Chapter 7:

Chapter 6 - Trapped in the Web (Part 2)


Azure and Sweet were walking down the dark castle halls as Beck led them to the king’s throne room. It had a gothic feel to it, which looked nice but the atmosphere itself was creepy. Azure decided to not let the fear get to him and continued to follow Beck into the hall.

He was willing to risk it all just to save James but also the world. He couldn’t imagine how this king would look or what his reasoning is for this? Surely it’s for power, but why did he specifically target his town? Azure had so many questions flowing through his head before they arrived in the throne room.

Azure would admit, it looked interesting. There were some cobwebs and dust here and there, but still a very nice looking throne room nonetheless. Beck cleared his throat and began to speak. “Your highness, I have our target here and he has what we’re looking for.”

“So you are Love Protector Azure?” King Null asks the magical boy, the sound of his booming voice making him almost jump in fear. “Y-yes, your highness,” he stammered before getting himself together. “We…talked and I am willing to trade this in order to save James Tagawa and to break him out of his spell,” The King smirked to himself, seeing that he was willing to give up the precious treasure in order to rescue the older man.

“Well, I think we could come up with something, but how do I know you’re not going to cause any funny business?” the king asked him. “I am only just wanting to trade with you, your majesty, so I can save my friend. That’s all,” Azure responds. The King contemplates for a brief moment before nodding his head slowly. “Very well. Beck, show him where he is.”

This shouldn’t have been this easy. Sweet suspected something but kept quiet until they were alone. Beck obeyed the king’s command and led the magical boy and fairy down the dungeon. It was dark, cold, and absolutely unnerving. He felt his stomach churn knowing James had been kept down here. How could they do this to him? He wouldn’t know.

They finally got to his cell where James looked like he was knocked out cold. “James!” Azure cried out. “Do not worry, he is fine. He is just under a sleeping spell, is all,” Beck said with a smirk. Azure felt the urge to punch him from his snarky tone, but he had to focus on getting James out of here and he was moments away from doing so. Though he still had the treasure in his arms. Something felt off though, it shouldn’t have been that easy for them to have that happen.

James was woken up and he blinked, seeing Azure, Sweet, and Beck. He groaned and blinked his eyes, sitting up and rubbing them. “What…happened, where am I?”

“James!” the magical boy cheered before hugging him. “Huh? Who…are you?” the older asked hesitantly. “It’s me, Simon! Do you remember?”James honestly couldn’t. He couldn’t even remember what happened since this spell was put on him. But he knew he was in good arms and his heart was telling him that. “Simon…wait, you look so different!” James gasped. “I know, I go by Love Protector Azure with this on.”

“Enough talk,” Beck rudely interrupted them. Azure scowled at him. “We fulfilled your end of the deal, now you fulfill ours.” Azure was glad to rescue James, but he couldn’t hand over the treasure. He had to make a break for it.

“JAMES, RUN!” Azure and James ran out of the room. “HEY, GET BACK HERE!” Beck roared, chasing them. He chased the two out of the dungeon, trying to run away from the villain and now the castle guards. “They’re gaining on us!” Sweet yelled. “We’ll have to fly! James, hold on!”

James was confused but held onto Azure as he was flying. “Holy crap!!” the older man yelled out. He was flying as fast he could to rescue James out of this hellhole. Though Beck was flying after him and had his staff out as well. “God dammit,” Azure thought to himself but kept going. James helped to protect the statue as he noticed it was the Tsukikawa treasure. “Wait, why do you have the statue?”

“Beck was trying to steal it earlier and I was holding onto it so he wouldn’t steal it. I was going to trade it to save you but I wanted to just get you out of here and keep the statue so they won’t use it for whatever they are making,” Azure explained briefly as he kept flying.

Azure couldn’t keep it up though and Beck was gaining on them faster and faster. “What do we do, Azure?!” The magical boy decided to conjure his staff and go up high, pointing the weapon towards Beck. The strangest thing was the statue began to glow, the trio surprised. Beck was shocked but he used his fury to attack the magical boy.

“Noir Null Blast!”

“Azure Heart Wave!”

Both attacks clashed, red and blue beams glowing. Beck’s was strong, but Azure’s attack was getting stronger. He thought it was because of the statue and the fact his love for James and priority for protecting his city was getting stronger.

“I…will…not give up!” Beck yelled. Azure kept his stance before his attack overtook the devil horned man’s and instead of being trapped in a heart cage, millions of azure hearts surrounded him and encased him into something that resembled a cocoon. “YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!” Beck yelled before disappearing, the staff falling to the ground with a clang and disintegrating. A portal appeared in front of them.

Beck, the clone, was gone. Though the King may make another clone, he knew now that he could stop him, no matter what happened. “I…did…that…” Azure said, panting, his energy low.

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” Sweet said as all three went through the portal. King Null witnessed what happened and clenched his fists. “I will get you Love Protector Azure, you deceitful brat!!” he boomed out. They all got back to the park, Simon in his normal clothing. He almost fell before James held him close. “Simon!” he and Sweet cried out. Luckily the statue was still in Simon’s hands.

“I-it’s okay, I’m just very tired…” he said with a weak smile. “I’ll put the statue back,” the fairy said, trying to lift it up. “Here, I’ll help you,” James offered as he put the treasure back in his rightful place, peace restored once more.

“Come on, let’s get you home,” the older man said as he picked up his crush and took him back to his house, Sweet following them. Simon was grateful to know he got James out of that horrible place, knowing the statue was back in the forest. Though he was too tired to really think more as he started to close his eyes, seeing black.