Chapter 18:

the odd meeting

love sick delinquent

are you looking for something?”i asked as i noticed him approaching me

huh?you said you want to see me?he said as he waved a piece of paper on his hands which i cant read clearly"that's why i came here to see you

my eyes narrowed into slits as i watched him approaching

i had a bad feelings about this"Sorry but it seems like you you got it all wrong

im just went here because im looking for something not someone

i can see a confused look on his face as he stared at me"but you left a message inside my locker saying you want to see ad introduce mysekf and thank you to the gify i had given to yo

a realization dawned on me.i didn't get it at firdt but now i eyes widened in disbelf

im sorry but dont really have idea what your talking about that

eve since yo hot transferred ere,i always want to introduce myself t you"he said as he made few steps close to me"i step backwards away from them

i want to run away but my legs are trembling "i always watch you from afar,every breath you take every move you make ill always watching you

sometimes i wondered what it feels like tasting your lips

stay away from me"!i yelled

he smiled evil which enough to sent chills down my spines

his brown eyes gleamed wit lust fyl joy as he stared at my lips as

suddenly he grab my arms.i tried my best to get away from his grp but hes too strong

the more i struggle the more it it hurts me

is that how you thank your secret admirer

i like amazon girls hehe now i lkike you even more

someone please help me!i wanted to cry for gelp but immediately covered my mouth and whispered something in my ear

shh be quite"i thought you want to get to know me ven more you ever tried to yell i might just drown you in that pond

he run his fingers on my cheeks

i opened my eyes to see the guy was nil longer to be seen and i was completely out from his grp

i saw him on the ground as i saw i foot stepping from his back

why does this scene seems so familiar

"yo Masochistic Kitten"

he tried to sood up but rindou kick him hard on ground

thank god he arrived just in time

my legs are shaking

i can feel my body tremblong...what was just happned

sorry if i didnt acct to soon"rindou said proudly as he waved his phone around"i waited for him to make his move.i was recording a video of his attemp on you

i rised nt head slightly and stared at his "youre here all them time?

he pointed a bush near the pond"yeah i waited in that bush watching an owesime shoot

if he saw you alone here,he would lower is guard and take advantage of the situation.and it worked

i g;ared at rindou my shaking fist clenched as i felt the urge to punch that guy in the face

he was ere all the time and didn't help me

you bastard"i muttered grinding mt ave evidence against that buffin

you won't bothered”he said proudly”don't worry about him we now”

He did it again…he once again used me as a bait.i could no longer hold on my anger and slammo him on his face

Is this how you say thank you?if yes you're welcome'

i gritted my teeth with anger as i count help but to cry

he doesn't deserve to see my tears

you have no idea what you've put me through today

i told hi9m,my voice was fierce bur wobbly

you lied to me and used me as a bait to lure out that creepy guy and i dont know whos the most scumbag of you twot

''the end justsified the means katarina''

still i cabt squeal the rage boiling throigh my body.before i could slap rinou i chose to stand up from the ground and walk pass through him

i suddenly remembered the first time we met each other that day,i realized that crossing path with him was the worst mistake i ever made

''curse the day you tried to rob me ribou!''i yelled and stomp on the ground when suddenly i felt someone grab my hands from behind

''id like to say sorry''he said''what i did was wrong''

i cant do anything if you chose not to accept my apologize''he shrugged his shoulders''i jist felt compelled that i need to say the magic word''

compelled?so you're just saying sorry because you feel like you needs to?''

but that's what people di dobt they?if they done something wrong then they have to say sorry

if you did something wrong you hace to say sorry but it should be genuine'

i thought you bees to say sorry for that you can do another mistake to someone you know or to your friend

saying thank yoy''you're expressing your gratitude to someone so that yiu can aked them favors.this is new to me really''

i turned away from him and starting to walk away.completely ignoring whatever he said

''waith'he gently called out and run towards me blocking my way''here please take it''he said as he reached put my hand and hand over something

i stated to see what it was abd to my surprise....its the same earring shannon had show to me earlier''is this?.....''i whispered as i stared at ribdous face in disbelief

''i-ts not that i care or or anything okay!''he said as he tried to avert his gaze''it just happened that i walk pass by and couldn't help but to hear the conversation when youre talking to youre friend so i decided to look for it at the pond''

i smiled at rindou and wrapped my arma around his neck''now shannon will help me practice''

''too close !''he said irrately and i noticed his face turbs red''ah i'm sorry rindou..i just cant belief you ent all the troubles for me''

woah talk about mood swings''he said as he crossed his arms as he averted his gaze ''after i swam into that stinky pond i noticed that dogface guy you're talking too earlier ''he said which caight my attention

I looked up and met his eyes and my face flushed about as red as i saw hes really serious''i don't know but the letter he shows you seems like he's telling the truth ''

well,it was coincidence tho...shannon told me that her earings was drop on the pond but i never send a letter to him about meeting me at the pond

''well then someone must have set you up''

i went silent for a moment...rindou have a point but i don't have any enemy in the who would do such things

''anyways think of this as my way of saying sorry about what happened''My face lit up to what rindou said as he looked at me “oh you still save me so it's fine

that's not what i mean dummy!”he yelled His mouth was slightly open and his soaking wet shirt half unbuttoned as he stared at me.''about that time when we first saw each other?i tried to robbed you back really sorry ''he seems sincere this time

i stared at his face with water dripping from his forehead .Even his uniform is all wet.he must have jumped off the pobd to get this.

shannon mentioned the pond is deep.i can't belief rindou would do such thing for me…is he really that sincere ?i shook my head''no thank you rindou''i said with a smile on my face and took a handkerchief in my pocket''i know this is not much but please take it

''huh?i don't need it knucklehead''he said as he gently reach out the handkerchief from my head''now go away!i'll go get some dry clothes''last thing he said before he sprinting away

It was when I heard the faint sound of a violin playing it sounds just like a beautiful sunset....its making my heart warm it's making me relieved its like notes are gently engulfing meit

is must have been nicol..thats right...the picnic.i have to asked him to join

I walked down the corridor looking for the source of sound.

la la lala la la la

i couldbt help but to sing and hum so happy i got that conversation with yahiro

i carefulllt twist the knob open and to my surprised

nicols poker face met me

''i will not going to that picnic or anywhere''he said and slammed the door shut

''arrogant nicol! ''i said and kick the door

''i can hear you''he said and i hot ceibg