Chapter 13:

night walks

love sick delinquent

i.wonder why its big beal to reiji..i mean she does look serious when were having conversation at the rooftop

gabriel apologized for what have happened and promised me he will talk to reiji but i somehow can't take her out of my mind

claudia and i were peacefully eating at the cafeteria when i noticed a familiar guy in the crowd

its yahiro

''yahiro over here''claudia called out to him

claudia!''blood rush down to my cheeks as i saw yahiro walking towards us

''its me claudia the girl from your class''she said in a friendly manner''thank you for looking out katarina come lunch with us''

without saying any word,yahiro sat down beside claudia infront of me.i can feel eyes staring at us everywhere ''theyre so lucky to hace lunch with him''

the place seems quite as usual.i feel conscious when yahiro is around...i dont know why

suddenly a stidents from music.departmebt caught the attention to everyone in the cafeteria

i sigh as i stared at my i glanced at the crowd where i saw a familiar face wearing a very long skirt with a wide grin on her face

''isnt.she the supreme student vice president?''i overheard someone whispered

''what is she doing here in the general department?

''wow she's very pretty with her long skirt and long legs''

''right i wish i could have a lunch wither for once in my life''

''uh oh''i.said to myself as i saw reiji smiling as she walk towards me''what has got into me''i said as i slap my forehead''did i brought it upon myself?''

''want to be my boyfriend'?''she whispered to yahiro as she sat down on the table staring at yahiro as she slowly lean to his face''will you accept my confession''she asked as she smiled smugly at him

my jaw dropped for what i've heard and gritted by teeth

this girl is starting to get in my nerves as i glanced at yahiro waiting for his response

i thought he would be glad to response a yes but instead he just smiled gently at her''no thanks i'm good''

reiji be expecting that response from yahiro and she glanced ay me tilting her head

''how big is that dick anyways boy?''

''small now can you please leave katarina alone''yahiro said and see very confused on.whats going on

''ill wait for you at the ssg office exactly 5 pm.AND.DO.NOT.BE.LATE''she smiled to me smugly as she turned around and walk away doing a hair flip dragging yahiro with her

yahiro just let her drag her.maybe its because yahiro is tp gentle.i felt blood rushing to my cheeks as i remembered how kind and gentle yahiro was

and wow unlike most of the.mean girls i know she seems the type.who.doesn't have any girlfriends or minions.She's very independent and can settle things on her own without any help from other.

she's pretty decent and dignified too much for a mean girl

''wow the vice president is cool isn't she''

''heard that Not only she is really rich,but she's good at gambling seems that she's undefeated at card games"claudia said as she leaned closer to ne


"Well,the student council is made up of talented students in the school after all''

"The truth is,there's some strange rumors about her"claudia whispered as she glared at her walking away"I heard she uses her gambling skills in order to get whatever she wants"she added seriously

''does she want something from you katarina?claudia looked at me with a worried look

i nodded.''it was probably has something to do with gabriel

''gabriel?''claudia asked''why?''

''i don't really know''i whispered and looked down''i don't have time for her games anyways''

''but didn't she just drag yahiro away?''claudia said and i stood up from my seat in surprise


"maybe she kidnap yahiro?who knows but now i'm curious" claudia said excitedly''and don't worry about him im sure hes fine''she added with a smile

''isnt it nice you got the vice president interest?i heard she's not the type who dont talk people shes not interested to"claudia smiled smugly''and she's one of the won't be nice having a baf tetns with your fellow committee''

yeah i guess claudia is righ''i guess i need to check whats going on''

So this is the ssg office" katarina?!"


"What's with this fuss reiji?"i asked as she blocked my way to the door

i stared at her from head to foot.she sure is attractive...especially with her long skirt and short socks

"i know you like me but you're not my type?"she said as she reached out my hand and drag me inside the room

''Huh?whatever!just get me out of here"i whined''gimme back yahiro''

''If you defeat me in a duel"

"I'm pretty good at gambling myself so I thought it might be fun to compare our skills and the fact that we are both participants at the music concours''reiji gently grab my hand and shook it up and down "Now then,the game well be playing is ....''she said as if thinking for a good idea

"double memory okay?

"Additionally, this game is very flexible in terms of the number of players as well as the established rules."

"The name of the game is memorization with a hint of luck that you seek the pairs of each card."

"A game of double concentration"reiji Shuffle the deck of cards and randomly spread them out on the table while explaining the rules of the games "

"With regular concentration which only uses one deck, if the numbers match then it pair but in this double concentration you also have to match the suit in other words "

"For each turn, a player is given the chance to flip over and see two cards. If both cards are a match (that is, both have the same number and suit), then that player can immediately flip another two cards (and so on until they make a mistake)."

"Each pair flipped earns that player a point and earning 53 points is an automatic win, given that there would only be 51 pairs left to match. It sounds easy until you remember that there are 104 cards at each player's disposal – and the only way to win is to remember where each one has been placed. Of course, if your opponent is quick to memorize, it also means that you may not have a turn for a while."she explained

wow the way she explained thing were all made easy for me to understand

"That regular student is gambling with a student council?"i heard one of the student say as they peeping in the half open glass window

"Im betting 1 million''reiji said cheerfully" 1 million in cash"she added and smiled

"1 million? Is she for real?!this is a huge match''one of the student in the croed said worriedly

''Why is she walking around with that much cash"some student added

"Don't say shit!to bet 1 million in a single match of double concentration crazy

i need to reject this

"I'm sorry...I simply don't have that sort of money on me!"

"No need to worry!I'll let you borrow 1 million"

"It'll even be interest free"

"You can't say no to such a good deal.This is a chance for you to go from no cash to 2 million

"Is she seriously remembering the location of all the cards she's seen before?!"

"There's 104 card"i heard one of the students said

woah most of the students watching is were from music department

it made me uncomfortable being the only one who wore the black uniform while the rest is orestine white

"I've got the majority of the 54 pairs so I win!"1 million debt !!

woah i looked around the table in panic

that was quick how was she....i lost in my thought i forgot about the game

what should!!i cant lose

i dont have money!should i ask gabriel for help?''i thought to myself as i shook my head''no i got this''i said to myself and calmly breathe

when i finally got to calm myself .i glanced at reiji....she seems not happy about this

i felt like my legs is losing strength and my lips tremble.i gently clich my hands covered wth sweat

reijis eyes.darkened as her eyes covered with her bangs"Having a regular student in the prestigious music competition -isn't that significant and you don't even have the skills!"

"How impudent!Not knowing your place is terrible! "she said as she slammed the table

"The way you are now,you've better back off the offer!withdraw"she commanded

"reiji ..can we play another game?"i said as i look down"I can't afford to pay you 2 million and since I have the same ability To remember the location of the cards as you but I cannot understand why I lost"

"So please give me another chance"i stared at her straight to her eyes

"There's no other way for me to get the money back Please play with me one more time"

her eyes widened but a gentle smile formed.on her lips``Alright then... Shall we begin? "she calmly.said

"If I lose,I will give up 2 million pesos if you lose katarina... You will withdraw from being a participant of the music concours Is that okay?"

The crowd is really getting excited. This isn't some kind of joke yah know!!!2 million for.that nonsense music concours?!But now its more than the co.cours...reiji probably wants to kick me out of the she is really serious about her being gabriel's princess or whatever it is?

"Feel free to go first katarina" she said breaking the unbearable silence

i sigh

Out of all the face down cards on the table..She probably know exactly where all of fifty two of them

The decks we are using has one thing about them that's different from the Normal cards we used before I had to work hard in order to memorize the position of cards

Since I memorized all the patterns and then connected them to the winners of the flipped cards as they flipped Flipped*flipped four spades.... Seven hearts...ace of clubs

"Woah she got the cards subsequent correct''i heard the male student said

!"Queen of hearts....ace of diamonds...king of spades.."Fifty four cards...that means .I won!"finally!!i got everything right!

"Fifty four cards on her first turn?"student 1"Fifty four cards straight in a row!"i heard the other student said and heard applause from the audience

it.was a good show after all''i whispered and smile ib relief as i leaned my arms on the table for support

i can still feel my legs shaking after what have just happened

carefully,i stared at the cards in front of me lying on the table''i guess i was just very lucky''that's what i thought when i feel a sharp glare at me

CHAPTER 13:her soft side

"How did you know what the cards were?"

"Well...the marks on the back if the cards are the same as the last game "I answered

"If you'd prepared another deck with different Patten., I'd have been all over for me"

"Now then ,this game is over"i sigh again in relief

"Don't get full of got self just because you got chosen as participants in the concours!"reiji yelled"Don't get cocky"she said as she gritted her teeth" your presence irritates me!!"

why are you doing this?''

"i'm only doing this to get revenge!"

"is that so?oh i see...a"i said

"so what?you think i would go apologize to you?not in a million years!its your fault yiure stupid''

"..."i keep silent and listen to whatever reiji feels as t tried keep my cool

''everyone is being considerate at you just because you came from general department

''So what does all this mean... you desperately want to persuade someone who doesn't want to be persuaded?'

im being confused on reijis reaction..but she seems serious about all of this but just holding back from someone i just can't point out

"Everyone of you get the hell out of my sight!"she yelled as she raised up her hand and smashed it on the table making the cards flew on air as the table split in half.making the cards scattered all over the floor

she so strong!she she really a girl!

without wasting a second i threw myself to her causing us to stumble on the ground for losing balance''thats enough reiji''i said''please dont be too hard of yourself,tp gabriel youre very strong and reliable like a big brother would''i said as i pin her against the floor''and withdrawing is something i cannot do.i have to hoim this condition no.matter what!''

our conversation was disproved when the door suddenly.slammed open''law applied NO CARD PLAYING .card game may involved applied use of math and probability but to getting real money involved is somewhat controversial''said the blonde hair woman with thick red lips wacibg an ace card as she stared down at us on the floor while i was sitting on the top of reiji

reiji paused as she looked at the woman''miss Lana''she said

''students should be declined and as your ssg adviser, you will take the punishment vice president Li''she said and walked away

''and youre coming along with me''reiji whispered as she drag me aling with het

as soon as we reached the door.reiji let go of my hand and open the knob

this will be my first time beibg stuck on a detention was just a typical classroom with black boards ,chairs and table but theres a sofia and center table with a round carpet and the corner...and a very cold aircontioned room

"you two can stay here atleat 3 hours"i silently nodded.''i shouldnt hace just agreed on that card duel''i whispered in regret

for reijis part.she just walk in the detebtion room abd make herself confortable sitting on the sofa at the corner,without any remorse

this is all reijis fault

thats right reiji got detention for beinging huge amount of money and commit.crime such as gabling to school prperty

i winder what happened after she drag yahiro from the cafeteria.should i asked her?im curious''reiji?''i called her out''did you really abduct yahiro?''

''ofcourse no silly and dont talk to me unless youre gabriel''i fired at me and turned away closing her eyes

''did you tried to sleep?im freezing to death here.can you please lower the-''

''no,it cant be help''she said cutting me iff

i sigh and leaned my back on the wall near the door few meter away from reiji

i feel really tired and sleepy.i couldbt take the high temperature here inside'''its freezing down here''i whispered in the wind as i galnced at reiji silently sitting at the window still with her eyes shut

i have no ideaw how many tims passed but i feel comfty i slowly opened my eyes and saw reijis beautiful face close to mine with her beautiful clear gray eyes straing at me

''Its so warm"i whispered in a smile''this must be a dream''

''you sleep like frozen oil'she flick my forehead''ive been waiting for you to wake up''reiji added and flash a bright smile ob her face illumintae by the moonlight from the glass window

its dark already....

''you waited for me?''i asked in surprised

''i could not just leave you here alone in the detendtion room.i watched iver you sleeping for the whole 5 hours yah know''she said proudly''give me back that 5 hours i wastd for you''she said as she fixed her circular glasses

''um thank you so much for looking after me''i whispered as put reijis blazzer to hig on the shoulder and held on to it

she just looked at me with a worried look on her face''its already late.were the only one left here in the school''reiji said worriedly

'''you sleepy oil''she added in an nooyed voice

''hey its your fault for not waking me up or you could have just go home on you own without me''i shyly said as i looked away in guilt

''ok bye''reiji cheerfuly raised her hands waving at me and stood up leaving me in the room behind

''reiji wait for me''i caleld out her name which echoed throughout the hallway as i.reached out her arms and clung on the hem on her white blouse

she sigh and let me clung to her arm as we walk down the dark long hallway which the.only source of light is the moonlight that.illuminates the whole area

when we finally reached the gate.reiji finally hold my hands trying to escape from my grip but i hold her tight

''reiji can i ask you a favor?please walk me home?''she looked at me with a confused look on her face and stared at the empty road ahead of us''NO''

''please ill do anything''i said shaking her

''anything?''she said as she leaned close to my face

i guess reiji has a habit of talking someone close to their face.i thought to myself as i stared at her glasses

it was really beautiful as the moonlight reflects from her glasses as her hair swayed gently by the night wind

well then let's go''she said and gently took my hands and we started walking

i keep stealing glance from reiji and to our intertwined hands

''you've been shooting glance at probably have a couple of questions to asked or you just want to start a conversation at me perhaps?''

i felt hot on my cheeks and looked away to cover my embarrassment''nothing''i murmured

Oh i forgot all about your foot, come on get on my back Ill carry you. ''she said get her one knee down on the ground''if you're tired you can just say so''

Are you gonna carry me on your back or something?”

I'll carry you. You are limping”she said mocking me as she lean down on me

No its okay”

Come on I'll take you home “she said as he lean forward to the ground.

i stared at reiji but i just nodded and agree with her.she might start asking more question so i just hop on reiji's back and wrapped my arms around her neck''say reiji ,why are you helping me?'hi said as started walking

''didnt you just asked me to take you home?''she asked.i thought she will yell again but for some reason she seems calm and nice this time 

like a conplete differebt person from who the first time i saw and that rude rich girl earlier 

maybe this is her other persobality no one ever saw yet

''i just want to know''i whispered as i wrapped my arms aeound her beck and rest my chin on her shpulders''aw this is bice''i thought to nyself

''we do things for no reason at all''she eespibded after that few minutes of silene and stare at space''i dont really know anymore''

"im i heavy?"i worriedly asked

"No I just like walking quietly just to enjoy this silence" he sounded normal.

Walking by the lonely road under the sky with the moonlight illumites the place and, the streetlights helping us guide our way

 I want to enjoy each and every second of this night with ...reiji