Chapter 26:

Impale the B*tch!

Real Villain, Desu Wa!

Ojou-sama, I was perhaps overthinking. You don’t have to take it seriously; this is your rest time,” Tigre said as he looked at Tricia who grabbed her umbrella behind her table.

“Tigre, you were programmed to be very cautious and smart. I believe in you, desu waaa. It’s certainly strange that some people put food and drink in front of their house at this time,” Tricia replied, and then she threw a golden gun at Tigre.

Tigre caught the gun with his right claws under his right wing and noticed the Moon through the window behind Tricia. It was at 03:45, and he was in Tricia’s residence at Kievan Tower on the 94th floor.

“Could you kill Damian Ford, your creator, Tigre?” Tricia asked.

“I was programmed to only obey you, Ojou-sama, so that’s no matter. But, are you sure you want him dead?”

Tricia smiled. “He is a fun person, but he can be cruel and very aggressive to his enemies. So I’m in danger, desu wa.”

Tigre bent his body and moved his yellow feather crests on the sides of his head, above his eyes. “Then, I will fulfill your order as cautiously as possible, Ojou-sama.

When Tigre lifted his chin, he noticed a stealth aircraft that was flying fast to Tricia’s residence. “Ojou-sama!!” Tigre shouted and pointed his right wing to the window behind Tricia.

Tricia turned around and said, “Oho-”


Before the aircraft crashed into Kievan Tower, Tricia ran, broke the window with her body, and jumped from her residence, while Tigre was running away after he was sure that Tricia escaped.

Tricia somersaulted in midair and opened her umbrella. Then her umbrella's canopy was rotating, so it acted like a helicopter rotor system. When she landed on a street, she noticed Damian who walked from a great distance and went toward her. “As I thought, this is your doing, desu wa,” she said.

While he walked, Damian combed his hair with a white hair comb. There were also several drones over him, one drone was playing a BGM, and another drone was scattering dust in the air. The wind blew Damian’s black suit jacket and the dust to the left, and Damian was grinning. He then put his left hand into his pants pocket and kept walking toward Tricia.

There were 70 people who wore black suits and fedoras, and they walked toward Tricia in the opposite direction of Damian. They were “made men”, the members of a Mafia family who supported their associate, Tricia. The gangsters in the front line brought 7-inch sharp vibrators, and the gangsters in the rear brought shotguns. Tigre called the gang beforehand.

When the gangsters arrived behind Tricia, the lieutenant of them, the capo, walked forward and waited for Damian. Damian then stopped at ten meters from Tricia, and one drone that brought a fan was blowing Damian’s hair from his right side.

The capo shouted, “Are you joking?!”

Damian was calm, and he replied, “I’m here to beat you guys.”

The capo said, “Alone? Where is your gang, kora?! ('kora' means a harsh 'hey!' in Japanese)”

Damian chuckled and said, “To beat you guys, jibun is enough! ('jibun' means 'myself' in Japanese)”

The capo glared at Damian: he was furious. Damian then swung his arms back and forth: he was running, and he was going to the gangsters. The capo and the front gangsters also ran toward Damian.

“WAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Damian and the gangsters shouted, and they got closer and closer to each other.


Damian hit one gangster’s head and made the gangster hit the ground. He then hit the other gangster’s abdomen with his left knee, pushed down their head with his left hand, and hit it with his right elbow.

Damian turned left and kicked another gangster into the air with his right leg. It was possible because Damian had strengthened his body with the help of Gabe’s processor, so he possessed the Super Gentleman’s strength!


The capo tried to penetrate Damian’s right arm with his sharp vibrator, but the vibrator bounced because Damian hid steel under his sleeves. Damian had applied the Super Magician Girl’s trick! Then Damian hit the capo’s face with his right fist and sent the capo to fly and twist in the air!

Kick! Punch! Kick, and punch! Damian thought as he threw away the front gangsters one by one!

“I see, how strong, desu wa,” Tricia said as she closed her umbrella and touched the ground with it. “Go and shoot him, desu wa.”

The rear gangsters then walked and aimed their shotguns at Damian. The gangsters around Damian were dispersed, and they ran away. One drone dropped an energy weapon on Damian, and Damian grabbed the weapon.

Bang! Bang!

Damian walked to the rear gangsters and shot them one by one. The gangsters’ bullets couldn’t get through Damian’s bulletproof vest, and Damian just tilted his head to avoid the bullets that were going to his head. Yes, Damian utilized the Super Isekai Protagonist’s speed!

Thus, the rear gangsters panicked, and they ran away.

Ara ara, they are chicken out, desu wa,” Tricia said and covered her mouth with her right hand.

Damian stopped far from Tricia and said, “Tricia, be submissive and breedable. Retire from politics, so I don’t need to kill you.”

“Ohoho, do you think I will comply?” Tricia then said, “Super Syntax: Negotiation.”

“Hmm, seems there is no way to talk this out, desu wa. That means,” Tricia said, and then she opened her umbrella, rotated it, and ran toward Damian.

Damian shot, reloaded, and shot, but his projectiles couldn’t penetrate Tricia’s umbrella.

What the hell? How strong is her umbrella?!

“Super Syntax: Body Hacking,” Tricia said.

What? Does she have two Super Syntaxes? That’s unfair!

Tricia’s skins on her left lower arm were expanded by thin rods. Then a golden blade came out from one gap and became over her left hand. A golden barrel also came out from another gap and became under her left palm. Thus, her left arm became armed!

Damian threw away his energy weapon. Then one drone dropped a long sword, and Damian caught it and then ran toward Tricia with his arms bending to his back like a ninja.

Tricia closed her umbrella and kept running to Damian. They became closer and closer to each other. “Fencing!” Tricia shouted, and there was a blade came out from the end tip of her umbrella.

Clang! Clang!

Damian blocked Tricia’s umbrella with his long sword again and again. However, he got pushed backward, and Tricia lifted and aimed her golden barrel toward Damian.

Oh, sh*t. Damian was rotating his sword to repel Tricia’s bullets.

“Fool,” Tricia said as her bullet penetrated Damian’s left shoulder.

Damian then swung his sword from his right side to Tricia’s left waist, but Tricia jumped backward and spun in midair! Tricia also shot Damian with her golden barrel when she was in midair, and Damian was just jumping around to avoid Tricia’s bullets.

Tricia landed and ran again toward Damian.

Damian released his sword and grabbed a red spear that was dropped by his drone. Serena had so many weapons as a hero, and Damian had possessed her weapon arsenal, so he could have a spear or any other legendary weapon with ease.

“IMPALE THE B*TCH. GEI, POG!” Damian shouted and threw his spear toward Tricia.

“ARGH!” Tricia opened her umbrella, but Damian’s spear penetrated her umbrella's canopy and thrust into Tricia’s abdomen.


Tricia was thrown backward, and she was hanging because Damian’s spear impaled her on a wall. Tricia dropped her umbrella and coughed up blood.

Damian walked and stopped in front of Tricia. “Let me ask you, why did you cheat on me? I don’t remember much about my past,” he said.

Tricia smiled and said, “Damian, sex is like eating a snack. I just wanted to do it with that man once, and he wore a condom, so I wasn’t going to live with him for the rest of my life.”

“But it damn hurts, you b*tch, right in the kokoro (means 'heart' in Japanese). You just don’t understand why faithfulness is a virtue.”

Tricia chuckled. “Damian, you had my first time. Could I have you for my last time too?” She stretched her right arm toward Damian’s left cheek, and she shed tears while smiling.

Damian was silent for a moment, and then he got closer to Tricia. “I have to because I become a gentleman. This is my apology for your death,” he said, cut his spear with his fist, and gave his lips to Tricia.


“AAAAAAAAAAARGH!” Tricia screamed. When Damian gave his lips, Tricia tried to stab Damian’s neck with the blade on her left arm, but Damian gave an uppercut and separated her left arm.

“You are still a b*cth, Tricia,” Damian said. He then turned around and walked away as if nothing happened. A drone also threw a time bomb under Tricia because Damian wanted to dispose of his DNA in his saliva on Tricia's mouth later.

“YOU SMALL D*CK! AAAAAAARGH!” Tricia shouted and tried to stop her bleeding with her right hand, but she already lost so much blood, so she was dying in agony.

What do you mean it is small? It's HEALTHY! Damian thought. The whole campaign was also the preparation for today’s guerilla warfare. With the excuse of campaigning, we gathered Anastasia’s militant supporters from the outside of Kievan. With the excuse of campaigning, we met and asked our supporters to provide our battalions with food, drink, and protection. Therefore, it was a misdirection in case we didn’t win the election, and yes, the General Elections Commission (GEC) declared Xerxes as the winner.

So, today we invade this city with four battalions from four directions. We are going to disperse Xerxes’ armed force, barricade the streets and shoot from people’s houses, take over the ammunition factory, and subdue Xerxes and Tricia.

After all, if the president and the vice president die, resign, or are unable to perform their duties for any reason, the government will be taken over together by the minister of home affairs, minister of foreign affairs, and minister of defense, which two of them are rational democratic so they won’t against our vision and mission, and this dystopian nation will change.

I’m the real villain, I refuse to go along with a peaceful resolution, and I will stage a social order disruption. Xerxes, you are next.