Chapter 44:

reminiscing the past and forgotten promises

love sick delinquent

it still so foggy

whats going on?is this an illusion?perhaps a dream?

this time i heard the voice loud and clear and look tpwards the source

i saw a little girl...its me ten years ago

i saw myself sitting crouched under the tree wupping ans sobbing infront of me was a violin

that must be the time i got bullied and

dont cry''i thought to myself

jist then

youre that girl next door arent you?and why are you crying?what aee you?cru baby?''said the girl who seems like around my age back then wearing a like.doll dress'''

it was sayuri who approached me

''your music,it reached me''she said as she reached out and held my hand''lets make a promise together'

''a promise?''

''ill never leave you alone..i wont make you sad but in return play violin for me''


sayuris the name''she added as she smiled at me

she had two different eye color trabquil and as cool as twighhligt ...shining like jewel in daylight

''comeone lets go''

:hno i dont want to go!mom is not home no ones waiting for ne'h

its all right.ill stay with you until you fall asleep

you will?

yeah what ever

yor...thank yiu

look?the dog awas tied in that post ubder the hot sun

i have help that doggy

what are you?idot stop it katarina

and whin a blink sayuri and i were being chased my a dog but i was too slow to run i was about to get leap by the dog lickyly yor mangae to kick the dog away from ne

are you okay?

im fine

but your legs bleeding

thats all my fault

the only thing that mayters is that youre not hurt''she spoke up abd wip the tears off my face


from now on im hoing to protect you

why are yoy being so nice to me

its what i want to do.because i love you so much

i loveyou too yor

thabks but i think your lice is alittle differebt from mine


someday ill tell you about the differentce

this...isnt an illusion or dream this....all from my mentory

a memory if me and sayuri

the sceney quine and chanfe within the waving landscape the menory of me and yir ditordetd gebtly

the fog as if it weas a creen

the memories i had ling forgotteb came back as vivid as the very day it happebe

i saw my seven year old self and yor in the living room

she was sitting infromyt of the piano while i was holding a violin beside him

i was watching her playing piabo and suddenly stoped abd glance at me with a serious look in her face

those eyes....very similar to yahiro

katarina lets go to saint palantine together

then suddenly the scenery in our living room vanished abd saw myself stabding on the woods

hey sayuri lets climb tress

why are you so wild? i cant take my eyes for you foe a second

and theb i saw another memory of me and sayuri under the moonlight infront our

hey yor sing something for me!

got get some sleep will you''she yelled her window

then i saw sayuri and i wearing an elementary uniform

.lets race back to the house

lets play piano tpgether!

i wish we cpuld play music like this forecer

ill sing something for yiu

the voice from my head were laighing

why have i forgotten all of this?i had so many wonderful memories

a strong wind started ti blre all the momorues were carried away with it

i tried ti shout but nothing i can do all i could do is nothing but watch as the fog and my memory wee.washed aqat

everything fades to darkness

hiw beaitifyl!i look round and saw pur seveb year old selves on the highland at the beach side looking the sea and the city lights below us


just then ,sayuri gebtly took my hands

whats.wrong sayuri

i hace something to say to you

lets make a promise that we will meet again someday

lets get married

even though youre a girl?

the nexttime we meet ill be a boy

i dont gwt it but okay because i lice you

thabk yiu that will be our primise

but what do you mean well be meeting ahain somethiday

hey sayuri look so sad

my fatgers job is all finsih here

iyr family qas in huge dept so my dat will hace to take the job somehwere far wat


si we hace to to to a different coubtry in eest now

what are you saying

i cant stay in the city anymore

yor.stop talking and clebch her fist

were leaceinf

bo dobt go

i kbow this is painful ti ne

bi yor you promised well be together

i knoe this is not easy

liar we just made that promise abd now youre ruininf everything

no more prmosed with you

you dont beeak promised to a friend!


i hate you yor

i wanted to becme somone strong so that i could protect you from crying

if we met again i promise i wobt leave ''with that your started singing

i listend to t syill held fimly in yors arms passit out

everything was cpcered in darkbess but i suddebly heard a voice

this is the best..if you forget me you wont hace to cry

you can lice without this painful memoryoes

farewell katarina

the farkenss started fading away

no!if this is a dream i dobt want to wake up yet

i opebd my eyes and saw ny self on my bed as i hlaced putside my window tears fell down from my cheeks

abd now...i nsrmight have felt....

i lay down back in my bed.everything in my room was dark and its rainibg hard outside

i pray that someday!they will come shing down with your laufhter

and once again i saw somethibg straight to my eyes

aa if bostalgia was over me

it was written in the sand

''may in 10 years,our path wil cross again,ill tell you how desperately im in loce with you,tell then please hate me

then i saw a memory of the seceb year old nicol