Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 - First Date


Simon was at home getting himself ready for his date with James. This was all going so fast but he decided not to question it. Maybe he’s still dreaming and all of this was fantasy. But at the same time…this felt so surreal. He couldn’t wrap his head around it. The weird hypnosis that everyone at school was under, him transforming into a magical boy, his new nemesis, Beck, who looked just like James, and him now about to go out with his dream crush. All in one day…

His train of thought was soon interrupted by Sweet. “Are you okay?” he asked. Simon looked down at the little fairy. “Oh, uh, yeah! It’s just that today has been so crazy, is all.” The little fairy was understanding of Simon’s feelings. This was all very new to him and he didn’t want to have this get in between things. Though, now he knows that with great power comes great responsibility, and this is now something that he must be responsible with. “I’m sure you’ll have a nice time with James, Simon. Just remember what I mentioned.”

“Don’t worry, like what we talked about, I’ll have my bag and have you and my wand in it in case something happens. I’m sure things will be okay,” the blue eyed man said with a smile. Simon smiled back and soon it was time to go out. James was waiting outside for him. Simon blushed to see how well dressed his date was. God, he looked like a millionaire. James smiled. “Well, it seems like someone is mesmerized, hm?” he purred.

Simon’s heart skipped a beat at that. “Don’t freak out…” he thought to himself as he calmed down. “I can’t help it. I usually just see you in our schools’ uniform.”

“I know. But I should also compliment you. You do look very adorable,” the other man spoke. “Thanks.” Simon felt his face warm from his blushing, but he knew he couldn’t hide it. “Alright, let’s walk to town.” James nodded and the two began to walk.

The sun was starting to set but the city twinkled like stars in the night sky. It was still bustling with people who were talking, having fun, and overall enjoying themselves. “This…still feels like a dream. But at the same time I have to keep an eye out, but play it cool.”

Soon they arrived at the cafe. It was very peaceful and had good vibes. They ordered their drinks and decided to order pastries before sitting down to enjoy them and talk. “So Simon, I would like to get to know you. I know we haven’t really talked about what we like to do but I really would like to know. What is something that you do in your free time that you enjoy?”

Simon took a sip of his coffee and felt his face light up. “Oh! I love to read books, comics, and manga. But I also like to collect figurines, and even write my own stories. They are kind of silly but it’s a dream I had since I was kid where I wanted to become a writer and inspire people to live out their dreams. There were times I felt as if my dreams felt a bit far off since I am an introvert, admittedly. But at the same time, I know from the comfort of my home, I can make my dreams happen. I don’t need fancy things or lots of money to make my dreams come true. What about you, James?”

After taking a bite of his pastry, James smiled at how happy the younger man was to talk about his writing. He could tell he is very passionate and dreams big. It was inspiring, as that’s what Simon wants his story to be. James swallowed and began speaking. “Well, ever since I was a child myself, I always liked to paint. Scenery was always something I was fascinated by, whether it’s when my family and I take road trips or we’re at the art museum and I see these beautiful pieces of art. Beaches, forests, mountains…it was always those kinds of things that made me feel like I could create my own world through art. That’s why in my apartment, I have an art studio. I do have my paintings here and there, and I even sold some to people. It made me feel motivated to keep it going. I would admit, I felt the same way you did as it’s hard to make your dreams come true, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever. You just have to believe it in your heart.”

Simon couldn’t help but admire the words James put out. It even made him feel motivated. It felt like the world stopped and it was just the both of them. After a few moments, Simon looked around to see…

“Wait…why is everyone frozen?” he asked.

“Hm…that is weird, I’m not sure. Let me go check out something.” James got up from the table.

“Do you want me to go with you?” Simon asked.

“It’s fine, I’ll be right back," James said before walking away, leaving Simon to himself. Though, he was walking towards the back instead of the front doors. Simon was very confused but he knew that something was up. He went outside to see that the whole city was frozen. ”What the hell?”

“Simon, you’re going to have to transform again!” Sweet yelled as he leaped from his bag. Simon took out his wand and nodded. “Right!” He changed into his uniform and went to investigate what was going on.

“Oh my God, what is happening?” Azure asked himself. “I don’t know, but this must be the world of that devil guy again,” Sweet responded.

“And right you are,” Beck says as he was standing on top of a building, looking down at Azure and Sweet. “Beck! What did you do this time?”

“If you haven’t noticed, the whole city is paused, dear. Seems like your little date couldn’t help you, hm?” Beck asked.

“How did you know- What did you do to James?!”

“He probably froze as well, I can’t look through walls,” the devil horned man shrugged off casually. “If you want to save him and the rest of this town, you’ll have to fight me, Azure. Besides, this could be our little date as well~.”

Azure couldn’t lie, that purr made his heart tingle, but at the same time he couldn’t keep his guard down. The two had their weapons and began to battle against each other. Azure dodged his attacks as much as he could. He still stumbled a few times but he didn’t let that stop him, he kept going.

“Azure, use your attack!” Sweet yelled out.

“Right!” He once again pointed his staff towards Beck. “Azure Heart Wave!” The attack made Beck’s weapon disappear, but also trapped him in a giant blue heart. “You have no choice but to retreat, Beck.”

At first, Beck scowled at him but then smirked, just like he did earlier. “No matter, we should definitely do this again sometime.~” He teleported away and left Azure there confused as to why he acts that way. But he didn’t think another moment of it as he landed on his feet and reverted into his normal clothing once more, putting his wand in his bag. Sweet followed suit and they went back to the cafe. “I hope James is alright.”

“I’m sure, but there is something strange about that ‘Beck’ person,” the college student said.

“Yeah, I mean he looks just like James, though he sounds different and has a different hairstyle from him," the fairy added.

“Maybe he has a brother he never told us about? No, that’s silly…” Simon was overthinking about this, but he would've known if James told him before, right?

“Let’s not worry about that for now, Simon.”

“Right.” Simon went back in and saw James at the table, smiling. “Hey, I was looking for you.”

“Sorry, I was trying to see what was going on, though everything is alright,” the younger man said. “That’s good, come on, let’s relax and enjoy ourselves,” James suggested, seeing Simon smile and nodded. He sat in his seat and the two continued talking to each other while enjoying their treats. Despite the weird things that are going on, Simon felt extremely lucky. Though, he still had some questions about this ‘Beck’ guy. Did James have a brother? Was it a clone of him? Could it be him? Simon did remember Beck saying that James was probably frozen, too, like everyone else, unless he was lying. He didn’t know but for now, he left those questions out of his head until he had time for himself to think, besides this was a very pleasant time for him and his date, and he didn’t want anything messing that up.

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