Chapter 1:

Prologue: Our New Hope!

KurtzPel: <Bringer of Chaos>

Crim clicked her fingers as she girdled her stealth operative outfit, the traces of mana trickled from her fingertips.Bookmark here

She had just received word from Ensher about the location of The Azure One from the prophecy. Crim was thrilled as she skipped towards the portal barely containing the grin on her face.Bookmark here

However, approaching the teleporter a figure presented himself before her.Bookmark here

"Crim, are you certain about this?" The young man asked removing his hood.Bookmark here

"Of course, why the sudden change in attitude? You know how important this is for us right?" Crim replied a little disappointed.Bookmark here

The young man sighed then looking in the distance turned to her then patting her shoulder walking past her.Bookmark here

"Come back safely, we cannot afford any more losses." He said walking off towards floating crystal.Bookmark here

Crim sighed in response to this then looking up to the teleporter her eyes gleaming with hope, smiled as she pictured in her mind the location she had just memorized.Bookmark here

"Oh Crim, you're on-duty for Dinner tomorrow when you get back with The Azure One by the way."Bookmark here

"Geh...thanks..." Bookmark here

Crim paled at this realization then returning to the mission at hand as she looked back up again letting the light envelop her as she soon was ported away.Bookmark here

Soaring through the skies Crim looked across Erthesia seeing the lustrous lands filled with adventures and memories she cherished dearly.Bookmark here

'You will be free, I promise!'Bookmark here

Seeing the location in question it was a temple secluded from society by the mountain and graced by its water supply the moonlight shone lightly illuminating the area. Bookmark here

Descending down the light then vanishing a soft wind brushed against her face as she began to walk towards the building. She then sensed something resonating with her karma.Bookmark here

"Finally..." Bookmark here

As if responding to her desires a light illuminated from within signifying a response to the invitation she was to provide to new members. Smiling she saw the light turn from a faint glow into Azure.Bookmark here

"Our...New Hope!" Bookmark here

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