Chapter 55:

mystery revealed

love sick delinquent

youre.looking for something?for someone perhaps

wheres yahiro?

yahiro smiled with a gentle expressio.

yahrip.had completely disapear

wait where did he go

yahiro?where aee you


where did he go

as i look aroubd the house shel in search of yahiro

you cabt do that

i heard voicew from the room

oh''that voice...its.from yahiro

when i realiazed that ut qas yahiro voice i ha

the doors unlocked?

then i into the door

yor?is that really you?

are you surprised dad?!

yeah apple.of your eye

the words.l former reownee piano prodigy,yor paxley

yahiro and a.middle aged man was talking inside

but what brungs you here?

yahiro is holding a sharp.pointed object.

then a swiss.knife the man

it.sliced past his cheeks and a single strand of blood poures our shortly after

my eyes eidded in hock for what yahiro did as i mouth trying not to make any noises

let rindou go

you what?

listen ,you do that agaij and ill let them free again anytime

ir maybe i should just save my self from the triuble

with that yahito took something from his pocket

us a glintinh knife

no yahirp you cabt !''i lyeeled and leaped into the room ans throw.myarms around yahirp

katarina get of me''yahiro said as he grotted his teeth trying to scape from my grip

you caby hurt people yahiro!

hey didnt you hear something from.the boss room

the others are.coming

lets go this way''yahiro pulled me into to.him by my had

''im not goingbto.let you kniw what kibd if kab i am oldobt you yahiro?

with a terrifung smile''the said boss pulled a gun from his pocket

go get them!''i could get the angry boss voice and multiple set of footsteps behind us

without looking bacj,yahiro and i leaped through the window and escape from the mansion

look theyre coming after us''i said as i look behind be with yahirp dragging me away from them

weve going to hace to hinder them with force as we run


no need to look destresidd i wont hurt them

they are over ther

thens no end to them..dont you hace jobs to do

yahiro run towards them and kick the pursuers

his fighting skill is kind off similar to.rindou....

woah hes strong

yahiro notice a guy running towards me but he hurridely catch slammed the man into a wall without any remorse as he glanced to me

now''he said as he reached out and hand and once again we started running away

we made it to an alley qqay abd hid behind the woodeen barrels

im really sorry forbdragging you.into.this katarina''

whats going on here?please fill me in

theres too much i dobt know about you''i said as i staref into his deep eyes''who are you really yahiro''

ibwant to believe in yoi but''i.was cut off by losud footsteps.heading our way

the,yahiro put his hand on this forehead

i.think.i.should now