Chapter 2:

The Unknown

A Legend's Life

After finally getting some well-deserved vacation for myself after the successful completion of the project, I thought to travel to my hometown of Longdale. Finally, I could travel to Longdale, where I spent 10 years of my childhood before both of my parents died in a car accident and I moved to New York to live with my relatives.Bookmark here

So, with the feeling of excitement and anticipation, I packed my bags, grabbed my car keys and rushed to get the car started. I was feeling pretty good about visiting the town after almost 14 years. It would take about 6-7 hours to reach there and it was almost 5 pm. Bookmark here

I was watching the scenery change from the hustle of the city towards a more scenic view of the countryside. It had been like 4 hours into my journey and as my shitty luck would have it, my car started spewing smoke from the engine with weird noise filling the inside of the car. I stopped the car to take a look beneath the hood and see if I could fix the problem. No luck in fixing the car though which was expected considering I knew next to nothing about fixing cars. But, as they say, you won't know unless you try or something like that.Bookmark here

Being in the middle of the woods in pitch darkness and no phone reception, the best I could do was to wait for someone to pass and ask for help. About half an hour later I moved away from my car in hopes of seeing someone. But, with no vehicle insight to ask for help, I was getting worried sick.Bookmark here

Suddenly, the woods got completely silent with not even sound from insects as if something spooked them and a low humming noise filled the air. Scared shitless, I started running towards my car which was quite a distance away. In my fear, I didn't realize that the humming sound was now coming from right above me.Bookmark here

I kept running like hell but even as I ran, it started to feel like I was instead slowing down. I was sweaty from running and could feel the sweat trickling down my eyebrows. Bookmark here

Why in the fuck did I move so far away from my car? Bookmark here

I had watched enough horror movies to know what happens when a lone guy walks in woods and it isn't something pretty.Bookmark here

Even if the car was broken, it would be far safer than running like this in the woods. Gods if I had waited in my car, none of this shit would have happened. But, it was too late for regrets.Bookmark here

I could see my car a little ahead on the road so I ran even faster. But, just as I started to feel a little relieved, my body suddenly hit something on the road and I fell back on my back. A bright light fell on me and I tried to look up to see the source of that light.Bookmark here

Sufficient to say I couldn't see a damn thing in that bright light. Slowly, my whole body felt something like a suction that was pulling me from the ground and towards the light. It was then I started to feel all dizzy and everything started to fade away till I was finally out.Bookmark here

After an unknown amount of time passed, I woke up with the feeling of pain in my head. It was like getting hit in the head by a hammer or something. I was still feeling a little dizzy but with each second the dizziness was going away. Bookmark here

Rearing my head a bit up from my laying position, I saw that the place I woke up was quite bizarre. It was a room entirely made up of something metallic like and with an ugly grey color. There were some kind of markings and blinking lights in the walls and what looked like a window in one of the walls. Bookmark here

With no one in sight, I thought to do a little investigation to see if I can figure out where I was. I started to get up to check my surroundings and I looked at the marking in the walls and I couldn't understand a damn thing about them. So, I started moving towards the window I saw earlier. It was an oval-shaped window and what I saw outside was out of the ordinary. Bookmark here

Outside the window was a big round blue planet; Earth, which means I was in freaking space. Instead of feeling excited about being in space, I was quite terrified at the moment. I could see the whole Earth outside my window like you see in the movies and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was then that I realized I was most probably in a spaceship, abducted by aliens or someone. Bookmark here

Well, this is the worst thing that could happen to me. Bookmark here

I imagined being checked by little grey men while they prodded my naked body. It was an unpleasant thought and I tried to keep such thoughts out of my head for the time being.Bookmark here

The only thing I could do was wait and so that's what I did. After some time I realized that the Earth outside the window was getting smaller and smaller. I came to the realization the spaceship was moving away from the Earth.Bookmark here

I was horrified that I was being taken somewhere away from my planet probably for some experiment or maybe to be a sex slave. Bookmark here

I'm even a virgin, and this is not how I imagined losing it.Bookmark here

While I was thinking of some horrifying scenarios, a voice started to speak which broke me from my thoughts.Bookmark here

"Hello, Benedict Cook. How are you feeling?" the voice which sounded flat and without emotion surprisingly asked in English.Bookmark here

"How do you think I feel after being abducted by aliens to be used in experiments or used as a sex slave? I feel fucking sick you asshole." I said in my anger without realizing that the voice knew my name.Bookmark here

After a few seconds of silence, the voice again replied, "That was not the intention for bringing you here."Bookmark here

I was relieved to hear that. Well, at least now I know that I will not be suffering in experiments or as a sex slave. Bookmark here

"Then why did you abduct me?" I asked with a bit relaxed voice.Bookmark here

This time the voice replied quickly, "It was an accident."Bookmark here

A fucking accident brought me here? Well, that's just great. Now, maybe I can return home as it was an accident that brought me here. With that thought, I was getting excited, so I thought to ask the voice to return me home.Bookmark here

"Then you can return me, right? I want to go to my planet."Bookmark here

Again, there was silence and after a few more seconds the voice replied," You cannot return home." Bookmark here

That sentence quashed my hopes and I was in despair.Bookmark here

"I will explain to you the reasons why you are here and cannot return home. My ship crashed landed on your planet 5 Earth years ago. My ship was damaged and I was kept by your people who studied my ship and me. They forced me to fix my ship to study and use for themselves. They also found a short-range transportation device which could teleport you in a certain range on my ship and were very interested to make it work. As your planet technology was low, even after 5 years, I could only fix my ship enough to return home. So, after locking them out of my ship and damaging that transportation device, I escaped." The voice was silent again.Bookmark here

"The reason you were picked was that the repairing was not fully complete, so one of the faulty devices beamed you in the ship while I was escaping with my ship. Now the course is plotted for my return and I cannot change it. So you cannot return to your planet again. I hope that sufficiently answered any questions you had."Bookmark here

Hearing what the voice had to say, I was in despair with the realization that I had no chance of returning home. This caused my head to feel dizzy again and before I knew it, I fainted.Bookmark here

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