Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 - The Truth


James was in his class trying to pay attention to his teacher’s lectures, but at the same time he was wrapped up in his own mind. He couldn’t really think that much considering what was going on. He tapped his pencil against his desk and tried to take deep breaths so he could calm down. At least Simon was by his side, but what was he going to tell him? Maybe he just doesn’t feel well, but he doesn’t have a fever.

The man just decided to let it go and focus on his lesson. This was going to be tough. Later on, he got out of class and saw the younger man waving towards him. James smiled as well and walked over to him. “Are you feeling alright?” Simon asked him. “I’m fine, thanks. I mean, it was difficult to concentrate in the first half of class but I got through it,” he chuckled lightly. Simon was a bit concerned but decided not to ask him any further. If it’s personal, then he will accept it.

“How about we go to the lake after school? Whatever is going on with you, would this help clear your mind?” the younger man smiled sweetly, making the older man blush. He was trying to be helpful and it would actually do him so good to get some fresh air. James smiled and nodded. “I would appreciate that, thank you.”

Simon smiled and gave him a hug, James hugging him back. “I’ll see you later then,” Simon beamed before he went off to class. James waved and felt his heart bump. The younger man did help him forget about his troubles, but at the same time they like to creep back in and take over. James decided he was going to suck it up and just get through the day. He was not going to let this ruin his time with Simon, God dammit.

Later, he and Simon were at the lake, drinking in the beautiful scenery that was around them. The lake sparkled from the Sun’s beams and birds were chirping high in the trees. The flowers gave off a wonderful aroma, complimenting everything else. It looked like something out of a painting. James was grateful to have a place where he can escape from the madness that was his mind, especially being with someone he truly cared about. He just couldn’t let this bother him.

“Simon, I do want to thank you again for taking me here,” James spoke up. “Of course, I mean you took me out on dates, now it’s my turn. But at the same time, you looked like you needed to relax,” Simon responded. The redhead couldn’t be more grateful to hear that.

He could tell he cared about him and wanted nothing more than for him to be alright through whatever he was going through. Soon their fingers touched as their hands were close to each other. They looked down to see and blushed. “S-sorry,” James apologized. “No need to, you’re fine,” Simon responded.

They both decided to just relax and enjoy themselves in the beautiful setting. James decided to ignore that nagging thought in the back of his mind. Later on, they went to their respective homes. James had dinner and a bubble bath to help him with relaxing, which worked a lot. He dried up and put on his pajamas. Before he went in for a goodnight’s sleep, he saw something glow red on his side table. It was a red stone with a gold border.

He was hesitant to pick it up, but he had no choice but to do it. This was when a voice could be heard from it. “James, report to the main hall immediately.” His heart skipped a beat but without another word he obeyed his command. “Yes, sir.”

In the morning, another school day had started and Simon was giddy to see James, though the older man seemed worse than yesterday. His eyes almost looked soulless. “James, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, Simon. I have things to do. You have a good day,” James said in a monotone voice before walking away. Simon was confused and Sweet sensed something was wrong. “That does not sound good. He could be hypnotized, but how?”

“I don’t know, Sweet, but this isn’t him. I just wonder what is wrong with him,” the younger student said in concern. “Simon, I hate to keep repeating myself but I really do think he is Beck,” the fairy said. Simon didn’t want to believe it, but at the same time he didn’t want to make assumptions. “We’ll just have to see what happens. I just hope it isn’t the case. But at the same time, he seems out of it.”

“I sense something though with that. This magic…it feels strong, like a barrier has been put up,” Sweet analyzed. The younger student felt his heart almost drop, but he’s trying to keep his thoughts positive and not assume the worst. After all, things have been weird because of Beck and he just hoped that the latter is just a carbon copy of James. He took a deep breath. “Let’s not worry about it too much, Sweet. I’m sure things will get better. He may not be open to me about what is going on with him, but perhaps he just needs space, that’s all.”

Sweet sighed but agreed with him. “Besides, I have classes to go to. Perhaps we could see what is going on with him after school.”

“Then you best get your wand out because I have a feeling there will be another attack, especially with him being in this state, who knows who else is hypnotized?” the fairy asked. Simon nodded and went to his class. The thought was on his mind throughout the whole day, but of course he kept himself focused on his schoolwork, having lunch, and overall just getting through the day without any hesitations or distractions. After it’s been let out, Simon saw James walk out, but it seems like he was going somewhere.

“Where is he going?” Simon asked. “I don’t know, but you should follow him!” Sweet peeped. With a nod, Simon quietly followed James to wherever he was going. They arrived at the lake, the younger man hiding behind the bushes. Simon at first figured that James was going to just take a breather and relax. But it was actually something else…

James pulled out the red stone with a gold border he had back in his apartment. It began glowing and the same voice from before was heard. “James, it’s time to have Beck take the reins,” it boomed. “Yes, sir,” James said in the same monotone voice. A red silhouette appeared and Beck appeared, making James disappear. Simon and Beam gasped in horror. “Hold on, so…James was Beck but here he was brainwashed…and Beck became a clone? How?!” the fairy asked in concern.

“I…I don’t know, but we got to help him!” Simon said, his voice almost breaking from what he had just witnessed. He cared for James too much to let him have this happen to him. But at the same time, he couldn’t help but also feel disappointed that he’s been doing these things to his town, though he also had to break it down to this; these things may have been out of his control, like they took over him. It may not excuse the fact that he still did them, but at the same time, he knew yesterday James had been nervous about something. Simon had to know what it was.

Beck snapped his fingers and flew off somewhere. Without another word, Simon transformed and followed him. “We must know where he is going, I’m not going to give up on James!” As he was flying, he noticed people disappearing, too. “Huh? What the hell is happening?! First James, now this!”

“Beck must have activated something, Maybe when he snapped his fingers! Come on, we gotta stop him!” Sweet shouted as the two were catching up to the devil horned man.

Beck collected even more gems and crystals for this weapon that King Null was creating. It needed even more power for it to work. “Hey!” Azure shouted, making the villain turn to face him. “Put those down and tell me where James is!”

“Well, well, if it isn’t you again. Can’t say where your little boyfriend is, though,” Beck sneered while shrugging his shoulders. Azure growled and walked up to him. “Where is he? I saw that he disappeared off somewhere and then all of a sudden, the whole city disappeared. You took over his body, did you?!” Azure asked angrily.

Beck laughed out evilly before speaking, “My dear, King Null was the one who did it. But I can say this; yes he was me, but over time because he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to do because of his feelings for you, the king decided I should take over by being a clone of him. James was brainwashed to not do or feel anything.”

“King…Null?” Azure and Sweet asked in unison. “Is he your leader or something?” the magical boy asks once more. “Indeed, and you’ll see what tremendous power he has. He’ll take over your puny little planet. But oh, it’s only just you to have such a big responsibility on your shoulders whilst your crush was under my boss’s spell? How pitiful.” Beck was pushing every button that Azure may have. Without another word he took out his staff, gripping it tightly from how angry he was for him to do something so horrible to someone he cares for.

Beck believed two could play at this game, so he gets out his weapon…but attaches one of the gems onto his staff, which makes it spark. Soon fire was igniting from the top and was ready to charge. Azure would admit that it did scare him, but he mustn’t let that phase him.

Like that, they both charged towards each other and began fighting. Staffs were clashing against each other, hearts and flames were going towards the opposed fighters. Scratches were swiped against one another, breaking skin. But that didn’t phase Azure. He was too deep in his state of wrath to even care. Though Beck almost had the upper hand at times, getting in hard hits and swipes, flames almost scorched Azure’s boots and hands, though he fought back by using his attack.

“Give up while you can Azure, you can never win!” Beck yelled. “And soon I’ll get rid of you, helping out King Null with conquering the world!!”

“That will NEVER happen!” Azure shouted as ran towards him to push him, making the villain stagger back. He may have the ability to fly, but it just about phased him. Now it’s the perfect time to attack. Azure pointed his staff at him and it began to glow a bright blue without him saying anything yet. He was putting his power into this. “Azure…Heart…WAVE!”

This attack seemed more powerful than his previous attacks combined as giant azure hearts went towards him and captured him, destroying the gem that was on his weapon and everyone in the city coming back. The gem must’ve had a spell put on it.

Beck growled and pounded his fist against the heart shaped barrier. “I will get you when you least expect it, Azure! You won’t get away with this.” Soon he disappeared. Azure grabbed the bag of gems and flew down before reverting into his normal outfit. He was in pain, but it was well worth it. He was panting from how exhausted he was. He now knew the passion that was hidden within his heart. “Come on, let’s bring these back to the shop and let the owners know what happened. Then I’m laying down for a nap.” Simon said.

Sweet nodded. There was a side of Simon that was brought out that he had never seen before. Sure, he only knew him for a brief amount of time, but he knew how Simon could be. But this has brought out that newfound confidence that he had all along.

After talking to the shop owners about what happened, luckily they knew Simon didn’t steal the gems and crystals, they thanked him and let him be on his merry way. Before going home, Simon saw that James was still nowhere to be found. He must’ve been trapped in that world he was in. He had an idea hatch into his mind. “Next time when Beck strikes again, I’m following him wherever he teleports himself to. I could hopefully find James there. Don’t worry, James, I’ll save you.”