Chapter 53:

i found you

love sick delinquent

.ever since that night...nicol had never talked to me

i was getting ready and packed the things i needed in my backpack.

with my violin on placed infront of me i silebtly walked down the hallqay to the bus station

sir glenn had told everyone we will going to have a training camp and the reeze mansion.ibwas actually hasitant at frist but he ebcourage everyone to go since we will pnly be staying three days and one day

suddenly i noticed a long black car stop by and apmeone


reiji!''i got surprsed ti see him''youre back

he co.fusefly.nodded''heading to the training camp?''he asked with her usual tone''get in ill give you a ride''

i was hestiant at first but she opened the door fraged me ibstead

ouch''i said as i rubbed my forhead

goodthibg everythibg is soft here''stop touching weird places''

ehhh!''reiji still violent as usal

oum..thnk you for giving me a ride reiji''i said as i galced at hjmsilebtly staring outside the window

''youre welcome...''he shortly replied''first abd moremost i want to apolgize on behalf of gabril about his stupidity last night''

''oh i dont mind''i smiled awkwradlybut rerhj seems uncobvinced and let a sigh

''i didnt expect gabriel would act like that that way...i feel sorry for yahiro and luke got a fine beat from him''

''i huess gabriel really loves you reiji''i said and reiji hearing thay he suddebly birst out laughing and lean closer to my face

''you sound like lady isabella!''by saying that reiji expression suddenly eent calm and flashes a his lips as if remembering a memory

I bitterly bit my lips

“Gabriel piece sounded wonderful, but despite this, he music is still missing something (love) as he cannot understand what love is.

when he was little, azazel would always tell him that his performance lacked the feeling of love, so he wants to fall in love to know what 'love' feels like.


i was surprised by reijis winder why they treat each other like brothers.i thought to myself

i couldnt help but to reiji act like now somehow made me happy as well

he seems enjoying talking abiut gabriel...

''azazel was three year ilder than a kid he always look up to his brother and were very close''

life was better back then''reijimin whispered and a saddend look came across his face


azazel adores his brother so much and the three of is both raised at the roseblade mansion.despite us being complete strager.gabriels family treated us like family .i if i hate it but deep doqn ibside i was grateful towards them

gabriel on the other hand worship his older brother for being strobg and a great fighter however things suddenlt chabged dragastically after lady isabela went ill''

gabrirl would stay at her.mother rooms for hours talking about how he beat up other kids at school who is a bully and saying he is a hero like his brither azazel

because gabriel wants to be like azazel.strong and righteous which lady isabella is happy about

did you know that lady isabella woyld carry gabriel to his room eveyday?because gabriel has a habit of sleeping anywhere.she would often feed gabriel french macaroons to make him happy

macaroon?''i got surpised after what i hearx the memory of that time where i got able to talk to gabriel is when i hand him the macaroon which is supposed to be for yahiro

''thats right''reiji responded

and then the day came where gabriels mom because terrible sick.master gerald couldbt afford his wife to suffee thats why he was never their during that time

weak and fraigle in the hospital bed.gabriel was sitting beside.her.moms bed talking,cheerfully about how he beat up kids bigger and stronger than him

and lady isabela.peaised gabriel for that

''reiji...''i whispred

huh?why am i sad?hahahahahh''reiji made a fake laugh and sigh

i was stabding at the door.gabriel and i was too young back then and dont dobt ubderstand whats goibg on

i can still remember the concersation they had before

''after lady isablla died.azazel.move as an forhn stident to other coubtry but gabeiel doesnt want him to go

he cried morning and night but azazel made gabriel hate him''

''by saying crying is only for weak people ''ever since that day...i never saw gabriel cried''reiji said and sigh

''but you see katarina...i understand qhy habriel act like that towrads azazel...after all azazel left gabriel''

''all azazels responsibilty for the family was poured all to gabriel i. sich a young age and habriel had waitied for him for seven years and azazel never showed up to him

until now azszel.never.explained to habriel but a far..i guess.thats just how he he show his love''

''now i het it....gabriel only.had reiji''i.thought to myself

youve.always been by gabriel.side so.i guess a big brither to hin as well''

you.think so?''reiji giggled

what a coincidebce

it just so happenws that i had torun some errads

when you giubg to nake some kind of lerverted phine call

i can call from wheberever i wabt

angway what are you doing here?go away and leave


then im leaving

''youre not going anywhere nikki''saying that i leap on to nicol until we both out of balance and fall into the group

ehsim sorry nicol...are you hurt?

he glared at me''you see...i just want to talk to you so please talk to me''i said as i blusehd so hard in shame

he sttod up

i have to asked is now or necer

''why did you leave me nicol?''

i got reason thats why i left

''any problem?''saying that.nicol leaned on the book slidinv down and sat on the carpeted floor

10 years ago i aas hospitalized ''he said in the normal tone staring at space''because i had desease in my throat''

my eyes widened of what ive heard.the condersation i had with secindra when we were looing for nicol flash in my mind

''nicol carlyon had deases in his throat that precent him from singing

i look down ...secondra was right....

''obly on wednesat the scary nurse had a day off so i always escape in that day abd composed music in the beach

i hace alqays loced writing music and singing ever since i qas little but since i got hostitalized i was told that i cabt sing anymore

so i conceyed my own grufge against that by composinf writw large notes in the sand on the beach

and play it on the violin and them catherine

since i heard you sing i thought i had finally found that voice i lost


after i sang with yiu i got trasfered to the hospital in another citt

but i wanted you to still sing that melody until the wns so i escape obe day and write that

i covered my mouth hearung it from bicol

ive always wanted conposed sings that i wanted catherine to singe for me

she would play violin with me eceb tho she wasnt playing it for me

when i heard you play the violib in tbe first time i.was extremly happy that you wete still playing like you always do

i.thoight you starting to hate music

thats why i stoll want yiu to keep playing im sorry for leaving you back then katarina

i stood up lowing my head down as i hair covered my bangs

the one who should be apologizing is me nicol

the whole reason why nicol cant sing in the first place was bexause of me...

if he hadbt sang for me 10 years ago the might have been able to sing agin

thats reight...week after we sanf together

nicol had dispaeeaed

hus coice which is cuttung through

hus breath

he trys to sing

but his voice would just turn into bubnle like it wound vanised ibti thib wae