Chapter 54:

you found me

love sick delinquent

my ears the sound is pulling me

the sound is telling me to sing with it

im sure that it wont be able to mind what i did but i qdt to burry of of ril

thats wasnt yor

and besides if its really yana

she her...she wount run straight at me

so it wasnt her

but ill sing thats the only connection yana and i have

wait...hiro?why did you stop?

i saw a boy.staring at me

mischotic kitten?



wheres nicol?

sorry katarina.nicol had left



whats wrong katarina

youre running out of breath

i was wobdering why you didnt show up to afternoon practice

and you didnt contact ne at all even euphimia and the others didbt hear anything from you either

vurvrheycsisnt rhink anything was wrong abd just laugh

but i just so worried

after that euphia told me the mumber ivhad of yors as actually.wrong

i cough

hold it are you okay?

i thought something happened just like teb years ago

i got scared...rrally scared


let me see your face

how beautifl

im glad youre all right

your hair is all over your place

and your dress crimbled up

youre sweating

and its all for my sake jist fot the sake of seeinh me

i have something to talk to you about do you hace a second

im hlad i was

listen this is the most amazingly shocking news evee

i found someone who might be yor

the girl is a band vocalist do you know yor is a singer?

i thought nocol would be happy for me this time

i.dobt want that

forget it

nicol whats wrong


i still dont liow that


i habe enough rooms

then,how about lets sleep in the same room katarina''reiji said as he wrapped his arms around my neck and pulling me close to him

huh?um...okay''i said witj my face boiling red with embarashmebt as he keep clinging

im too shy to reiects reiji lind offer

quit fooling around joker!''gabriel yelled and grab my arms away from reiji

it was just a joke!

your joke doesnt sound like a joke at all''

then how bout staying with me kyashi?


thats enoughs''cecilion step out and gebtly pulled ne away from gabrirl''what was wrong wigh you two?stop inviting katarina katarina to share the room like shes candy

cecilion leaned close to me''how about you sleep with me katarina''whispered in my eyes

''katarina is a girl!so i will not going to hand her to animals like you''

i giggle

seems like everyone is having fun.

thats what i thought when i saw nicols sittinf on the cpich staring at the moon outside the glass wall as yahiro sitting in the carpet reading some books

sir glen on the other hand was sleeping on the carpeted floor with pillows around him

thats right...i havent talk to yahiro ever since we got here.i.wonder whats gotten to him.hes not with his usial self today.i wobder if hes okay