Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 - Cat and Mouse Games


Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Simon was juggling between his schoolwork and being a magical boy as more attacks started to go in his city. He wondered why and what was going on? He felt it was like he was being led on, but for what? James was there beside him and the more they spent time together, the more Simon fell more in love with him. Though it was getting tiring with Beck’s shenanigans.

He wanted to take this one at a time, but with the constant cat and mouse games, he came to realize it wasn’t easy being a magical boy.

One day on his way back from school, Simon heard bells ring in the city as the local jewelry shop was being robbed. “Huh? What’s going on?” he asked. “I don’t know but you’ll need to transform!” Sweet said. Simon nodded in agreement and went towards the back of the building. He transformed into Love Protector Azure and went to investigate the scene. He realized the store owners were knocked unconscious and Beck was there stealing gems and crystals. “Beck! What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he gasped.

“Why, hello there, Azure. I decided to get these for you,~” the devil man purred as he showed the precious items to the magical boy. “So you have to knock out innocent people just to rob their store? And for the last time, I love James. Can you get that through your head already?”

“Uh, Azure…” Sweet started speaking before Beck interrupted. “If you want these back, you’re going to have to get me then.” The devil horned man smirked and ran out the building, jumping on the roofs and laughing maniacally. Azure flew up on the top of the building and chased after him. “This is getting ridiculous,” he huffed.

“You’ll just have to keep focused, Azure. But I swear, there’s something about him that I can’t wrap my head around,” the little fairy said.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you think it is James?”

Azure stopped for a moment. “...No, it can’t be. He sounds different and his hair is different, too. We can’t be too sure…come on!” He shook the nasty thought out of his head and just kept going after him, bringing out his staff in the meantime. He decided to just fly after him but there was something wrong. Beck wasn’t there. It’s like he got up and left. “What the hell?”

“He was just in front of us, and we still saw him as you stopped,” Sweet said to him. “You think he teleported away?”

“I suppose so, but where?” the magical boy pondered. “Let’s go check on those people at the jewelry shop and make sure they are kept safe until they come back to consciousness.” He jumps back down to the shop. Meanwhile in a dark, gothic castle in an unknown world, Beck walked down the hall as his boots echoed throughout the empty castle. He still had the gems in his bag from the bank. But there was something amiss with the devil horned man. He wasn’t proud of himself like Azure expected him too. In fact, he was far from it.

It was like a facade that he had to put on just to show his ego and his overconfidence. It messed with him, but alas, he can’t go back or let that stop him from his mission. He reached the end of the hall where a dark spirit was sitting upon his throne. Beck kneeled down in front of the ghostly monarch.

“King Null, I brought what you were looking for,” he said. “Ah, good, Beck. Bring them to me.” Beck nodded and gave him the bag. Null opened it to examine the precious glittering treasures. Ah, excellent. These will do fine for our mission of taking over Earth,” he smirked. The devil horned man nodded and then cleared his throat. “So, how much longer until we go through with our plan, your Highness?”

The ghostly monarch thought in silence for a brief moment before speaking up. “It may be in two weeks time. It just depends on how quickly we can get the resources that we need to create this weapon of mass destruction. But that damned Love Protector Azure keeps foiling our plan. He must get out of the way in order for us to draw out our plan. And I want you to get rid of him, understand, Beck?”

Beck swallowed thickly. Despite his guilt, he knew that the petty crimes he was doing were far less tame than the request that King Null now had. He couldn’t speak for a moment before nodding his head slowly. “Yes, your Majesty.” Null smirked. “Good, now then, you are dismissed. We’ll give it until tomorrow before you get rid of that meddling protector.”

Beck nodded once more before walking out. Now he was nervous as all hell. How can he get rid of him? What if Azure found out who he really is knowing that he has been wreaking all of this havoc? What can he say? He decided to just not think about it too much and have himself a rest.

Back in the city, Azure used his magic to clean up everything and save the people that were in the shop. Before they woke up, Simon reverted into his normal clothing and Sweet went into his bag. He explained someone stole their gems and he tried to go after him but he was far too gone. The store owners thanked him and called the police.

After they did an investigation, even checking the cameras, surprisingly there was no sign of Beck or Azure on the tape. This made the college student very confused but since magic is involved in this battle, he decided to accept it for what it is. He was free to go and left the store.

Simon then remembered what Sweet said earlier. It can’t be James. If it was, he would’ve suspected something. Then again, he gave off the same vibe as him but James wouldn’t do these kinds of things. I mean, the man is rich for crying out loud! He could buy a whole jewelry store if he wanted to. There wasn’t really much to think about so he just went home.

The next day. Simon was at school walking in the hall before he saw James. “Good morning!” Simon chirped. James looked somber, but he gave a slight smile when he saw the younger man. “Good morning, Simon. How are you?”

“I’m doing well, how about you?” Simon beamed. “I’m…alright. Just a lot is on my mind, that’s all,” James sighed.

Simon put a hand on his shoulder to console him, “I understand. Hopefully it’ll be a nice day today.”

“I hope, too. Well, I’ll see you later.”

“See you later.” The two went their own separate ways to their classes. Simon was confused as to why James looked the way that he did. He’ll just have to figure it out after class.