Chapter 21:

Moving Forward


Teph and Mort went out for a walk to talk; changing the atmosphere of the office and making Teph familiar with the place. The Middle City, Teph noticed, was, in a few ways, similar to the Under City. Both places had basically zero exposure to the sunlight; the Under City being built into the ground and Middle city founded inside of an old ‘unstable’ mine. Their occupants were both Mixed Blood who were mostly former soldiers. And most importantly, they all despised the Pure City.

Even after spending a few days in this place, Teph couldn't believe his eyes. The streets were empty at this time; Mort had explained the people worked at this part of the day. There were remanants left from old mining machines, scrapes of metal laid close to the walls of the rock formation that covered the city. With everything that happens in the past few days something was bothering him.  

Something inside him felt right. A piece of him that was lost years ago, a piece that he thought he’d lost and never find again. Hope. It was a strange sensation. While he still didn’t agree with Mort’s plan he still went through with it because it felt as if it was the right thing. He couldn't remember the last he was able to make a decision on such notice, so, he smiled.

“What are we really going to do Mort?” Teph asked. Mort took a moment before he answering.

“We will,” he replied, “blow up the operating engine.”

“What?” Teph was surprised and stopped walking.

“Morshina is done for,” he said turning his head to meet Teph’s eyes, it had so much confidence and determination that somehow reassured Teph "our army will secure the government. And, while we cut power to the whole country, it will be over. I’ve asked my father King Molf or at least I will ask him to send his armies will secure Morshina’s land. However, it will still belong to your people and you or someone else will become true mayor.”


“Yes mayor. Morshina will be under Notrania’s rule until we can form a sustainable government and later you can declare your independence. It’s a pretty big plan, and I am not even sure can take the first step without being found out, but hopefully it succeeds because I don't know what I am going to do if it doesn't."

Why is he so insisting on me taking rule? first he wanted me to lead his plan, now he wants me to be mayor!  Teph didn’t know how to respond, so he just nodded.

“The next few months are going to be hectic Teph. Korn and Jack will start by bringing a battalion worth of men each day and they will train for 2 hours. The first few day will sure be a mess, but once it’s all over, training will pick up pace. You will stay in this city for the next six to twelve months, and on Feynoor next year. We strike.”

It was strange, Mort had all of this planned out. Was it a good or a bad thing, only time will tell, for now, Teph just wanted to focus on one goal.

"Let's just focus on training." Teph said. Mort nodded firmly and they continued their walk around.