Chapter 17:

sweet lies

love sick delinquent

Sorry to surprise you by suddenly taking you away,but I'm not a suspicious person"

Free from the persons hold,once we entered the classroom,I looked back as I thought,I was reiji


"What?!yeah?its me reji?How did you know" she asked excitedly

i stared at her from head to toe and was surprised about her new look''what is this?cosplay?''i thought as i saw her wearing i stared at reiji wearing a white suit with a red cape draping over her left shoulders and back and her hair was tied in braid but there's some strains of her in the side corner of her face

she was.....very handsome i almost thought she's a prince

"Hehe wasn't it a perfect disguise?"she said confidently

",yeah"i don't want to burat her bubbles

about her disguise that will surely put her on spotlight but why is he wearing a prince outfit?i thought to myself

"I disguised myself so I wouldn't stand out"

You stood out even more -_-

"But why did you use a disguise?"

"no particular reason"

"Oh by the way, I have a reason for bringing you here"

"Huh what is it"

"I just wanted to say sorry"


"Because I force you to withdraw for the music concours"

"I felt really bad"

"I'm so sorry I just wanted to apologize"

i shook my head and looked at her''no there's nothing to say sorry about''

"You're really wonderful I like you even more now"


"Shall we dance,katarina?" i nodded and We bowed to each other and took hands

I've never danced with a girl before...wearing a prince costume and I was nervous and first, but that feeling disappeared as she led the dance I felt as if we were part of a brilliant fairy tale

We whirled and danced to the waltz rhythm and we noticed girls whsipereding so we slightly opened the door of the empty classroom and looked outside then we heard the sound of footstep approaching

reiji immediately shut the door''quick hide''she said as she made me duck my head

we heard the knob twisted''i'm sure i heard noises out there''the voice said as i looked around to see reiji but she's nowhere beside

huh where did she go?''i qhsiered as I glanced at cecillon.i saw reiji standing in front of him and i can see the tension between reiji and cecillon but cecilio's face calmed down and smiled at me when he noticed me''katarina?aren't you supposed to be in your class right now?what in heavens are you doing here?''he asked as he leaned down to reached my hand since reiji made me sat on floor

"well,sir glen needs some help so i'm running an errand for him ''but it somehow had something to do with nicol''i answered and cecillon gently pulled me up

''are you two having a difficult time?''he asked in concerned look and i.nodded

''so i will have to order himr to sire he ont disobey a.simple request.from his senior''

i cheerfully shook my head and smiled at him''i want to be friends with bicol.if i want that.i have to make the first move on my own''

"my te way reiji.cecillon sir glen asked me to invite you on the to get everyone to know each other at the park outside school this afternoon''

''okay expect us to be there''both reiji and ciciolin responded and smiled at me

i smiled back timidly leaving them behind as i waved goodbye to them and went to my class


nothing particular happened during pur feels like everything as those time i wasn't been a participant.its nice being in general one care much about you being participant or what

it was 3 PM already and nicol was probably on the practice room right now.i might as well apologize to him about what happened yesterday

''How did it turn out like this?''i whispered as walked to the hallway when i noticed shannon leaning the stairs when she noticed me''katarina''she called me out in her normal voice

''whats the matter shannon?''

well,i was walking around the pond and i seems to have lost the mate of this earing''shannon said as she opened her palm and reveal a red crystal earring

ah its beautiful''i said

my mother gave it to me when i first joined a piano competition when i was in seven

it's.always been my favorite but the water level is high and deep and im afraint i might get drown

ahh then ill help you

im.not afraid to get wet so.ill go out and look for it

oh really?

its your present from .it has to be found

shannon gave me a worried and hesitant look''don't worry,you can count on me'

in that order to repay your heberousty allow me to help you with your rehearsal and assist you

oh yes i would love that ''saying that i waved goodbye to her and walk to the door and swing it open

i don't really.know where the pond is but i might as well look here in the music department first

i saw beautiful sunset rays as i walk down the hallways on the ground floor and saw a small shed like the one the in story book had

like a waiting shed perhaps covered with flowers and beautiful plants

i walk towards it and saw a small pond with water lilies lying around

this must be what shannon talking abouthhi said to myself and slowly pass the small shed


i froze when i heard someone called my name

i slowly turned around to face him

yahiro?i got surprised as i saw him sitting on the chair of the shed like a prince having a tea party alone

destiny might be try our path''his smile was back

he wasn't the yahiro who seems serious while yesterday



oum...ano....anoni ahhh err”i mouthed unintelligibly embarrassment keeping the words

''i was joking you're adorable''

i gasp

i had blushed in spite of knowing he had been joking,but being clales adorable by yahiro made my cheeks completely red

he looked at me with a confused look

i can't take it anymore i'm going to pass out

he sigh and stood up from his seat and walk towards ny direction

he pushed me away with a gentle push to my back back to music department building

i'm sorry for rushing you.i had a sneaking feeling he would show up

by he?you mean

rindou''he shot a wink at me

''i guess you can say he has a demanding personality but overall he's a good guy but you might as well see him again but if that happen just ignore him okay?''

despite my confusion i nodded

is it really a coincidence or yahiro all along?

my does he seems defensive about what happened.well,i don't want him to worry

''what's wrong katarina?''

shannon asked something from me running an errands for her

is that so?''i nodded

well,don't pressure yourself too.much the first selection will be soon right?''

yeah it is''

well, good luck then

Will you be okay if I leave you here? I look at him and smile and he looks at me confused but he just nodded and hastantly and silently walk away.and before i knew it i was already standing in front of the pond nana had

I look around”What are you doing here?”i asked as i slightly tilted my head when i saw his wid grin on his face

To see you ofcourse”He said walking slowly toward me as I took a few steps back.