Chapter 2:

Prologue: The Unexpected Surprise

KurtzPel: <Bringer of Chaos>

Years ago...Bookmark here

Settlement of Selbus, VeniaBookmark here

A hooded figure walked towards the settlement hoisting his traveler's bag as he had been traveling home after a long week of reconnaissance for The Chase. Knowing that this work was dangerous despite being on the outskirts of Erthesia the influence of Bellatos was not to be taken lightly.Bookmark here

'I wonder how they're doing...'Bookmark here

Taking a moment to reflect on his family and the cause he supported he knew this was the right thing to do to ensure his children's future in this cruel world.Bookmark here

'I should grab some presents to bring home to the kids should I?'Bookmark here

As he neared the road to the village the sounds of armor sounded as he witnessed a battalion of soldiers and mages bearing the Bellatos Crest marching towards the village he paled as he realized that his identity could very well be compromised.
Bookmark here

'I need to get back, and quickly...but...'Bookmark here

He knew he had a duty to the villagers as they were sympathetic to the cause of The Chase though were neutral it was only a matter of time before Bellatos would enforce supremacy over them. Today, was the day that would most certainly change...
Bookmark here

"Company! Halt!"Bookmark here

Shortly after a large man rode into the forefront which immediately surprised the man.
Bookmark here

'Helmut?! Why is he here?!'Bookmark here

Helmut, a leading general in the Bellatos Army adopting a stature of power giving no tolerance to resistance from anyone let alone his fellow countryman. From this alone he quickly rose in the ranks with his ruthless and inhuman decisions.Bookmark here

'I have to get out of here, now!'Bookmark here

Silently moving away he immediately channeled his karma to contact The Chase, he knew that it would be a miracle for aid to come immediately though he could only hope that he could get to his home in time.Bookmark here

Meanwhile...Bookmark here

"Greetings! What brings you to our humble settlement tonight good sirs?!"Bookmark here

Melbus, the village head greeted the battalion as they neared the entrance. Knowing this was no ordinary visit or inspection he hoped this would be a quick resolution.
Bookmark here

"Stand aside, we have orders to find the apostates housing KurtzPel here."Bookmark here

Helmut was in no mood for small talk as he was only concerned with the mission.
Bookmark here

"Of course sire! Though I must reassure you that there are no signs of KurtzPel here that we know of."Bookmark here

Melbus was concerned hearing this though knowing Helmut's reputation decided to let them proceed with their duty than to attempt any sort of resistance.
Bookmark here

"Everyone! This'll be another inspection tonight so please bear with it!"Bookmark here

Helmut scoffed at Melbus's attitude towards this, like any other settlement he knew fear when he saw it.
Bookmark here

"Battalion! Begin the search!"Bookmark here

Acknowledging his command, the soldiers proceeded in inspecting the homes and interrogating the locals about any sign of KurtzPel or The Chase. Suddenly an old man and a few men were brought to him after the inspection was completed.
Bookmark here

"General Helmut, sir. These men have information concerning KurtzPel."Bookmark here

"Understood Private. Now, where are they?"Bookmark here

As the soldier returned to his post, Helmut turned to the men in question as the villagers onlooking worried as to what was to come.
Bookmark here

"Sire! There is an individual who've we had suspicions about for a time. His name is Geralt and lives on the outskirts of town, he's always been leaving town on business though and we have reason to believe he may know more concerning KurtzPel sir!"Bookmark here

"Yeah! I once saw him leave town cloaked in some strange garb so that's proof enough right?!"Bookmark here

"That's right! He also keeps to himself whenever he enters town!"Bookmark here

After receiving the information from the men, Helmut nodded then looking at the village leader who was dumbstruck by this information about a fellow citizen was pleased to see his reaction.Bookmark here

"So, is this true?"Bookmark here

Helmut looked down on Melbus certain as to what he will hear as the villagers murmured amongst themselves.
Bookmark here

"Geralt is a good man, he's been of great support to this community as well as his family. I find no fault nor proof of these accusations whatsoever."Bookmark here

"I see."
Bookmark here

As if confirming his suspicions, Helmut struck Melbus with his greatsword without a second thought.
Bookmark here

"Urgh!....Why?!"Bookmark here

Melbus coughed blood as the thick steel ripped his flesh, the blood trickling down a forming a pool that soaked his feet.
Bookmark here

"I despise liars, especially those who know nothing of what's going on in their own "community" as you call it."Bookmark here

Pulling the blade out Melbus writhed in pain as the life seeped from him.
Bookmark here

""Bookmark here

Helmut chuckled in response to this as this wasn't the first time he'd been called that.
Bookmark here

"Now, bring me to this apostate."Bookmark here

Turning to the men, they, along with the villagers gasped at what had just happened.
Bookmark here

"Of course sir! We'll lead you straightaway!"Bookmark here

"That's more like it."Bookmark here

The villagers grimaced with their leader dead stood there helpless, hoping they would evade such a fate.
Bookmark here

"Battalion! Round up the villagers, it seems this rabble should know what we do to traitors."Bookmark here

The villagers gasped as the soldiers surrounded them, forcing them into the formation the children cried as the mothers attempted to calm them.
Bookmark here

"Forward, March!"Bookmark here

Helmut grinned as they proceeded towards the location the villagers spoke of but he knew that this mission wouldn't be any different than the previous ones.Bookmark here

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