Chapter 52:

first date

love sick delinquent

im sorrt

for what?

if.i hadnt went put to meet reiji,ibwouldbt hace abduct anf reiji wont be distracted amd you dont have to deal with the poison

and most of all,you and reiji wouldnt have have a fihht.

its all my fault

i did it because i want wasnt your fault

this subday..lets gp out you and me

we wil hoing out to have a date?

ive been imagining all eomantic things we could if we ever went out on a date

we could get lunch,go to cafe go shoppinv together

i lobe shopping for shoes and watch or maybe we can play on arcade

that woyld be appropriate right

but id really lobe to go to a chocolate store and do fun things qith you

i happily agreed with gabriel


sunday morning

oh hace a date?

im going out with a friend?

is that yahirp?the boy with mismatched eye color?

you dont know.him yet mom''

thats why tell ne who is it''mom said and suddenly our conversation was interupted when the door bell rang

''im comingh'mom said and hurriedly rush to open the door

when mom opebed it gabriel.was already standing infront of the door and mom let him in

you must be kyashis mom?how are you?im gabriel roseblade katarinas svhholmate

oh my hes so adorable''mom said as she touch gabriels cheeks''aw what a beautiful soft spoken boy''

''are you a foreinger?

were late lets go

we will take pur leave bic to meet you maam

all right take care

gabriel?im sorry about mom...did she scared you?

no she welcomed me with opened arms

you look different today

why is it?

i dont kniw.maybe im just not used to see you not wearing our school uniform

my it weird?

no its cute..infact you look like a fine young man

i was afraid i mihht have keep you wainf so i was  in a hurry to get something to wear and this is what i got

where do you want to go?i dobt know

how about you?

i dobt know e..anywhere is fine as long as im with you


aw what a pain...this is awkward

gabriel seems not in his usal self today

should i think of something to talk about?should i break this silebce?

katariba?this is my first time giing out woth a girl thats why if youre bored..i would understand''gabriel said with a wprroed look on his face but i head with a smile''i just like being with gabriel''

suddenly,he stared with his eyes shines like emerald unfer the sun, with a blank look on his face as wind cherased his hair

i think i want to fall inlove with you um i acn hold my own case dont worry about it.its only natural to carry things for a princess i mean for a lady

can you say it?

maybe it wasnt love?


what are you doing?

i thought youre pracising

she was pracising you know

then why is she with you?

yahiro you see

what exacltly is  love?

my music needs love