Chapter 21:

The Boy Who Made Stone Toads

Sarette's Reve De Mort: And Other Stories

-- Can you at least turn me into a larger frog? Asked the girl wondering where her friends listed sister had gone. She had found a small closet door within the larger closet, and the previous night she had dreamed that the brother had ax murdered his sister in his sleep.Bookmark here

-- How do I know you wont tell the world where our hideout is?Bookmark here

-- You have my word, OK?Bookmark here

At this point she simply wanted to become a larger frog, so she could easily leave the room, and then go back to being human again, or at least more human than she was. However the friends that surrounded her wanted her to stay in the room with them, because they wanted a pet frog to play them, and possibly eat.Bookmark here

Eventually the boy relents, and she is able to leave the room. In this process she turns back into human, while carrying the boy's older brother who had been turned to stone by his younger brother's spoiled behavior. Finally she was able to put the pieces about what happened. None of the friends acknowledged that they even had a little sister, and looked at her as if she was part of some sinister game they played. But the small group had increasingly grown cult like behavior over the last few months. Now she simply needed to remember enough to tell the police her story.Bookmark here

At the station, she told them everything. Even the place where they had the little sister. She speculative that the reason the children played this game was do to lack of attention by their parents. The older brother was sitting beside her, still being largely stoned, but at least he wasn't completely a Grey rock.Bookmark here

-- So your telling me the younger brother turns people into animals and shiny stones, whenever people upset him?Bookmark here

-- Yes, especially when you point out his bad behavior.Bookmark here

It took upwards of an hour to convince them to open an investigation. But eventually they were let go. Both them decided it would probably be safer to rent a room in a hotel tonight.Bookmark here

The next morning, the house was surrounded by swat police, and the boy was taken to the station in order to have his abilities investigated. The rest of group wanted to follow him, but were told that he was going so place far away. But the woman who visited the boy knew, he would not be returning home for a very long time.Bookmark here

Not until he controlled his temper, and maybe not even then. Because the military may well have a use for such a boy, for whom if they could simply be used by the state, then maybe someday he could turn bank robbers into frogs, and other things. The state had grown increasingly larger ever sense it was one of the few parts of the United States that wasn't stuck in the middle ages, or any other period of history. The older brother of his girlfriend were just glad they made it through.Bookmark here

So they could go back to their old life.Bookmark here

And people lost in the wind.Bookmark here

She had thought she'd seen everything, however there was a time when she used to visit a museum, where those who worked out there had their own apartments, and different malls and swimming pools to entertain oneself with.Bookmark here

For her, it was no different from walking through a door where the insides were filled with knights with laser beams, and outside was a rustic Roman themed platformer game, where each enemy that she would fight resembled cyborgs of legionaries, with their segmented plated armor and thrusting swords, called the gladius. And each time she would exit the room, she would be stuck in the mall, on top of the skyscraper sky, watching unmanned helicopter drones carry goods from online retail outlets. It was only a matter of time before she'd befriend someone who ax murdered their sister. Among other things, given his personality.Bookmark here

Now she walked her black plastic birkenstocks across a blend of the web of various strip malls, because they were shaped like a strip, and not because prostitutes would strip there. Outside the city, women were getting their head whacked off with headsman's block riding horses and buggies to their execution, so she supposed living in the city was somewhat of a better experience.Bookmark here

But she couldn't escape the feeling of time effecting the world differently depending on the part of the US you were in.Bookmark here

Being turned into a frog was somewhat better.Bookmark here

Even if it wasn't ideal. And all the dirty swimming pools that came with city living. The sunlight from the dome glimmered on the muddy water. She could never imagine herself swimming in it, but apparently people do, the same people that would build tree houses on sky scrapers, and eat at ice cream parlors on the roof.Bookmark here

She thought of beheaded women.Bookmark here

Found herself becoming hard.Bookmark here

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