Chapter 61:


love sick delinquent

i wouldnt go far as calling myself a pianist but yeah i play piano (just average) not violin...but i chose the main character in this story to be a violinist

why you asked?its because in such a young age i fell inlove with a violin the first time i saw one in cartoons, unfortunately, i never really got a chance to learn how to play violin but luckily i got interested in piano when i went to highschool and mom supported me with it and let me have a piano lesson

so,first and foremost,i would like to express my sincere gratitude to the people who trusted me and accepted the flaws of my story here on honeyfeed

words will never be enough to express how grateful i am to everyone who suppprted me in my writing journey

i will never grow tired of saying that i owe you a huge part of this because i was able to finish ''love sick delinquent'' before my class started which is august 5. It was like a gift for myself before i enter college and start the new chapter of my life as a nursing student HAHAHAHA (just sharing lol😂)

moving on,by that time i was writing this i already had finished in my class and got lot of time to spare thats why i manage to wrote this story and i feel really proud of it and even want to share it with everyone but Its really pretty disheartening to put so much time and effort into something, but then within a blink a sudden realization slaps me that the story i had written actually kind of pretty sucks HAHA

my journey on writing this story wasnt easy actually,as for someone who is a first any other cool authors out there But that tends to happen when you're always comparing yourself to the top professionals haha i just noticed theres so many nice stories writen by my other fellow writers here but if theres one thing i learned when i started devote my time in writing this story is that Writing isn't something where you just reach into your heart and something beautiful comes out just like drawing and painting, it's a skill in itself to learn how to express what you have inside

to my mom who gave me the permission to laze around letting me have the time writing this story,i love you mom

to that boy who gave me his word of encouragement and the push i needed to continue writing this story. i would never have done this without you

to that one girl here in honeyfeed who never failed to surprise me with her thoughts and supported me throughout my story.

to those readers who spare their time reading love sick delinquent

im sorry if i wasnt able to live by your expectation

im sorry if i wasnt good enough

i did my best

and once again,with all my heart thank you so much