Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Welcome to the Student Council

Love, Sparks and Cherry Blossoms

Life? what does it mean? what does it stand for? questions that are pondered and showered in philosophy. For many life is path of ever winding and dividing roads that could lead anywhere, from birth we are seen as blank slates and like an artist to a blank canvas we are expected to go forth and create something magical. but of course to do anything creative you need ambition, motivation and a drive to achieve, I have none of this, life is not a playground of infinite possibility, its not a paradise full of fun, love and happiness.... to me life is like an hourglass sitting on a table. stagnant never changing and time is like the sand in an hourglass slowly but surely running down until there is nothing left. This is how life is and nothing and nobody can change that. Bookmark here

"Sakura, Hey Sakura! Wake up" The Teacher said whilst kicking the wooden leg on the desk. Bookmark here

Sakura's vision slowly began to come back to her as she awakened from her nap, as her tired eyes tried to focus they could make out the tall figure of the teacher looming over her with a stern expression, he was mumbling something but she could not hear what due to hear headphones still being on her head blaring music. Bookmark here

The teacher gestured for her to take off her headphones. Sakura took off her headphones and allowed them to rest around her neck, she quickily stretched our her arms and gave a slight yawn before tucking her strands of blue hair behind her ears.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry teach did you say something" Sakura asked.Bookmark here

"Homework, Sakura where is it" The teacher said whilst glaring at her.Bookmark here

"Now that is a bit of a silly question isn't teach, so maybe i can come up with an equally silly answer" Sakura retorted. Bookmark here

Sakura placed a puzzled look on her face and thought for a moment, she then gave a sly grin.Bookmark here

"Oh teach, you are not going to believe this but my dog at my homework so i cant hand it in, i hope you can forgive me" Sakura said with a obvious sarcastic tone. Bookmark here

The teacher sensing Sakura's sarcastic tone slammed his hand down on her desk. Bookmark here

"This behavior is unacceptable, sleeping in class, listening to music, failure to complete assigned homework as well as blatant disrespect for your elders" The teacher shouted. Bookmark here

The sly look on Sakura's face quickly turned into one of fury, she placed her foot on her desk and kicked it with all her might, the desk tipped onto its side sending books and papers flying across the floor. Sakura shot to her feet.Bookmark here

"Ill tell you what is unacceptable, you interrupting my nap and forcing me to endure pointless lectures, its even more unacceptable that i have to sit in this class day after day and listen to this garbage! Sakura shouted at the top of her lungs. Bookmark here

There was a long moment of silence for a moment it seemed as if the entire school no the entire world was frozen in time. The teacher eventually broke the silence.Bookmark here

"See me in the principles office after school young lady" The teacher said in a quieter but still serious voice. Bookmark here

"Whatever" Sakura retorted.Bookmark here

Sakura waited outside the principles office a familiar sight to her she was no stranger to trouble wither it be because she directly caused it or just could not help but get involved in it. But this time seemed different somehow, she felt oddly nervous her hands were sweaty, her legs were shaking and her breath elevated. what was she so worried about? Bookmark here

"Come in Sakura" A voice called out from inside the principles office. Bookmark here

Sakura slowly pried open the door. Bookmark here

She saw her teacher standing next to the principles desk with the same stern look he had worn earlier plastered onto his face, sitting at the desk was the Principle, she had short brown hair and brown eyes and was wearing what looked like a pretty high end business suit, she also had a stern expression on her face. Bookmark here

"I won't keep you hear any longer than you have to be Sakura, so i am going to spare you the details of the conversation i have just had with your teacher and give you an ultimatum, a choice if you will" The principle said with serious tone and yet the way she spoke had a calming manner to it.Bookmark here

"A choice" Sakura responded.Bookmark here

"Yes, A choice a very simple choice, quite simply you behavior since arriving at this high school has been unacceptable and has gone on for far too long and we will stand for it no longer, so i am going to give you one last chance to turn your behavior and in doing so your life around. or you can face expulsion from this school" The principle stated firmly.Bookmark here

Sakura dropped her head to look at the floor. What do i do? i cant be expelled! the strain it would put on my family....but i cant change this is who i am, this is how i must be, life has told me so through its actions! what do i do.....Bookmark here

"Sakura" The principle called out. Bookmark here

Sakura raised her head.Bookmark here

"Have you reached a decision" The principle asked.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"What do you want me to do" Sakura responded bluntly. Bookmark here

"As i said earlier i want to give you the chance to change yourself, your grades, your behavior, your life and social skills, so to do that i have gone through the trouble to enroll you into the student council.Bookmark here

A look of shock shot up on Sakura's face.Bookmark here

"The student Council"Bookmark here

I don't see how joining the student council is going to help me change, seems like a waste of time to me but i don't have a choice if i want to stay at this school. Bookmark here

"Ugh, this is so annoying" Sakura shouted in frustration as she smacked her head down on the map of the school she was holding. Bookmark here

I was told the student council room is somewhere behind the old sports building. Sakura walked down the pathway that lead behind the old school building, the narrow pathway eventually gave way to a wide open are filled with lush green scenery, Trees, green grass and brush were stretched out as far as the eye could see, it was almost like being in an enchanted forest a truly beautiful sight to behold. Sakura spotted another pathway that seemed to have been cut through the wilderness.Bookmark here

"Must be this way" Sakura said. Bookmark here

After walking for what seemed like forever Sakura eventually made her way through the path which ended with a small building confronting her, the building looked old but still in good condition which means it must still be tended to on a regular basis. Standing in front of the building with her back facing Sakura was a female student. She had a slim figure and long black hair that was wrapped up in a pony tail, she was carrying a small brown suitcase in her left hand.Bookmark here

The Student slowly turned around and looked at Sakura. Bookmark here

"Oh, hello there, what brings you all the way out here" The student spoke with a soft voice. Bookmark here

"Ummm i was told to come here, i am joining the student council" Sakura said bluntly.Bookmark here

"I see, I am Student council president Ai Ishima but please just call me Ai" Ai said whilst smiling. Bookmark here

"If you say so" Sakura cotinued to respond bluntly. Bookmark here

"well" Ai said. Bookmark here

"Well what" Sakura responded. Bookmark here

Ai brought her finger up to her cheek.Bookmark here

"I introduced myself to you, aren't you going to tell me your name" Ai asked with a tone that almost seemed like she was pouting. Bookmark here

"I'm... Sakura, Sakura Sato" Sakura responded. Bookmark here

"Mind if i call you Sakura, seeing as i am allowing you to call me by my first name" Ai asked. Bookmark here

"Whatever i don't mind call me what you want" Sakura said codly. Bookmark here

"Sakura it is then" Ai said with a big smile on her face. Bookmark here

"Oh you are a 1st year are you not Sakura" Ai asked.Bookmark here

"Y-Yeah" Sakura stuttered. Bookmark here

"So cool, you are the first 1st year student we have ever had in the student council, you made a brave choice to join the student council considering this is your 1st year but we looking forward to working with you Sakura-chan" Ai said excitedly. Bookmark here

Sakura scoffed under her breath Bookmark here

"Choice like i had a choice" Sakura said spitefully. Bookmark here

"hmmmm did you say something" Ai said as she moved closer to Sakura. Bookmark here

A moment of utter silence passed between the two girls as they stared into each others eyes. Bookmark here

"Wow.... you have beautiful blue eyes, and equally beautiful blue hair" Ai said with her eyes fixed on Sakura's as if she was trying to gaze into her very soul. Bookmark here

Sakura stood there taken back by Ai's comments she hadn't so much as received a compliment in her entire life, and now here she was being called beautiful by a girl. Bookmark here

"Th-thanks i guess" Sakura responded in a nervous shaky voice. Bookmark here

Ai's eyes slowly shifted from Sakura's to her shoulder, Ai slowly moved her hand to grab the cherry blossom petal that had fallen onto her shoulder. Bookmark here

"Isn't it pretty" Ai said studying the petal intently.Bookmark here

"Where did it come from" Sakura asked.Bookmark here

"Up there" Ai said whilst pointing up at the Cherry Blossom tree that loomed over them. Bookmark here

Ai and Sakura both looked up and saw hundreds of cherry blossom petals falling from the tree branches being swapped through the air by the gentle breeze of the wind eventually falling to the ground around them. Bookmark here

"There is lots of beauty in this world..... you just have to know where to look to find it" Ai said and she stared in amazement. Bookmark here

Sakura looked at the ground..... "You just have to know where to find it" she thought to herself. Bookmark here

Ai placed a hand on Sakura's shoulder shaking her trance of deep thought.Bookmark here

"Come on, we had better get inside" Ai said Bookmark here

"Sure" Sakura responded. Bookmark here

Ai walked ahead of Sakura but just before she reached the door to the student council building she span around to face Sakura. Bookmark here

"Oh and one more thing" Ai said.Bookmark here

"What is it" Sakura responded. Bookmark here

"Welcome to the student council" Ai said with a big smile on her face. Bookmark here

Sakura forced a smile in reply and both of them walked into the building. Bookmark here

"Good Morning everyone" Ai announced as she walked into the room.Bookmark here

Sakura followed Ai into the room, it was the first time she had seen the student council building, the interior consisted of main room where there was a big table at the center with chairs on the outside a large white board at the far end of the table presumably used to hang posters and to give student council presentations whatever those are. a makeshift kitchen was also included, although to call it a kitchen was laughable it was essentially a fridge, a microwave and a kettal for making a hot drinks, the rest of the rooms was for storage of various items such as paperwork and books. Bookmark here

Sat at the large table were 3 students who all waved and smiled at Ai as she walked in. 2 were male students and one was a female student. Bookmark here

"Sorry i am late guys" Ai stated as she took her seat at the table. Bookmark here

"Yeah you say that like its a one time thing" The female student said with a blunt but humorous tone. Bookmark here

The 2 boys laughed at the remark. Bookmark here

"Awwww shut up, you make it seem like i am late all the time" Ai said with a pouty look on her face. Bookmark here

Sakura kept her head down and did not say anything she did not even make eye contact with the other students in the room. being social was not one of her specialties. Ai noticed through the corner of her eye that Sakura was attempting to fade into the background of the room. Bookmark here

"Oh i almost forgot, i have an announcement to make everyone" Ai said Gesturing over to Sakura. Bookmark here

Sakura stepped forward her eyes still looking at the ground. Bookmark here

"This is Sakura Sato, she is going to be joining the student council starting today" Ai said proudly. Bookmark here

Ai went around introducing Sakura to everyone in turn. Bookmark here

"This is Arata Kurokami" Ai said gesturing to the male student sitting closest to Sakura. Bookmark here

Arata brought his hand up to his glasses and pushed them up slightly, then ran a hand through his spiky hair. Bookmark here

"Its good to meet ya" Arata said snapping his fingers towards Sakura. Bookmark here

Ai gave a slight chuckle. Bookmark here

"As you can see Arata thinks he is cooler than he is, he has a bit of a complex if you ask me" Ai said smiling. Bookmark here

"Why are you always so mean to me" Arata said falling into his chair. Bookmark here

"Because its so fun" Ai laughed in response. Bookmark here

Ai continued the introductions, gesturing to the second male student sitting next to Arata. Bookmark here

"This is Shinji Nakamoto" Ai announced. Bookmark here

"Hey, its nice to meet you i hope we can get along" Shinji spoke with a soft tone that did not carry the same energy as Arata's had. Bookmark here

and finally saving the best til last of course. Bookmark here

"Whats that supposed to mean!" both Arata and Shinji spoke in unison. Bookmark here

"We have Ayana Fujishima, the Vice president of the student council, my eyes, ears and best friend" Ai announced proudly whilst shooting a smile at Ayana. Bookmark here

"Its a pleasure to meet you Sakura, i trust you will work hard and help your student council president in anyway you can" Ayana said in a forceful yet kind tone. Bookmark here

Sakura did not utter a word in response, she just took her seat at the far end of the table and waited to hear what Ai had to say next. Bookmark here

"Right now that introductions are out of the way, lets get down to business. firstly the school wants our help organizing club posters to encourage students to take part in club activities" Ai said firmly. Bookmark here

"Awwwww man but that will take forever" The boys said in unison. Bookmark here

"Not if you spend half the energy you do complaining on actually making the posters" Ai retorted with a smile. Bookmark here

"Well if we are going to bogged down creating posters all day we could do with some tea. Sakura be a dear and go make some tea" Ayana said as she began rubbishing through her bag to find her laptop. Bookmark here

"What do i look like your maid.... go make your own tea" Sakura hissed. Bookmark here

A look of shock shot up on the faces of everyone else in the room. Bookmark here

"Sakura what was-" Ai tried to say before being cut of by Shinji Bookmark here

"It's ok i will get the tea, don't worry about it Sakura" Shinji said kindly. Bookmark here

"Well Sakura since you seemed unwilling to make tea, how about you help me out by clearing out the storage room in the back, its full of books like Manga that we brought from the bookstore that we sometimes read to relax when student council work gets a bit hectic" Ai explained. Bookmark here

"Manga" Sakura said with an excited look. "Ok ill do that then" Sakura said as she ran into the backroom and shut the door behind her. Bookmark here

Ai watched as Sakura ran into the store room her long blue hair running behind her, her eyes wide with excitement, Bookmark here

"Hmmmm i wonder whats got her in such a good mood all of a sudden" Ai thought. Bookmark here

Well time to get on with the days work. Bookmark here

Ai leaned back in her chair and stretched her arms into the air. a stack of posters were stacked up next to each student council members computers. Ai glanced down at her laptop. Bookmark here

"That time already, well i think that is enough for today. You guys can go home" Ai announced to the other members. Bookmark here

"Wooooo finally" The boys shouted in appraisal. Bookmark here

After the boys had darted out of the building, Ayana grabbed her schoolbag and waited by the door. Bookmark here

"You coming Ai" Bookmark here

"Yeah, i'm coming" Ai responded. Bookmark here

As Ai took her first steps towards the exit she stopped and looked back at the storeroom door which was still shut, then she remembered. Bookmark here

"Ummmm actually, i think i am gonna stay here and work a little bit more" Ai said turning back to face Ayana. Bookmark here

Ayana sighed in response. Bookmark here

"Typical of you Ai. but i know you well enough to know i will not be able to change your mind, just don't work to hard okay" Ayana said with a reluctant smile on her face.Bookmark here

"I promise" Ai responded with a smile. Bookmark here

After Ayana left. Ai made her way to the storeroom door and quietly pried it open. the door made a slight creaking sound as it slid open. Ai scanned the room and saw it was perfectly organized. all the books were neatly placed on the four shelves that were placed on opposite sides of the room next to each other. the books were all arranged alphabetically and in the correct volume orders, it was truly an impressive sight to see. Near the back end of the room Sakura was slouched against the wall with her headphones on, she was reading from a Manga book. Ai smiled this was the first time she saw Sakura look so calm, its like she was in her own world.Bookmark here

Ai quietly shuffled her way closer to Sakura and sat down beside her.Bookmark here

"She did not even notice me, still locked away in her own little world of fiction" Ai thought. Bookmark here

Ai sat gazing at Sakura taking in every detail, her Beautiful blue hair, her deep blue eyes that seems to hold more emotion then she let on. the cute pink headphones she wore whilst reading. Bookmark here

How could someone look so cute and peaceful be so brash and harsh to people, what happened to you Sakura, why do you act the way you do. what is your story. Well i want to find out, i want to get to know you Sakura. Ai thought to herself. Bookmark here

Ai reached out her hand and patted Sakura on the head. Bookmark here

"Hey you" Ai said with a smile. Bookmark here

Sakura shot up to her feet with a look of surprise on her face. Bookmark here

"So you like Manga" Ai stated also jumping back to her feet. Bookmark here

"Ummm no i mean yes i mean i guess" Sakura said shakeily. Bookmark here

Ai chuckled to herself. Bookmark here

"You're so cute Sakura" Ai said with a big smile on her face. Bookmark here

"I just like the stories and the art the manga has that's all" Sakura said while bringing the book she was holding up to her face hiding her embarrassment. Bookmark here

Sakura walked over to the bookshelf where she had taken the Manga from and began wedging it neatly back into place next to the other books in the same series. Ai watched as Sakura was placing the book back with her back facing her. Bookmark here

Ai mumbled under her breath. Bookmark here

"There is a lot of beauty in this world..... you just need to know where to find it" Bookmark here

Sakura turned to face Ai. Bookmark here

"Did you say someth-" Bookmark here

Sakura was cut off from her sentence by Ai's lips meeting hers. Bookmark here

Ai cupped her hands around Sakura's lower back and pulled her in closer. Bookmark here

Ai broke the kiss and looked into Sakura's beautiful blue eyes. Bookmark here

"And now i think i have found mine" Bookmark here

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