Chapter 56:

poison words

love sick delinquent

right then,hoeweve the gang members parted on the aises by the wall ams opens a path in the middle

it seems like uoice reach the wnd of the line'' slowly walked down to the open path towards is


qhay are you goinf to do with is?

comn now young lady,no need to look at me like im some villain''saying that,yahirps dad chuckled qith a smirk

now it seems like youvhas rhe wrong idea heryou might think that im the bad giy here ,but i assure yiu that it qasnt the case''he gave me and an exagedate shake of his head and shurged his shouldee

''if you want to know who the real bad guy is well tjay qould be the man next to you

i teeth and sheileded my my body to cover yahiro but the man infront of me just smiled smugly''hea qyites the villain hinself

''that cabt be!ibwont believe you

katarinah'yahiro pauses however ans sisnt finsihe his sentence

o glaced at him feom ny bacm but he turned his eyes aqay feom me

''yahiro yalk to me!''

abs you cant do that,can you yor?

aaying nothing,yahirp kept his eyes on the ground and since i couldbt see his expression my worry only gres

yor paxley is actually yahiro paxleys twin family live in slums for only few years however it made my daughter sick and died from wife couldbt accept it so i force my son to live my daughters life and we move to another country for my job but yeah her mother chose to protect him from the piabo which remibds her of our daugher and both of then run away leaving 

i cant believe you would say that qith a straight face

why were leaving slums when we actually live a luxury life you asked?well,i work as a doctor in that slum back then''

youbmight not qant to talk to me like that.

becaus i dont think yiu indedtand the position youre in

why youvthought ibdidnt know

what are you talking about

ahat did you do to survice aftee you and rindou left the mansion?

we....''yahirp stinded over his words

''you stole food and perfomrs all the maner ceims to surcive

but theres no surprise,your mom dispise your eyes

but listen to me young lady i dont know what you know abour ny son but hes lying

thats enough that

he illegally intered saint palabtine academy eith rinous help

all to steal the hidden treaure that sleeps within its hall isnt that right yahiro?

by the way...rindou is my daughers friend but for some reasob he became friend with ny son

nonsense...all nonses

hats wheb all threafs came together

whats going on''scared to look yahirp.i just look down on groubd but yahirp help reiji by sharing ibfirmation gainst runodu

you never seen a dirt in

thats how the two operates

one of them sneaks into the place and get in around the people and win their yrust

and while the other becimes the bad guy and draw attention

the first ibe grabs the price

thats how yor abd rindou operates or should i say yahiro paxley and rendal paxley

no i cannot believe that,any of it

i expect yahirp to defebd hinself and clear his name

feny all the aligation against him but.instead,he said bithinh and look fiwn with the forllom expressin

that cant be true

everything we had been through ...up until now had been a lie

i haf been betrated

the reality stabbed ne right into ny chest.i saw so devasteated that my ears jist woubt stop

i pity tiy ibe of your wibdeful little school feied..tuend out to be a traitor

but thats what happebe

youce beeb wih by thalis filtt criminal


unwanted words attack me as eeality passed by my eyes

evetthing make sense to me now

how the first time i ever saw was him who lead me to yahirps location...but yahiro back off because he recognize me

and made.rindou the bad guy

i was stupid

yahiro leapes out infrobt if me

they started attackinh him on the ground

yet he stood up and protecying ne behind him

ill promise ill protect you

i tried to move firward to stop then but yahiro just blick ne

please yahiro you dobt hace to do tgus

but i di

yahiro seems tiree abd hurt but still he did not move an inch but keep in attavujg rhe

i cried out with tears in ny eyes hut the noise drown my voice