Chapter 1:

The Spark

Felix Journey

"You are special” soothe unknown voice that keeps on repeating in every dream I had.

‘Dit Dit Dit’ my alarm clock start ringing.

I rise from my single bed feeling dizzy in the head. The possibility of my headache probably come from my work last night. I stand up slowly and walk toward my curtain to open, as soon as I open it the radiating sunlight from outside the window flood into my room. I wipe my eyes to see clearly.

I stare out from behind the window and I saw the city of Marryvis with its futuristic look and high skyscraper.
"Good morning" as I greet my own self-knowing that no one is around me and then I slowly walk toward the toilet.

As I was walking without knowing where my foot is swing suddenly I would accidentally hit the corner of the table leg with my leg I cringed as I fell to the floor.
The pain would cause me to make an annoying grunt "it so painful" as I biting my lips. I would saw my alarm clock in my bedroom from my living room I could tell that I’m getting late for work.

I would quickly stand and head toward my bathroom getting ready for work

After a few minutes, I was ready. Then I would sit down in front of the door and wear socks and shoes.

I opened the door and as always then I would check the mailbox beside the door.

Again and again, I only saw bills and vouchers in it. As I was standing in front of my mailbox. A girl with dark brown hair wearing a pink blouse and blue jean coming out of her apartment.

"Hey, Felix good morning" as the girl greet me softly.

"Good morning Rina, how is the presentation yesterday, is it OK?" I asked while gently smiling.

The girl name is Rina, she is about the same age as me. She was raised by a modest family the same family that raised me after my family died but after I was eighteen I leave the house to live my own life and I also felt bad having them to raise me.

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