Chapter 1:

Alissa Enters The Game


They called it war chalk, a specialized means of notifying other hackers whether certain places were hostile to open connectivity.

An underground sub culture, the under ground world of cracks in the walls. She had heard about things in her young years, however do to her aching legs as she wore her Bostons out in the world, she never braved herself to venture herself far into the technological wilds. She had been a portly child, not much smaller than a balloon. She would bounce up, up, and up as she went up, down, up, and down again over, over, and over the hills and rolling downwards. Full stop, the British English phrase applied to the city lights. Alissa the gamer, Alissa the hacker. Alissa the loser of the world, and armed only with pepper spray was attacked by boys with switch blades. But today would not be that day, and she ran, ran, ran, and slowed down to a walk.

She was pinned down by the boy.

-- So you thought you could get away from me, he said. He pointed at her menacingly.

-- Bye now, road kill. Alissa said.

-- What did you--

But before he could finish he was ran over by the train, herself barely missing the hit. He was pulverized, his parents mourning. Her parents were furious, and paddled her for losing her right hand.

But she didn't need it.

She was a lefty. And this lefty who hid her smoking habits from her parents, despite being thirteen was the only way to cope with the bullshit called life. She had gotten into rogue likes on a whim, after watching movies about alien invasions. But she became bored with speculative fiction, she wanted to live her own personal fiction, as her own alternate ego. She wanted to become part of the digital life.

Her life, her story.

At night she programs minor programs after school classes, writing class in Ruby for different kinds of functionalities, Super Bin being the latest program.

Designed to target specific programs, then write over these for twelve circles using a random algorithm, so that the more one write over a specific file the more expensive it becomes to completely recover a document, program, or image. You can use such functionality within the scope of War Chalk scanners, scanning for various open network ports within the city. She goes to the city to walk by a specific chain restaurant, marking it with a closed nodal connection to warn other hackers. This way those more experienced with breaking into connections, with more experience under their belt, can break into networks.

Alissa prefers to write minor viruses not affiliated with the inter webs, because of suddenly the web of social networking were to completely get sizzled over night, she can still spread viruses through earning the trust of various people in the real life, and sneaking onto their computer to various programs Ruby and Batch files:

SET a1=A

SET a2=L

SET a3=I

SET a4=S

SET a5=S

SET a6=A

ECHO %a1% %a5% %a3% %a2% %a6% %a4%


She had been hesitant to learn Batch programming. She was unsure how closely Batch was to C++ programming. She wanted to program a virus that turned her entire computer into a rogue like game.

Yet as she applied the code, her computer didn't shut down. She expecting her computer to just fart out dead, and she would have to turn it back on, but instead found herself pulled into a world of wired fairies, dragons, and other creatures in ASCII text. She fought in various classes in the science fantasy setting, whether that was a dragon depicted as a D, or a Wivern as a W, and so on. She walked through various dungeons, until falling for the first time. Yet she was caught by a young cyborg knight.

-- This isn't like most Rogue like games you know.

-- I thought some games didn't have an info dumper. Said Alissa.

-- Alissa, if that's your name. This is not a game. We are in grave danger. The cyborg night girl jerked her by the wrist, and gave her deck. Alissa injected a batch file that turned the dragon into weasel. She thought shot the weasel with her in game cross bow, and the battle was over.

-- What did you do?

-- I injected a virus that turned it into another monster to make it easier to kill, tweaking the code.

To the night, the girl seemed like she was pulling things out of thin air, but she knew that this was merely a game. Or so she thought. But she found herself unable to close the game. And when she fell, she bled. She wore a bandits hood on her head that ripped on the sharp rocks. With her two little wooden shoes, she found it difficult to walk at first. But eventually was able to pull herself back up. Unable to balance, she almost fell. Held up straight by the knight depicted as a K, she collapsed into his her embrace.

-- Most realistic game ever.

-- You are not in a game.


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