Chapter 6:

Chapter 6 - Trapped in the Web (Part 1)


After a well deserved meal and rest, Simon was recharged and it was now the weekend. The wounds that he had yesterday were healed rather quickly, he noticed. It may be from his magical powers but at the same time, he was astonished to know that he walked just fine after the battle. He got washed, dressed, and ate some breakfast before leaving his home.

James was absolutely nowhere to be seen, which still means he was trapped in whatever world he was transported to. But Simon wasn’t going to give up on him. It was not an option. He waited until the right time for Beck to strike again, making sure that he was prepared. “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Sweet asked him. “This is the only option, Sweet. We’ll just have to follow him into whatever dimension he is sent to.”

Simon wouldn’t lie about him not feeling nervous, but he had to keep himself calm and focused for this plan to go right. It was now or never and he was determined to save James from this. Sweet perched from the bag. “How much longer should we wait, Simon?” he asked the magical boy.

“Whenever he comes, Sweet, we just need to be patient.” The fairy was apprehensive, but at the same time, he nodded. Soon, they saw a red portal appear and saw Beck walk out, ready to cause trouble once more. “There he is!” Simon whispered. He transformed and saw Beck flying away. He quietly followed him to see where he was going without getting caught.

Where the hell is he going?” Azure thought. He assumed that he was just going to rob the jewelry store again for his boss’s plan, but instead he took a different route. Deep in the forest. “Huh? Why the heck is he going there?” he asked once more. “I’m not sure, but we can’t let him get away!” Sweet cried out.

After what seemed like ages going through so many trees, Beck finally stopped at the place where he found what he was looking for. Azure and Sweet hid behind the lush plants, hearing birds chirp as they saw the devil horned man silently push bushes back.

There was a heart shaped statue with a vase-like bottom hidden behind bushes, but was on a platform. It was made of stone, but also had precious jewels in different colors that were bedazzled all over it. “Wait…that’s the Tsukikawa treasure! He’s trying to steal it!”

“You have to stop him!” the little fairy boomed. Without another word Azure jumped in front of him to stop him. “What do you think you’re trying to do?! That is a precious treasure for people to make wishes regarding love. You shouldn’t mess with it or take it away from its rightful place!” He even thought of it in the past when after meeting James for the first few times, he made wishes to have James notice him or get to know him better and be closer to him. And from what was happening, it worked, even if there were some consequences.

Beck snickered and sneered at the magical boy. “Why would I care about such a ridiculous myth? All I want is its powers and you’re getting in my way. I guess you didn’t learn your lesson from yesterday, isn’t that right?”

That smarmy son of a bitch. Azure wasn’t having any of it. Sweet began to sense that same side he showed yesterday, but saw that he stood his ground. The more these things kept happening and learning about what was going on with James, the more he began to understand why he was chosen out of billions to be a Love Protector. And Azure was damn well proud of it.

He was even getting stronger with his attacks as he had seen yesterday, and from the wounds he had. It’s like he wasn’t even breaking a sweat. “I will give you one last warning, Azure…stay out of my way,” Beck growled in an even deeper tone of voice, one that almost sounded demonic. Well, he did have devil horns and a tail. But that's besides the point.

They both had their weapons out and soon clashed, Azure trying his best to protect the statue from the villain. Beck was strong, he wouldn’t about that, but at the same time he couldn’t let that stop him as he kept getting as many hits in as he could. Azure did fumble here and there but still kept at it, though during their fight, one of them accidentally knocked over the statue, Azure being quick to catch it from getting broken.

“Give me the statue!” Beck barked. “Never!” Azure shot back. Their weapons disappeared and soon Azure was flying away, holding the precious treasure like a football. He had to make sure Beck couldn’t get to it. It seemed like they were chasing each other for an eternity, so Beck thought the only way he could get the statue back is by opening a portal to the other dimension. “Fine, if that’s how you want to play then let’s play.” Beck snapped his fingers.

“Our plan is working!” Azure cheered. “Just don’t celebrate yet, Azure, we have bigger fish to fry now that we’re going through the portal!” the fairy cried out. Soon by the speed of light, all three were transported to the dark world. The magical boy still held the precious treasure close to him like it was a baby. He looked up to see where they were.

“Whoa…what is this place?” Azure asked in wonder. “That is the Null Castle, named after its king. Your precious little boyfriend may be in the dungeon perhaps, if you can find him.~” Beck chuckled darkly. Azure wanted the thought to perish of James being chained up against the wall, but he shook his head. “Wait, this was my plan for you to bring us here, yet you’re not fighting for the treasure, wh-”

“Because that could possibly be the only way to get that treasure out of your hands. Besides, your magic won’t be useful here, thought about that?” It did feel a bit heavy into this world. The air was so thick that you could cut it with a sharp, serrated knife. “For once I’ll be fair; perhaps for the treasure, James could be freed and his brainwash could be lifted. That is your decision however.”

“But wouldn’t you use this for your ‘weapon’?” Azure asked. “This is an experiment we have never tried before. Maybe it might fail,” Beck said with feigned, dramatic fear. He didn’t want to think of his world getting hurt, but from the magic he had, perhaps he could destroy the weapon. He could stop them if he had the ability to, his magic was getting stronger every day and he would do anything to not just save James, but the whole world. Who knows, if James was able to, he hoped that he could also become a magical boy with him. He silently made that wish, hugging the precious statue. Azure pulled himself together and walked towards the devil horned man. “Show me where your king is.”

“Gladly~,” Beck purred before leading the magical boy and his fairy to the dark castle.