Chapter 0:

Destined Outcome

Peters' Crosses

Damn it! Another dud…

How many times had it been? 3? 4?

Over 2000 years running on repeat each time, and not a single time did it work.

I tried everything, from peaceful cooperation to forceful coercion. And yet, fate seemed to be toying with me, constantly giving me the same result.

The world’s outcome did not change. Its major events would stay the same regardless of what I did. However, even through all of that, I could see what kind of difference my actions could make to it.

He would always succeed, but each time, his partner would change.

And together they would have the happy ending that they yearned for.


He would always succeed, but his partners were different. They would always receive the happy ending they deserved.

… Could this be it? The reference point that I needed?

The boy wasn’t the lynchpin of this world. I was sure of it. Even if the world’s outcome might be the same, his outcome would be able to change.

I see. I see it now. The one hope I can cling to.

To get to my own happy ending, I was willing to destroy this world. But I didn’t need to do that. No, this world was always meant to stabilize itself, even if its lynchpin was already gone.

For our fate to change, I only needed to dirty my hands with a single person’s blood. The “hero” that this world was meant to have.

Child of destiny, forgive me. But your path would no longer be filled with roses.
Ei Ruan