Chapter 11:

Princess privilege

love sick delinquent

cecilion stared at me which made me very uncomfortable but trying to keep my cool''I heard that you're now Gabriel's princess? He asked as he slightly tilted his head as he sat down on the stool when suddenly someone slammed the door open

''princess?!'gabri l called out as he look around the room.when he saw me he sigh in relief and wipe the sweat off his forehead

thats right...gabriel was dragged away by that girl with tuxedo braids earlier. He must have came running all the way to escape from her. well,shes a one scary girl

''now tell me Gabriel, did you really become the supreme student president for miss campbell?''cecilion glanced and smiled at him

something off about that smile

''of course I'm sure''gabriel cheerfully responded and walk towards me and sat on my bed wrapping his arm around my waist

''um''i couldn't move. Everything around me is getting awkward right now. I glanced around to look for Claudia but she was nowhere to be found

''you haven't been embarrassed? shes just an ordinary plain looking girl. how can she get ahead of me?''cecilion asked in a calm and elegant manner

"you got nothing to worry about cicilion.kyashi havent really defeated me in a duel''gabriel responded rubbing his cheeks on my hands

what the heck?i used to see gabriel acting like a toddler buy why is he acting like a puppy right now ?!(๑•̌.•̑๑)ˀ̣ˀ̣

"is that so?then why?"

"i don't want to say it to some guy with a black and blonde pigtail braidk"gabeiel said as if mocking at cicilion and burst out laughing

"how many times do i have to tell you that there's nothing wrong with my earthly beauty"ciciolin chucked a bit

wow even if he laugh sure was sexy

''shouldbt you be more concern about reiji ''he said in a serious voice and both of us looked at him confusedly'' she wont gonna like this''

"lets go princess" gabriel hopped away from me and reached out my hand, lifting me gently from the bed picking me up and hunged me over his shoulder leaving cecilion behind''wait what are you doing?'

running away

''its okay kyashi''all eyes are on us and many girls surrounded the room as gabriel dashed out of the clinic with me

katarina''i heard cladia called me out and saw her making her way out of the crowd but unfortunately she was block by some fangirlsit must be ceciolin they looking at

hey wait! down gabeiel

if i do that,hell catch up

who will catch up

gabriel!''gabriel was running so fast i thought i saw a cloud of dust behind him


i'm going to speed up


hold it right there

we could hear cecilions heavy footsteps as he caught up

hold on tight''gabriel picked up the pace

we should be safe here

im impressed you ran that fast with me in your shoulder

i could carry you everywhere

what's what that supposed to mean

but i'm exhausted

Are you okay?

i need to rest''saying that,gabriel lend his head on my shoulder''do you mind?

no its fine''i ran my hand down his hair

realizing what i just did.heat rose to my cheeks

i feel so calm right now

i felt so happy,because of yahiro.i became friends with gabriel.i wish we could stay like this forever

By the way,gabriel.who is this reiji he was talking about?

"ah si reiji?hes my childhood friend and we have this friend and foe relationship''he happily said as he gently put me down on the bench at the rooftop''she and i gotten into fights since we were kids

so that's why gabriel seems scared when ceccioln mentioned her name?

i guess we can't stay like this forever''i look at him confusedly

''oh i think shes here” gabriel said as he glanced at the back''she found us already

"wow so romantic''someone said looking down and smiling confidently what a a prince and princess against the world like those in kid books''

she's the girl earlier''maybe a little too hot you might wanna stop before someone gets burned

what you staring at? ''she said angrily when she noticed.i was staring at her as she took something from her pocket and throw some silver sharp object it at us swiftly

''reiji?are you out of you throwing scissors at us?''gabriel yelled angrily at her but she just rolled her eyes as if she doesn't care

you squirt!what's the big idea throwing something like that at us?

''if it hit the princess and she got hurt princess?how would you live with that?!you'll pay the damage?''

reiji just walk to our direction as he pushed gabriel aside at lean closer to me

''hello princess,my name is reijimin li''she said in a cheerful manner as she stared at my face carefully''eh you look weak and yet gabriel claimed you to be his princess?look at me confused and without saying any word.she slap me

everything went on slow motion

''shes not even thst strong''she said as she rub her hands with a handkerchief

''What did you say? ''gabriel fired at her

''because she defeated you i thought she can dough my attack since she beat you.but i was wrong''she jisy fispoonme me''she said as she continue to wipe her ha.fs with a handkerchief''man this is disappointing

''you don't even have an idea then why did you do it?''gabriel yelled back

''shut up i don't want to listen to some cheap excuses when you're too busy showing off

''i know you're doing this because you have a crush on immature jerk''

''thought you are different..but its only made a fool out of me.o misjudge you''

pribcess lets run again

youre bot going to get off easily

if you come to think about it,we're doing this for ten years now

no matter who got in my way i've always managed to beat them

and still,i haven't beaten even once

its so humiliating

''reiji if you defeat me someday...i'll vow to protect and serve you as your loyal knight those are the words you said back then,ever since that day...all i could ever think of is how to defeat hou.i want to take nmy legacy back and just then''she cut of her words and glared at me''what is why im gonna beat you one way or another

thats the only way i can redeem myself

''now katarina...since whatever i do you already got gabriel on his neck''

''defeat me and i shall forever keep my peaco''

''quiet blabbering reiji''habriel said as he step on between us facing reiji''i want yiu to know why i became princess kyashis knight.i admit that she never beat me in a fight and youre their when that happends right?

''what's going on the truth''

''its because i wanted too...i.just want to''

''i don't want gabriel to follow order from any other girl except me''

this weak worthless cry baby''She said as she pointed at me''she's not even that pretty

Perhaps being insulted cannot be avoided"

cry baby? she spying on me when I was talking to nicol?

if i win ,then it counts as me winning against gabriel

but i just

get away from here

im the one youre after arent i?

we'll see aboutt that