here?!'Bookmark here

Taking the initiative, Yuuta began running towards the beast conjuring an orb of energy.Bookmark here

"Lea! Quickly! we need to stop that thing!"Bookmark here

"H-How?!"Bookmark here

"Just like we practiced, you aim for its legs and I'll take it on!"Bookmark here

"A-Alright!"Bookmark here

Taking a stance, Lea began conjuring her spell resolving herself to this moment. Glyphs suddenly arose as her eyes began to glow soon after brandishing her hands as energy coursed in her.Bookmark here

"O, Spirits of Passion, Lay waste to my enemy and grant me freedom! Raging Blast!"Bookmark here

The beast, distracted by his prey was too late to recognize the glimmer of fire coming towards it though as soon as it looked, another figure was already in front of it a fist pulsing with lightning soon came close to it's face.Bookmark here

"Rising Thunder!"Bookmark here

Striking a solid blow on the creature's face it's legs were soon scorched by the flames leaving it neutralized. Yuuta stepped back, perceiving any further resistance then rushing back towards Lea and the boy.Bookmark here

"Thank you so much! I panicked, I didn't think we'd be up against monsters so soon."Bookmark here

"Don't worry about it, for now let's stick together till we know what we're supposed to be doing. I didn't think this exam was going to be a simple written one anyway..."Bookmark here

Looking at the beast, he saw a gem protruding out of its chest. Walking up to it, he saw that it contained something, something ominous.Bookmark here

"Be careful Yuuta, you may have been fortunate to defeat this weakling but that is something else entirely."Bookmark here

Celeste was still with them thankfully, though nevertheless Yuuta grasped the gem and soon after removing it from its host it infused itself into him.Bookmark here

"Aagh!!"Bookmark here

"Yuuta!"Bookmark here

Visions of pain, suffering and despair filled his mind as Yuuta coughed up blood in response to this as if feeling it himself.Bookmark here

" this...test?"Bookmark here

"O, Spirits of Light, Comfort my friend in need and liberate his ailment. Breath of Light!"Bookmark here

Lea immediately responded to the situation as she placed her hand on his chest alleviating the pain.Bookmark here

*Ding-Ding!*Bookmark here

"Well done students! Who would've thought we'd have our first winners in a mere few minutes."Bookmark here

A hologram appeared before them as a young man dressed in lab robes, he quickly cut to the chase before any of them could speak.Bookmark here

"However, The infusion of the Dark Energy Crystal wasn't expected, not to worry we are monitoring your vitals as we speak. Surprisingly the darkness hasn't taken you and your vitals seems to be perfectly fine but do take care to not perish, it has been a long time since anyone has died in these exams mind you!"Bookmark here

"W-What?!"Bookmark here

"Yes? Surely you must've known this would have been a dangerous venture, we've already had over half of the student body withdraw from the exam so count yourself lucky young man."Bookmark here

Yuuta was astounded, how could this even be allowed? For children to already engage with magical beasts and from the outer realms even?Bookmark here

"Oh do excuse me, my name is Doctor Ludwick. I'll be your personal physician throughout the exams so do take care to not hurt yourself "too" bad alright? Good luck."Bookmark here

"Wait!"Bookmark here

"What do we do Yuuta?"Bookmark here

Lea and The boy turned to Yuuta as he slowly stood up looking at the exit.Bookmark here

"If that was the first test, these next few should not be taken lightly. We fight, together."Bookmark here

Lea nodded in agreement, helping Yuuta stand properly the boy then nodded and conjured his weapon, a spear.Bookmark here

"The name's Nello Chrysland, Nel is fine. Good to work with you two."Bookmark here

Taking his hand, Yuuta nodded in agreement as he shook with enthusiasm.Bookmark here

"Yuuta Moriyama, good to meet you."Bookmark here

Heading towards the exit, they were welcomed with open skies and open fields. It was breathtaking to take in, this new world they've been taken too wasn't some cheap arena but a living world itself.Bookmark here

Author's Thoughts: Hey guys! Sorry for the delay, I've been rather busy and I apologize for the unprofessional way of bringing that up to you. But rest assured I'll be making time to pump out more chapters so stay tuned for more haha! What do you guys think of this direction? Is Nello really a wuss or is he some secret genius? Will we learn more about Celeste or is she just going to be shelved as a support character? Stay tuned for more!Bookmark here

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