Chapter 3:

Prologue: The Revelation

KurtzPel: <Bringer of Chaos>

Navigating through the forest, Geralt hurried towards his home ignoring the need for stealth as he heard the screams of the villagers in the distance he knew time was no longer on his side.Bookmark here

'Please, be safe!'Bookmark here

Seeing his home in the distance, he saw that the lights were still on and delighted that they were safe. Nevertheless, this didn't change anything at all with the impending destruction soon to come before them.Bookmark here

Meanwhile...Bookmark here

Crim was reviewing intelligence reports back in Eltheca then as a squire came in presenting new information her eyes flashed with cause for concern immediately leaving the room donning her uniform. Soon after, her karma activated which suspended time briefly as her sight illuminated her surroundings in a familiar magenta as her irises gently embraced a brilliant gold laces with symbols as if a message was being sent directly to her.Bookmark here

'Of all times?! Why now?!'Bookmark here

Cycling through her vision, she saw Geralt encounter the Bellatos Battalion at Selbus then witnessing the death of the village elder to which she grimaced at the bloodshed. But what came afterwards was infuriated her even more.
Bookmark here

'Helmut, but why? He was supposed to be off engaged with Norbas according to reports but to Selbus of all places, he must have had a detour assigned to him last minute.'Bookmark here

However, despite being wroth with anger towards Bellatos there was more to be seen. A boy, thrust into the unknown world and a girl, distraught with the truth of this world. Nevertheless, their fates were intertwined as Crim was alarmed at their eyes emitting a faint glow as if a dormant power resided within, waiting to be awakened.
Bookmark here

'It... cannot be?!'Bookmark here

As if grasping towards the prize the vision ended, leaving her fatigued only slightly from the experience.
Bookmark here

"I need... to tell... everyone!"Bookmark here

Crim, then quickly made her way towards the conference room bursting in to which everyone turned their heads towards her. Acknowledging them she then quickly strode towards the map and slammed her hand against Selbus in the Venia Area.Bookmark here

"Selbus is currently under attack by General Helmut! Geralt just sent this report in so time is not on our side, we must move immediately!"Bookmark here

Standing up, a young man walked up towards the map then looking at the location in question.
Bookmark here

"Crim, General Helmut isn't someone we can just "take on" with ease."Bookmark here

"Yeah, our resources are also thin enough as it is. So why must we move now?"Bookmark here

The young girl adjusting her glasses stated this then looking at the map in question as if analyzing the possibility of such an effort.
Bookmark here

"I'm certain you have a good reason to suddenly fight Bellatos in the open Crim?"Bookmark here

"I do, it's because I saw something there that we need to see for ourselves."Bookmark here

"A vision?!"Bookmark here

Ensher immediately stood up in response as papers scattered around her while the young man sighed in response to this then directing his attention towards Crim.
Bookmark here

"Yes! Just as soon as I read the report my karma activated, we have to go now!"Bookmark here

Crim, puffing her cheeks stomped the floor to emphasize her point.
Bookmark here

"Ensher, I'll go with Crim to satisfy her curiosity. There's no need for you to come."Bookmark here

"You're right Ethan, thanks for watching out for me."Bookmark here

Ethan, still skeptical about Crim's Vision reluctantly decided to take matters into his own hands.
Bookmark here

"Right then Crim, let's get going."Bookmark here

"Wait for me!"Bookmark here

Saluting Ensher, Ethan began to walk out towards the teleportation gate with Crim trailing behind as if a father was watching over a child.
Bookmark here

"Stay safe you two."Bookmark here

Geralt's Cottage, Venia Forest AreaBookmark here

A little boy was carefully walking down the stairs with a little girl waiting down below smiling at him.Bookmark here

"You can do it Luke!"Bookmark here

Luke smiled as he then leapt into her arms as a woman finished cleaning their dishes from supper, every plate had their names inscribed as she finished drying off a plate with "Bridget" she dried her hands then began walking towards the living room seeing her children's moment of celebration.Bookmark here

"Maria, Luke it's storytime."Bookmark here

"Okay!"Bookmark here

"Mommy!"Bookmark here

Heeding their mother's call, Maria set Luke down as he sped towards her with Maria trailing behind laughing as Luke grabbed a black book emblazoned with the symbol of the Bellatos faith from the shelf and happily brought it to their mother.Bookmark here

"Thank you, Luke."Bookmark here

"Mother, what are we going to read tonight?"Bookmark here

Opening the book, their mother began leafing through the pages stopping at the family list then brushing against Geralt's name above hers then continued towards the passage to read for the evening.Bookmark here

"Tonight, we'll be reading about The Miracle of Bell."Bookmark here

"Oooh?"Bookmark here

"Who's Bell?"Bookmark here

Laughing lightly, their mother began to read from the book with Luke tracing along with her curiously as Maria happily listened.Bookmark here

"The land of Asteria is faced with the threat of annihilation by the evil forces who have brought chaos throughout the world. On the Day of Judgement, the Savior sent by Bell descends from the sky and gives one last hope to the devastated land.Bookmark here

Luke, confused about what his mother spoke of soon fell asleep leaving Maria to readily enjoy this.Bookmark here

"When the forsaken people come together with the Savior, the land will have eternal peace. Everyone called this prophecy, The Miracle of Bell."Bookmark here

Geralt, suddenly heard the sounds of an army marching along towards his home.Bookmark here

'Blast it all!'Bookmark here

As the army neared the cottage Geralt saw Helmut raise a hand and quickly raced for the back entrance. Opening the door he saw his family, all sitting there peacefully as if another night passed by them. Immediately seeing his wife's face and daughter turned towards him he knew he couldn't spare another moment.Bookmark here

"Everyone! Look out!"Bookmark here

"Papa!"Bookmark here

Maria was happy to see her father and began to wave towards him as a brilliant light reflected off her eyes then being immediately held by her mother her vision went dark as traces of blue light surrounded each of them with the cottage suddenly blown apart by the pulsating rays of light.Bookmark here

Helmut, surveying the area sees Geralt clutching his family in his arms bearing a look of wrath in response to what has happened.Bookmark here

'Oh? Interesting.'Bookmark here

Helmut, then reached out towards him then clenching his fist pulled back as if expecting a response.Bookmark here

Geralt maintaining focus on his attackers noticed Luke was missing as he clutched his wife and daughter in his arms.Bookmark here

'Luke, you have to get away from here...'Bookmark here

"Honey, take our daughter and go...!"Bookmark here

Suddenly, he was grabbed by an invisible force as he was pulled through the debris he could only see a picture of his family, together then feeling a firm grip blinding him he hung helplessly as a voice boomed amidst the raging flames.Bookmark here

"Are you the one secretly in league with KurtzPel?!"Bookmark here

"He is the one! He's a follower of KurtzPel, the bringer of chaos into the world!"Bookmark here

"Punish the heretic! Punish the heretic!"Bookmark here

Alongside Helmut's forced interrogation Geralt despaired over his fellow villagers betraying him as well. He had lost, he had nothing to say but could only worry about his family and his own life.Bookmark here

"I...I don't know what you are talking about. Oh, please..."Bookmark here

"How dare you beg for your life! You filthy apostate!"Bookmark here

Trying to say whatever he could, Geralt's plea for mercy was immediately cast aside by Helmut's dissatisfaction with this supposed apostate of Bellatos. Then, infusing the divine energies of Bell he blasted Geralt away with his wife gasping after him as his blood clearly displayed his suffering.Bookmark here

"Honey!"Bookmark here

"No! Stay Away!"Bookmark here

Writhing in pain Geralt held his ground though blinded by Helmut's attack he struggled to rise as Helmut sighed.Bookmark here

"Purify this place."Bookmark here

The soldiers, acknowledging his orders took their position as Geralt winced at the incoming attack he braced himself for what was to come. The arrows soared from their crossbows supposedly hitting their targets but were met with a barrier impeding their intended result.Bookmark here

"Hm?"Bookmark here

Helmut's eyes widened in surprise as he expected a more dissatisfying ending to this facade of a mission.Bookmark here

'Most impressive...'Bookmark here

Helmut could only smile as his soldiers immediately began their search for Geralt's whereabouts.Bookmark here

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