Chapter 18:

The Isekai Protagonist!

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Damn it, the explosion area wasn’t that small, Damian thought. He was thrown up by Takeshi’s suicide bombing, but the other demonstrators were safe because they had retreated.

Damian stood up and observed the palace front door. He saw that Tigre was running to a room in the palace, and Xerxes’ men and the bipedal robots were demolished. Your sacrifice wasn’t meaningless, Takeshi.

“POMF POMF,” that notification came from Damian’s smartphone. He took a call and heard Easton's voice.

“Da-Damian, cancel the operation! The anarchy is out of control!” Easton said.

IT IS anarchy, God damn it! Of course, it will be out of control! This man is really careless! Damian then replied, “Dr. Easton, calm down. We have to confirm first that the foreign prime minister turns tail.”

“Huh? Who is Dr. Easton? I’m Takeshi Schaffer, Damian Gabriel!”

Right, we need to hide our identity and blame others! Damian said, “Oh, right, sorry, Takeshi. The foreign prime minister is in the presidential palace, right?”

“Yes, Xerxes Schaffer and Gabriel must have been there too.”

Damian noticed a helicopter that was taking off, and he saw a man in a military uniform below the helicopter.

The man was in his 40s, and his height was 169 cm. He had broad shoulders, so he wasn’t skinny, but he also was not fat. He noticed Damian and glared at Damian.

“Xerxes. I see him. I think the foreign prime minister is running away with that helicopter,” Damian said.

“Oh, then let’s stop this operation,” Easton said and closed the call.

Damian then heard a woman’s voice, “I will kill you this time, MAOU!”

Damian turned around and saw a woman in her 20s who was landing near the palace gate. She had two airplane wings that were attached to her back. Those wings had some rocket combustion chambers on their bottom parts.

The woman wore white stockings, a red short skirt, a red shirt with a hole on top of her cleavage, brown leather gloves, and a blue leather short jacket. She had golden eyes and long orange hair with a lace braided bun. She also held a two-handed sword in her right hand.

She pointed her large two-handed sword at Damian and shouted, “Wagahai wa (means ‘I am’ in Japanese) Serena Smithys-ex! If you don’t want to bring peace to this world, I will fight you, MAOU!”

“Smithys-ex? Do you mean, Smithy-sex?” Damian asked.

Damare (means ‘shut up’ in Japanese)! Don’t tarnish my father’s name! He was a HERO!”

What’s going on with this chuuni b*tch?

“System Check,” Serena said. Then with a robotic voice, Serena said, “The 6th ultimate cyborg, version 1.0.0, codename: the Super Isekai Protagonist.”

An isekai protagonist? Are you kidding me?! Damian thought. Someone must have messed up her memory!

“ACCEL!” Serena shouted, and suddenly, she was one meter from Damian already!


WHAT THE F*CK. Damian was pushed down on his back by Serena’s sword. Oddly, her sword wasn’t sharp, but it was figuratively thick as her thighs.


Before Damian hit the ground, Serena hit Damian’s stomach with her left knee, so Damian was levitated.

Hayai (means "quick" in Japanese)! Damian thought.

Serena swung her sword and hit Damian’s chest, twice. Thus Damian crossed his arms in front of his chest, but Serena spun and kicked hard Damian’s arms with her sword and right leg.


Damian was thrown away, and he made a crack in the palace’s wall. He fell, and his butt hit the ground.


WHAT THE F*CK, Damian thought and tilted his head, after Serena threw her sword at Damian’s head. I almost died.

Damian stood up and pulled out Serena’s two-handed sword. He then ran toward Serena.

“ACCEL!” Serena shouted and ran toward Damian. Five drones approached Serena. One drone brought boxing gloves, another drone brought a whip, and the rest brought short swords.

Two drones dropped their short swords. Then Serena took one sword and threw it at Damian. Serena also took the other sword and threw it at Damian.


One sword ripped Damian’s right sleeve, but Damian blocked the other sword with his two-handed sword. Damn it, she is too fast. Why did I make other cyborgs stronger than me?! Or did someone nerf the design for me?!

One drone dropped the whip, and Serena caught the whip with her right hand. Then she used that whip to wrap Damian’s sword.

No, this is MINE!

Serena seized Damian’s sword, released her whip, and caught the sword with her left hand. Then she threw the sword up and caught it with her right hand.


Damian hit the ground again when Serena swung her sword and hit Damian’s back. Serena shouted, “How does it feel when you put your head lower than my knees, MAOU?”

“I’m not MAOU! I’m Damian!” Damian replied.

Serena passed her two-handed sword to a drone, and another drone dropped a short sword near her. She held the short sword with her right hand and threw Damian up with her left hand.


Serena thrust Damian’s chest with her sword, and then she flew toward a tall building.

Damian held Serena’s sword with his hands and said, “Hey, I was just doing a protest! I don’t deserve to die!”

“Whatever you do, I know you are up to no good, MAOU!” Serena shouted.

“As I said, I’m NOT Maou! I’m Damian!”


Oh, for the love of- This chuuni is a b*tch!


Serena broke the tall building’s window with Damian’s body. Damian’s back hit a chair, a table, a dildo, a PC, and everything inside that building.

Serena kept thrusting Damian and made a hole in a wall. Damian turned his head and saw a man with their mouth open. Damian noticed that the man put their shoes and pants a bit far from their feet.

Why are you m*sturbating in broad daylight?! You will be tired and cannot work properly!


Serena broke the building’s window on the other side. She pulled out her sword and pushed down Damian with her left hand.

Sh*t, sh*t! Damian used his processor to call his Magical Broom. A broom with four fans attached to its handle was flying fast toward Damian, so the broom was not magical, but because the broom was made by the Super Magician Girl’s ability, Damian called it Magical for no reason!

Yes, Damian made some stuff related to magic by relying on Hikari’s processor and memory. There was a propulsion system in the broom head, so the broom could fly forward.

The broom reached Damian, and Damian grabbed it with his right hand. He then put the broom’s handle between his legs and put down his groin to ride the broom.

“AUUUUUU!” Damian screamed because he felt hurt when the broom hit his groin. Damn it! How can witches ride a broom in this position?! Doesn’t this position hurt as hell?!

Damian swung the broom away from his groin, and he tried to treat the broom as a bench and sit on it. So, this time Damian didn’t put the broom between his legs, but he put the broom on the bottom of his butt.

However, Damian lost his balance and rotated around the broom. Flying with a broom is f*cking impossible!

“Aaaaaaaaaargh!” Damian rotated fast toward a wall near the ground, like a hawk that was swooping down to catch its prey.


The broom hit the wall, and Damian rolled to the ground. Damn it, what the f*ck did you make, Ms. Hikari?! The broom wasn’t working at all!

Damian took a Magical Surgery Card from his jacket. I don’t have many mosquitos left, but those can inject Dr. Easton’s poisonous fluid. However, Serena is aggressive, and she can move faster than those mosquitos. I have to create an opening.

Serena landed near Damian. She lifted her sword uprightly and shouted: “A HERO never compromises!

A HERO is never afraid!

A HERO never loses!

The HERO’s real power is the friends they made along the way!

Super Syntax: NAKAMA!”

A drone that brought a music box played an epic BGM!

Then a stealth aircraft flew to Serena. When that aircraft was near Serena, it changed its form and became a large humanoid! “I’M MEIER!” the humanoid said.

A truck trailer moved fast toward Serena, and when that truck was near Serena, it also changed its form and became a large humanoid! “My name is Pierce,” the humanoid said.

What the hell? Trensformers?! Damian thought.

Three Tusla Cyber trucks also approached fast toward Serena and then changed their form.




Why do I have to suffer? Why? How am I supposed to beat them?! I HATE AN OP ISEKAI PROTAGONIST!

Serena turned her head left and right to check her humanoid friends. She then shouted, “Now, my friends, UNITE!”

Oh, God...

The humanoids were changing their form again and trying to be 100 meters humanoid! However, Serena got down on her knees, and the humanoids fell.

“Ugh, what-what happens to me?” Serena said.

Damian turned around and said, “You are already…”

“Ugh, ugh…” Serena held her neck, and her body was going down. She was poisoned.

“…shindeiru (means 'dead' in Japanese).”


Serena hit the ground and lost consciousness. Damian walked to Serena, smirked, and said, “You have fancy abilities, Ms. Serena. Let me have your brain.”

Damian made a hole in Serena’s skull with his Magical Surgery Card and took Serena’s memory and processor. Then he hid in a dumpster and put Serena’s memory and processor onto his motherboard.

Some memories probably cannot be recovered, like Ms. Hikari’s memories, but I hope I can have some useful memories from Serena.

Then Damian closed his eyes and began to see Serena’s memories as if he was dreaming about them.

Hungry Sheep